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Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Three

Chapter Twenty-Two

    The Blessed Mother follows up the revelation of the fate of the bishops covered in previous chapters with the fate of an abbot as she explains to her daughter St. Bridget about a monk with a harlot's heart in his breast, and how he apostatized from God through his own will and greed and his desertion of the angelic life. It very much parallels what Vatican II did to souls and is therefore most pertinent for all to realize the fate of those who apostasize from the truths and traditions of the Faith.

    The Mother speaks to the bride again: "What do you see that is blameworthy in this man here?"

    She answered: "That he rarely says Mass."

    The Mother said to her: "It is not for that reason that he is to be sentenced. There are many men who, mindful of their deeds, refrain from saying Mass but are no less acceptable to me. What else do you see in him?"

    And she said: "That he does not wear the habit established by blessed Benedict."

    The Mother replied: "It often happens that a custom gets started, and those who know it to be a bad custom but still follow it deserve blame. However, those who do not know the correct traditions and would even prefer a simpler habit, had it not been for the long-standing custom, are not to be so easily and thoughtlessly condemned. Listen, however, and I will tell you three reasons why he should be blamed.

    First, because his heart, in which God should rest, is in the breast of harlots.

    Second, because he has given up the little he possessed but longs for the greater possessions of others; having promised to deny himself, he completely follows his own will and whim.

    Third, because God made his soul as beautiful as an angel and for that reason he should be leading an angelic life, but now his soul instead bears the image of that angel who apostatized from God through pride.

    People account him a great man, but God knows what sort he is before God. God is like a person who closes his fist about something and keeps it hidden from others until he opens his fist. God chooses weak creatures and keeps their crowns hidden in the present life until He rewards each person according to his deeds."


    This man was a very worldly minded abbot who cared nothing for souls and who died suddenly without the sacraments. The Holy Ghost said about him: "O soul, you loved the earth and now the earth has received you. You were dead in your life and now you will not have my life nor be a sharer with Me, since you loved the company of him who apostatized from Me through pride and despised true humility."

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Three: Chapter Twenty-Two