Friday, October 14th we completed Round One of this match in which a bevy of writers have engaged in the topic of Sedevacantism, caused originally by the attack on "the Enterprise" which Christopher Ferrara first launched last month. Because of the vital importance of this issue, we have found it necessary to publish essays from both sides. Several writers have weighed in on whether or not the conciliar popes are Catholic and you can see the links below. While next week we will return to normal publishing, we strongly believe there will be a Round Two since Mr. Ferrara has already launched a counter-attack in this month's issue of both Catholic Family News and The Remnant so stay tuned. As we have stated all along, The Daily Catholic is here to provide a forum for both the prosecution and the defense and let the reader discern where the truth lies - for the key is to "Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!"

  • MONDAY - Defending the Papacy - Opposing the Sedevacantist Enterprise by Christopher Ferrara
                      - ...AND - Defend YOUR Salvation by Father Nicholas Gruner
  • TUESDAY - Sedevacantism and Mr. Ferrara's Cardboard Pope by Father Anthony Cekada
  • WEDNESDAY - God's Eternal Enterprise by Griff Ruby
  • THURSDAY - Opposition to the Anti-Sedevacantists by Joseph C. Maurer
  • FRIDAY - The Blind Leading the Blind by Mario Derksen
  • SATURDAY - Legitimate Reasons Why There Are Doubts About the Conciliar Popes by John Gregory
                          ...AND - Is Sedevacantism Catholic? by Richard Cure
  • SUNDAY - "Let no one deceive you in any way" by Bishop Mark A. Pivarunas, CMRI
  • MONDAY - A Brief for Sedevacantism by Dr. Rama P. Coomaraswamy
  • TUESDAY - It's Not Good to Make Mother Mary Mad by Cyndi Cain
  • WEDNESDAY - Tolle! Lege! by Father Martin Stepanich, OFM STD
  • THURSDAY - Who Are the Sedevacantists? by Father Kevin Vaillancourt
  • FRIDAY - The Syllogism of Sedevacantism by Michael Cain

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