Part Twenty Six:

Wake-up Call to all Catholics - the second clarion

"Why have you forsaken Me?"

How far, how very far we have come from the simple, child-like faithful who, once several decades ago, held God first, and everything else came after Him? Have we forgotten He is All? Recently this editor has had the experiencing of encountering several situations in which priests, while spouting dogma and doctrine in private, failed, for whatever reason or reasons, to "teach" this dogma and doctrine to the people when it came time for the priest to be His priest, and the people to be His little ones. Why? Are they afraid? Of what are they afraid? Of the ridicule of the congregation? Of being censored by the local bishop? Of having "bad media" coverage in the press? Of being sent into exile because they are "not with the program?" Of letting anyone else know they "secretly" believe that all that Scripture contains will be fulfilled, and that these end times - the times as we know them, not the end of the world as foretold in detail in Scripture, is unfolding daily around us? Are they afraid to be seen leading a Rosary in church? Of having Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament? Of having Benediction? Of spending time in the Confessional? If the priests are not doing these things, then the question has to come to mind: "Why, then did they become a priest?" To be a social worker, to work for "peace and justice?" This is not what Jesus commanded in Sacred Scripture when He commissioned the apostles. Jesus bade them "Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be condemned" Jesus asks His priests to uphold His word and the laws of His Father as given to all men. He told them to baptize, to hold men accountable for their sins and to be willing to forgive if they are truly repentant. He authorized them, until the end of all time, to be His shepherds guiding His sheep. Well, the sheep are definitely lost and many of the shepherds seem, in great part, to have wandered down a path of primroses where doctrine, dogma and teaching of the Truth are belied by the false beauty of a fading flower. Jesus said to mystic writer Luisa Piccarreta who we treat in this issue's chapter of THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS, Oh, how many priests are only masked! I wish to unmask them before the rise of persecution against My Church and the revolution to come; perhaps they will convert at the moment of death. Otherwise, if I leave them, under persecution they will remove their masks to become apostates (sectarians)...' Those are not our words but Jesus' Own words. True they are private revelation but look at the history of private revelation messages throughout the history of the Church and ask yourself if this isn't in line with all that is happening.

Yet we can take comfort in what Jesus told us in Public Revelation when He said, "Fear not" (Luke 12: 32) and "Behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of the world" (Matthew 28:20). Do we believe these words of the Son of God or not? Do we trust in Him enough to put our neck on the line, our life on the line, and stand up to those who do not do what He asks? Sadly there are too many bishops and priests, not to mention religious and laity who are "fence-sitters" - afraid to take a stand. In future installments we'll deal with those who have taken a strong stand against what Holy Mother Church teaches. But that is one extreme. For now let us deal with those who are afraid to offend anyone, those who are lukewarm. We know what God said about this behavior, "Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to vomit thee out of My mouth..." (Apocalypse/Revelation 3: 16). It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff, lest the vinyard be choked by the briars and the fruit wither and die. It is time to wake-up and stand-up for all the Holy Father teaches and speak out firmly when he or our precious Faith is contradicted or ridiculed. It is time to know our faith completely so that the fallacies permeating parishes are revealed for just what they are - fallacies, albeit heresies at times. It is time to right the ship, to be watchdogs in our parishes and dioceses so that further aberrations cannot continue. It is time to shout out that these atrocities are not right. It is time for us to defend our faith in all venues of parish life and not worry about the consequences. We must be above reproach in our approach to right the ship.

We are not suggesting that those who are striving to live their Faith as God intended it to be lived become judgmental, self-righteous, proud, stubborn, or uncharitable. Absolutely not! Yet, there is righteous anger. There is a time to stand up and proclaim loudly, "ENOUGH" to the heretics, the schismatics, the liberal theologians, the "peace and justice" crusaders, and the misinformed cafeteria Catholics not to mention the "feminist theologians" and those who would change the Word to suit them and their "politically correct" agendas with all-inclusive language. It's time to stand up, united through the Holy Spirit and shout over and over "ENOUGH" to those who, whether they wear a clerical collar or not, whether they are lay, educated with enough degrees to sink a submarine, or a religious disguised in secular garb and ways, that the One, True Catholic Church is God's chosen Church, and they have no right to tinker with it to suit themselves, to dilute the Truth, to lead the innocents to the washbowl of Pontius Pilate, to replace God with themselves, or anybody or anything else.

