Part Twenty Nine:

Wake-up Call to all Catholics - the fifth clarion

"Do whatever He tells you. "
(John 2: 5 )

As we indicated in the last installment, we continue to delve into the nine global objectives in detail that were revealed in the January issue of Catholic World Report in a short version as we expand on these points which wreak more of a protestant mentality than the One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Faith that has withstood every obstacle nigh unto 2000 years. These obstacles Holy Mother Church will withstand, too, but what is the price? Those who are battering at the ramparts of the Holy See with these demands call themselves "Catholic" but the truth is they are not, for to be Catholic means to be in union with Rome and in obedience to the Magisterium of the Church. These mandates have been put forth by the retired Archbishop of San Francisco - liberal-oriented John R. Quinn who has been an outspoken vocal critic of the Holy Father for many years.

The second clash of symbols and cymbals:

1. Ordain women as priests.

This is the second mandate proposed by the liberal Catholic faction - they call themselves "progressive" Catholics as writer Russell Shaw relates in his special article in the January issue of the greatly respected Ignatius Press magazine. This is the age-old referendum that won't seem to die and the crown jewel to-wish-for in the feminist movement of modern times. Despite the explicit "no" in Pope John Paul II's apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis in 1994, the feminists still press on. Even after the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed by none other than Cardinal Josef Ratzinger clearly stated in 1995 in his Responsum that the question is now moot since the Holy Father's teaching had been set forth "infallibly," they continue to circulate petitions and influence media moguls into thinking Catholics are in a majority in wanting women priests. Like the married-priests issue in the last installment, the radical feminists point to the dwindling number of priests and hold up their idea of women being ordained as the salvation of the Church. Sorry, the only salvation of Holy Mother Church begins and ends with Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Savior of the world, and the God-man Whom the Father sent. It was He who commanded Peter, "Upon this rock I shall build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." These are Christ's Own Words recorded in Matthew 16: 18. To even further solidify the authority of the Pope in quashing any thought of women priests, we only need to read the next verse where Our Lord confirms that whatever is set down in good faith by His Vicar on earth as the direct successor of Peter, it will be upheld in Heaven: "And I will give thee the keys of the kingdom; and whatever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven." There it is in black and white from God Himself.

If "women priests" are such a great idea, why didn't Christ choose a woman among the twelve Apostles? Gender equity at least would have meant replacing the fallen Judas Iscariot with a woman instead of adding Matthias, wouldn't you think? Wrong. No woman was more eligible, more qualified to be a priest than Christ's very Own Mother Mary, but Jesus did not select her. Did Mary pout and whine, threatening to bolt or feel hurt? Of course not. "She should have," cry the radical feminists, "then maybe our Church would be full of priests today!" Oh, the twisted turns our logic has taken in the latter years of the twentieth century! First of all, Mary had one agenda in her mind, heart and soul which totally escapes the progressives today: fulfilling the Will of God. Had God willed Our Lady to be a "priest," Mary would have readily accepted such an honor. But the Almighty chose to bestow on her honors that transcend any earthly honor, any finite role-model position - that eternal honor is the title and role as Queen of Heaven and earth. Pretty hard to top that! What the feminist progressives fail to understand today is that they are thinking of the here-and-now, they are fashioning their own will into this whole affair in trying to comply with the 80's and 90's culture of this century. Pressure groups are trying to forge an equity that can only be reached in Heaven and Heaven can only be reached by doing the will of God as He states in Matthew 7: 21, "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the Will of My Father in Heaven shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven" and Mark 3: 34, "For whoever does the Will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother."

It was Father Ken Roberts who noted wryly, "It's shocking to think there are so many people who think the Catholic Church started in 1965!" He is, of course, referring to all the changes after Vatican II that practically changed the identity of Holy Mother Church. If we continue with these changes and cave-in to the demands of the progressives we indeed will have a "new" Church, and it indeed will still be "Catholic" in the sense of "universal" in satan's scheme for a "one world church,"; but it will not be the Church established by Jesus Christ that has withstood the batterings and onslaughts for nearly 2000 years. It will be just another splinter sect that has broken off from the True Church over the centuries - following in the footsteps of the Greek church, the Protestant revolt and the plethora of new religions that have sprouted in the last two centuries to "please" the people, including the New Age craze where satan is having a field day.

