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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Three

Chapter Twenty-Nine

          The bride's praise for the Blessed Virgin Mary contains an allegory about Solomon's temple and the unexplainable truth of the unity of the divine and human natures, which prompts the Mother of God to respond that she will indeed intercede, but only for those who intend to sin no longer and to strive for virtue. Because so many from all walks of life do not agree to those stipulations, their prayers are often not answered; especially those temples of priests because they are painted with vanity.

    "Blessed are you, Mary, Mother of God. You are Solomon's temple whose walls were of gold, whose roof shone brightly, whose floor was paved with precious gems, whose whole array was shining, whose whole interior was fragrant and delightful to behold. In every way you are like the temple of Solomon where the true Salomon walked and sat and where he placed the ark of glory and the bright lamp. You, Blessed Virgin, are the temple of that Solomon who made peace between God and man, who reconciled sinners, who gave life to the dead and freed the poor from their oppressor. Your body and soul became the temple of the Godhead. They were a roof for God's love, beneath which the Son of God lived with you in joy after having proceeded from the Father.

    The floor of the temple was your life arrayed in the careful practice of the virtues. No privilege was lacking to you, but everything you had was stable, humble, devout, and perfect. The walls of the temple were foursquare, for you were not troubled by any shame, you were not proud about any of your privileges, no impatience disturbed you, you aimed at nothing but the glory and love of God. The paintings of your temple were the constant inspirations of the Holy Spirit that raised your soul so high that there is no virtue in any other creature that is not more fully and perfectly in you. God walked in this temple when He poured His sweet presence into your limbs. He rested in you when the divine and human natures became joined.

    Blessed are you, Virgin most blessed! In you God almighty became a little boy, the Lord most ancient became a tiny child, God the eternal and invisible Creator became a visible creature. I beg you, therefore, since you are the kindest and most powerful Lady, look upon me and have mercy on me! You are indeed the Mother of Solomon, although not of him who was the son of David but of Him Who is the Father of David and the Lord of that Solomon who built the wonderful temple that truly prefigured you. A Son will listen to His Mother, especially to so great a Mother as you. Your son Solomon was, as it were, once asleep in you.

    Entreat Him, then, that He may be wakeful and watch over me so that no sinful pleasure may sting me, so that my contrition for sins may be lasting, so that I may be dead to the love of the world, patient in perseverance, fruitful in penance. There is no virtue in me but there is this prayer: 'Have mercy, Mary!' My temple is completely the opposite of yours. It is dark with vice, muddied with lust, ruined by the worms of desire, unsteady due to pride, ready to fall due to worldly vanity."

    The Mother answered: "Blessed be God Who has inspired your heart to offer this greeting to me so that you may understand how much goodness and sweetness there is in God. But why do you compare me to Solomon and to the temple of Solomon, when I am the Mother of Him Whose lineage has neither beginning nor end, of Him Who is said to have neither father nor mother, that is, of Melchisedech? He is said to have been a priest and it is to priests that the temple of God is entrusted, which is why I am Virgin and Mother of the high priest. And yet, I tell you that I am both the mother of King Solomon and the Mother of the peace-making priest, for the Son of God, Who is also my Son, is both Priest and King of kings.

    It was indeed in my temple that He dressed himself spiritually in the priestly garb in which He offered a sacrifice for the world. In the royal city He was crowned with a royal but cruel crown. Outside the city, like a mighty warrior, He held the field and kept the war away.

    My grievance is that this same Son of mine is now forgotten and neglected by priests and kings. The kings pride themselves on their palaces, their armies, their worldly successes and honors. The priests grow proud of the goods and possessions that belong to souls.

    You said the temple was painted in gold. But the temples of priests are painted in worldly vanity and curiosity, since simony rules at the highest levels. The ark of the covenant has been taken away, the lamp of the virtues extinguished, the table of devotion abandoned."

    The bride answered: "O Mother of mercy, have mercy on them and pray for them!"

    The Mother said to her: "From the beginning God so loved His Own that not only are they heard when they pray for themselves, but others also experience the effects of their prayers thanks to them. Two things are necessary if prayers for others are to be heard, namely the intention of giving up sin and the intention of making progress in virtue. My prayers will benefit anyone who has both of these."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Three: Chapter Twenty-Eight