Revelations of St. Bridget

Revelations and Prophecies Imparted to St. Bridget

Book Two

Chapter Twenty-Eight

          In chapter twenty-eight we see Christ's words to the bride about His unchanging nature and how His words are accomplished, even if they are not immediately followed by deeds; and how our will should be wholly entrusted to God's will for with man most is impossible, but with God, as Christ affirms, all things are possible.

    The Son spoke to the bride, saying: "Why are you so upset because that man claimed My words were false? Am I worse off because of his disparagement or would I be better off because of his praise? I am, of course, unchangeable and can become neither greater nor less, and I have no need of praise. A person who praises Me does gain a benefit from his praise of Me, not for Me but for himself. I am truth, and falsehood never proceeds or can proceed from My lips, since everything I have said through the prophets or other friends of Mine, whether in spirit or in body, is accomplished as I intended it at the time.

    My words were not false if I said one thing at one time, another at another time, first something more explicit, then something more obscure. The explanation is that, in order to prove the reliability of My faith as well as the zeal of My friends, I revealed much that could be understood in different ways, both well and badly, by good and bad people according to the different effects of My Spirit, thus giving them the possibility of carrying out different good acts in their different circumstances.

    Just as I assumed a human nature into one person in My divine nature, so too I have also spoken at times through My human nature as being subject to My divine nature, but at other times through My divine nature as the Creator of My human nature, as is clear from My gospel. And in this way, although ignorant people or detractors might see divergent meanings in them, still they are true words in agreement with truth. It was also not unreasonable for Me to have handed down some things in an obscure manner, since it was right that My plan should in some way be hidden from the wicked, and at the same time that all good people should eagerly hope for My grace and obtain the reward for their hope. Otherwise, if it had been implied that My plan would come about at a specific point in time, then everyone would have given up both their hopes and their charity due to the great length of time.

    I also promised a number of things that, however, did not occur because of the ingratitude of the people then living. Had they left off their evildoing, I would certainly have given them what I had promised. This is why you ought not be upset over claims that My words are lies. For what seems to be humanly impossible is possible for Me. My friends are also surprised that the words are not followed up by deeds. But this, again, is not unreasonable.

    Was not Moses sent to Pharaoh? Yet signs did not immediately follow. Why? Because, if the signs and portents had immediately followed, neither the hardheartedness of Pharaoh nor the power of God would have been manifested nor would the miracles have been clearly shown. Pharaoh would still have been condemned for his own wickedness, even if Moses had not come, although his hardheartedness would not have been so manifest. This is also what is happening now. So, be brave! The plow, though drawn by oxen, is still steered by the will of the plowman. Likewise, although you may hear and know My words, they do not turn out or get accomplished according to your will, but according to Mine. For I know the lay of the land and how it should be cultivated. But you should entrust all your will to Me and say: 'May Your will be done!' "

Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden - Book Two: Chapter Twenty-Eight