The natural reaction is to say, "if you don't like the way the Church is run, get out." But that is not the way of our Holy Father or our Father in Heaven. Sister Mary Lucy Astuto poses some good points in her column this issue One Soul is a Treasure to God and we need to be aware that Christ does not condemn them, only their actions. We need to remember these people are lost sheep who, if the truth be known, desperately want to do the right thing but are driven so far to the left or have such deep scars that they bitterly fight what they once loved. Look at who is behind the move for "women priests" in the Church: ex-priests and ex-nuns who couldn't have their way and instead of complying with the rules of the Church, their Order and their vocation, bolted. Radical groups like "we are church," "call to action," and that ilk are peppered with nuns and priests who have taken off the habits and veils, taken off the Roman collar and chose to look like a layperson rather than a committed cleric or religious - all to blend in. What are they ashamed of by wearing the garments of God? This was the warning given to Fr. Roberts in Rome in the early 90's when a Dutch man approached him in St. Peter's Square and pleaded with him to do all in his power to help preserve the Church in America. The man from Holland told Fr. Ken how the Netherlands use to be 90% Catholic and the Church flourished, but after Vatican II the priests traded in their Roman collars for suit and ties, the nuns divested themselves of their traditional long habits and veils in favor of shorter skirts and blouses and exposing their heads. Within ten years Holland went from being so strongly Catholic to a remnant of loyal Catholics. He pointed to one stark example to show how far that country had sunk when he described a regular Sunday Mass in the largest cathedral in Amsterdam where the Cardinal was the celebrant. There were eight people in attendance! To say this is shocking is an understatement. Holland is now the leading proponent for assisted suicides. Abortions are matter of fact. Secularism has totally taken over that country. What about America. Let the facts tell the sad story. Ever since the passage of Roe vs. Wade, abortions have increased steadily climaxing with allowing Partial Birth Abortion that this ammoral administration ramrodded through last year. Now, within months, the Abortion pill from France RU-486 will be readily available to every woman in the United States. Talk about the path to hell being strewn with roses!!! The pill takes away all conscious guilt of killing innocent souls! But that is not the topic of this treatise. Suffice it to say, God is not happy.

And God is definitely not happy with the course radical progressives are taking toward changing His Church. Yahweh, in the Old Covenant, would have possibly struck them all down by now. Rebellion to the Law of God, the Will of God would not be tolerated. Does that mean in the New Covenant that He's taken on a softer, gentler image and become more lenient? Of course not, for Jesus says in Matthew 8: 12, "the children of the kingdom will be put forth into the darkness outside; there will be the weeping and gnashing of teeth". This is followed up again in Matthew 22: 13-14 where Our Lord ends with the words, "For many are called, but few are chosen." Most of those who now rebell outwardly were called at an early age to do God's bidding and answered the call, but for whatever reason the evil one penetrated their hearts and they chose their own course to follow rather than God's path. Do they truly think they can alter that by effecting change here on earth within His One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Church? Jesus confirms in Matthew 24: 42-51 that this is not possible. His words in Matthew 12: 25 also affirms that this progressive movement will not last when He says, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

No wonder the religious orders, which have divested their rule of the traditions their founders established from the strict clothes they would wear to adhering to the constitutions of their congregation, are dwindling in numbers while the new orders spring up and are beginning to flourish because they cling to the age-old traditions of Holy Mother Church. Every one of the old-line religious orders who are allowing their lifestyle to become lax needs a St. Teresa of Avila or a St. John of the Cross to bring them back into conformity with God's Will. But misery loves company and the progressive nuns, ex-nuns, priests, and ex-priests who thrust these mandates on the faithful don't want the Orders to flourish or to reform back to reverence because they themselves are not promulgating obedience or reverence. They want control and they use as their platform the new age malefactions. The control and status they so desperately want, though supported by a small band of liberal bishops headed by Archbishops Quinn and Rembert Weakland, is being stalled by the Holy Father who could have severely chastised the liberals for suggesting such a radical change in the Church. Rather he lovingly quashed any chance of "women priests" becoming a reality in his papal letter in keeping with Christ's example of love. Yet John Paul II remains firm and will not be swayed by a signature campaign launched by those who are imposing their own will over the Will of God, vis-a-vis the Church. Therefore, the scheme by the radicals is to mount a discreditation campaign against the Holy Father; you've heard the rumors that he is dying, or that he suffers from Parkinson's disease and his mind is going. The obstinate radicals wait in the weeds waiting for John Paul II to just ride out into the sunset as they work behind the scenes to offer their candidate who would be sympathetic to their cause. Unfortunately there are would-be popes out there who wouldn't hesitate to pass most of the mandates proposed by the progressives and because of that we need to pray all the harder.

Many question why doesn't John Paul II just put an end to this nonsense and threaten excommunication if they persist further. That would be the human response, but our present Pontiff is not thinking in finite terms but rather in infinite terms and striving to adhere to Jesus' words in Matthew 13: 29-30 and 37-43 of not separating the wheat from the chaff until the harvest. The Pope knows that we could possibly be in that era spoken of in the latter verses of Matthew and, in striving to save the lost sheep, does not want to do anything to further jeopardize their souls. Like Jesus and His Blessed Mother, the Holy Father shows patience and love in dealing with all those who would tear down Holy Church. John Paul II knows the liberals' hidden agenda; so does Our Lord and Our Lady. Yet, God has given man a free will and he or she is free to exercise that free will. The progressives readily do that, but what they don't seem to have caught onto is the consequences of their actions. They will be held accountable when they come face to face with God. The question, then, is not if their is a possibility there will someday be "women priests," but rather will these souls who dissent today be saved tomorrow? The feminists need only look to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the ideal for all women to follow and realize that God did not reduce womanhood to a lower level but elevated their status to an even higher level through the actions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who epitomizes the humility, purity and obedience that all women, but especially those who want to serve the Church in whatever capacity they can, should strive to exemplify.

In the next installment we will treat the ridiculous third mandate put forth by the radicals that the Church set aside her teaching on contraception, homosexuality and other matters of sexual morality and "get with the program of the 90's!" You can be assured we will have a strong retort to this mandate in volume 8, no. 6.