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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Three

Chapter Five

          The Virgin imparts a nautical metaphor to the bride about the prayer of good persons for the people; rulers of the world and the church compared to helmsmen, while pride and the rest of the vices are compared to storms, which bring to mind the conciliar charlatans that blew off an ill tide. To navigate through this typhoon, one must set their compass for a haven, which is the passage into truth, and which can equate with those traditional chapels where there is no compromise with the false church and where they have realize they must be always anchored in faith, hope and charity and, by doing so, will always have true devotion to Mary as her divine Son wills it. Our Lady also addresses St. Bridget of Sweden's spiritual calling.

    "It is written that the friends of God once cried out asking God to rend the heavens and come down to free His people of Israel. In these days, too, God's friends cry out saying: 'Kindest God, we see innumerable people perishing in perilous storms, for their helmsmen are greedy and are always desirous of putting to land in those countries where they think they will get a greater profit. They lead the people toward places where there is a tremendous hurling of the waves, while the people themselves do not know any safe haven. So this countless people is therefore in awful peril and very few of them ever reach their proper haven. We beg You, King of all glory, graciously light up the haven so that Your people may escape their danger, not having to obey the wicked helmsmen but being led to the haven by Your blessed light.'

    By these helmsmen I mean all those who wield either material or spiritual power in the world. Many of them love their own will so much that they do not bother themselves about the needs of the souls under them or about the fierce storms of the world, since they are of their own free will caught up in the storms of pride, greed, and impurity. The wretched populace imitates their deeds, thinking that they are on a straight course. In this way the rulers bring themselves and their subjects to perdition by following their every selfish desire. By the haven I mean the passageway to truth.

    For many people this passageway has grown so dark that when someone describes for them how to get to the haven of their celestial fatherland by way of the sacred gospel of Christ, then they call him a liar and instead follow the ways of those who wallow in each and every sin, rather than trusting in the words of those who preach the gospel truth.

    By the light requested by the friends of God I mean a divine revelation made in the world in order that God's love might be renewed in human hearts and His justice not be forgotten or neglected. Therefore, because of His mercy and the prayers of his friends, it has pleased God to call you in the Holy Spirit in order that you may spiritually see, hear, and understand so that you may reveal to others that which you hear in the Spirit according to the will of God."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Three: Chapter Five