It's time to wake-up! It's time to signal to every parish throughout this country and beyond to take a serious look at the situation and make a commitment to bring in line all that is not kosher with the true teaching of Holy Mother Church. It's time to truly question the motives of those bishops who have silenced good, holy priests like many of the Franciscans in the Diocese of Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina including, from our sources, Father Jozo Zovko, OFM who has been forbidden to say public Mass. This is an outrage and we need to recognize it as thus and speak out no matter the consequences. It's time to storm the Vatican with righteous indignation that such a stern punishment has been meted out by a Diocesan bishop who continues in the long line of vendettas against the Franciscans of Bosnia who were the only ones who stood by the people in their time of need while the Diocesans fled. Another priest connected with Medjugorje who has been exiled from his diocese of Beaumont, Texas is Father Tim Deeter. We understand he has been accepted in Perth, Australia and continues in his mission for Our Lady despite the opposition by those who oppose Orthodoxism and the true tenets of the Church here in America. There are accounts of other conservative, good, holy priests, numbering nearly a thousand, who have been silenced by their bishops because it's politically expedient to squash the conservative element in their quest to be "politically correct." The underground clergy is nearer reality than many realize. It may not be long before the laity, too, is forced underground.

Before this happens we had better know our Faith, and love God enough to stand up for Him and for the gift of Faith and the gift of the Church which He has given us. Those cradle Catholics who are wavering in truly living their faith need to remember their roots and go back to the "little baby in the crib" and seek that innocence again. Regain that golden opportunity of inviting the Infant Jesus, born in a manger, to become the "Little Baby Jesus" Who resides in their hearts. Those who are converts to the Faith - wonderful! Don't lose that precious gift. It doesn't matter whether the gift of Faith came early or late. Both cradle Catholics and converts have been called by God to practice their One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. It is a gift and all have an obligation to live it fully and love it for through the dogmas, doctrines and teachings of Holy Mother Church in which we are brought closer to God and closer to eternal salvation. But we must follow it faithfully or the fruits dry up and become brittle briars. If we have to go "underground" without a solid faith and total belief that God will provide the best for our soul, then we'll soon become claustrophobic and cave in to the demands and lies of those who follow a different voice - satan's. If we don't wake up now, later will definitely be too late!

Some perceive it's too late already, but we can't be defeatists. We have to be realistic in realizing time is very, very short. But we have no fear if we have "Fear in the Lord." And that fear means speaking out for Him in every way such as asking when did God say it was okay to put "faith" on the back shelf, while the "social agenda of political correctness" takes the front burner? Since when does the Roman Catholic Church spend more dollars and have less sense then when the prelates of this country convene annually to vote on rhetorical matters that are, in God's time, a waste of His time and theirs? Perhaps these bishops, many of whom are truly good shepherds, should return to their respective dioceses, take a good hard look at which way they are guiding the "ship" of faith, and steer the vessel back to where it was originally headed - Heaven! Wouldn't the world be better served if more of these lengthy "discussions" were meetings of the prelates at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with Benediction, Adoration, the recitation of the Rosary, and private meditation? What of the saints throughout the ages - those who were bishops and priests, did they consume their time in over-administration of matters temporal or rather did they devote their efforts to bringing the people closer to God and submersing themselves in prayer? Definitely the latter. And that is the answer for bishops, priests, religious and laity alike as we near the millennium. To go deeper into prayer, trusting more in God and less on human reliance. The power of prayer is without limit, but do we truly pray as we should? Are we led to pray by what we are given each Sunday at Mass? Are our priests preaching solid dogma and doctrine from the pulpit in teaching the Word or are we getting cutesy, humorous sermons that steer clear of any controversy or would, Heaven-forbid, offend anyone whatsoever? Let it be known here and now that it's time to offend those who offend God and His Holy Church! In the next installment we will sound the third clarion in unveiling some of these offenders - a minority who cry loudly in a wildnerness of confusion.