Installment Forty Four


Wake-up Call to all Catholics
the twentieth clarion

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church - part eight

"But of everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and of him to whom they have entrusted much, they will demand the more."

Luke 12: 48
Isn't it amazing how the same bedfellows keep popping up? In our last installment, we reported on the insidious agenda of "Nothing Sacred" a new television drama on an irreverant, progressive peace and justice priest and his cohorts unleashed on the gullible American public by that giant of Catholic-bashers Disney and its subsidiary ABC. There are many underlying problems with this show that we exposed in the last issue, one of which we never even touched on - the fact that two of the writers know absolutely nothing about Catholicism. They are Jews. Yet they wield the pen as if they are experts on what Catholics are supposed to believe. Those who know what Catholics are supposed to believe and yet buy the rubbish they are being fed know better as Jesus said in Luke 12: 48, "But of everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and of him to whom they have entrusted much, they will demand the more." And more is demanded of the bishops and cardinals who serve as the shepherds. Yet we have the news this week once again that great American crusader for the liberal/progressive cause Cardinal Roger Mahoney has condoned through his official diocesan publication The Tidings this atrocious program, stating it "is a television drama; it is not the catechism of the Catholic Church." That's the last thing the radicals want - any portrayal of truth contained in the catechism. They emphatically stated, like any good bleeding-heart liberal would, that the show "should be allowed to develop before anyone passes final judgment." In other words, live and let live. Let satan infiltrate, we don't want to rock the boat. While defending this heretical program and advising everyone to be gentle with it, they are quick to attack the upholder of the true Catholic viewpoint, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights headed by staunch Roman Catholic crusader William Donohue as "right-wing fringe group" condemning the League's laudatory work in forming a boycott against the sponsors of the show. See what the hidden agenda is truly about and how Mahoney and his cronies are way out in left field at the Catholic League Home Page on the web. The League is the foremost watchdog for Catholic bashing in the media and has garnered over a half million signatures in support of the boycott as well as the backing of over thirty well-respected Catholic and non-Catholic organizations. Two things are working for the Catholic League, sponsors are bailing out and the shows viewers are vanishing. Catholic World News reports that fifteen advertisers have pulled their spots due to objections from viewers. Nielsen Ratings, the benchmark for advertising dollars, ranked the show 54th among network shows in its debut a few weeks ago; the second show took a nose dive to 92nd - the lowest among network shows. Whether the sponsors pulled out because of the boycott or because of the low ratings, which is more credible considering the greed of advertisers, has not been totally determined but we do know the show is on its last breath...hanging on barely by a thread and that thread is being strengthened by the likes of Mahoney and his liberal writers at The Tidings. Other diocesan papers have run columns by free-lancers who expose their naivete or liberal stance through endorsements for this atrocity. Such a display of total inaneness and emphasis on the humanistic was written by Renee Schafer Horton and printed in the Texas Catholic. She praises the program with such ridiculous comments as "He [Fr. Ray] gives stimulating - if somewhat unusual - homilies and isn't afraid of challenging the status quo in the church or society." Most radicals are not afraid to question the Magisterium for they show no respect for the hierarchy Jesus Christ set up when he said in Matthew 16: 19, "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in Heaven; and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven." Horton writes about the title that that's the least sacred thing about it, actually saying that "the relationships depicted on screen - between the priests and God and the priests and their parishioners, looked pretty sacred to me. And I, for one, think we could use more of that on television, not to mention in our real lives and in our own parishes." That's the scary part for she represents the generation that has not had the faith taught to them - the generation immediately following Vatican II who have bought the lies perpetrated on them by liberal theologians - the peace and justice advocates who want to humanize everything and share with everyone at Mass so they can become the Holy Eucharist and celebrate the Sacrament as them. That's the garbage they have been fed. Is it any wonder Horton and many of her generation believe it, looking to the Church as a democracy rather than a hierarchy or should we say monarchy with Christ as King? One of the scariest lines she wrote was, "The biggest problem Catholics will have with the show, I think, is wondering why their parishes don't have priests like Father Ray." Saints preserve us. Is it only this writer's roots or do others long for the priests who emulated Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Fr. Ray reminds us of a Martin Luther in waiting.

While most of the other diocesan papers around the country have come out strongly against the show, The Tidings clings officially to the liberal platform and in an act of panic attacks the mainframe of Catholicism in hopes of saving this icon of the progressives Hollywood-style. But should we be surprised? Wasn't it Mahoney who has proclaimed that Rome, be damned, he's going to set up his own liturgy and all the parishes better follow it? One look at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles home page and you can get a sense of the troubles that diocese is in. At the top of their departments list is the Office of Justice and Peace, shortly followed by the Gay and Lesbian Ministry. Nowhere is there anything about Catechesis, the Legion of Mary, Adoration, or anything that would cause one to think of anything linked directly to Roman Catholicism in the traditional sense. It is blatantly progressive. Conversely, the dioceses of Denver, Peoria, Lincoln, Omaha, St. Louis, San Diego, New York, Atlanta, Arlington, Virginia, Camden, New Jersey and yes, even Dallas with all their summer problems...all these and, we hope, many more promote the norms of Catholicism and enforce a strict adherence to the Magisterium as well as various devotions that enhance the prayerlife of the faithful. Sadly, there are too many like the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who are scheming to form the American Church in total disregard for Rome and all she stands for. We isolate Los Angeles because it is the second largest diocese in the United States and because it screams out one mistake Pope John Paul II made in 1991 when he made Mahoney a cardinal. This Hollywood-born prelate epitomizes his town where they script it as they go along. Why? It sells. And the cardinal is selling his constituents and flock a bill of goods that pushes the red-flag to the top. The other liberal bishops and organizations such as We are church, Call to Action, and such diverse groups as Gay rights groups as Dignity are rallying behind this leader of the American Church. While his counterpart in New York Cardinal John O'Connor fights vociferously to uphold the truths of Catholicism in total loyalty to Rome amid insults and persecutions from liberals and gays, Mahoney chooses to embrace these factions. Mahoney is an anomaly and an enigma. He echoes the Holy Father in some things, but in other areas he totally disregards the Vicar of Christ, opting to chart his own course. Is this obedience? Some may think we are being too tough on this man, that we should respect the fact that he is a cardinal of the Church and we say "touche." He should respect the office he holds and uphold the tenets he has vowed to teach to all. For the sake of his own soul and those he is responsible for, it's time for him to declare publicly where he stands. Time to fish or cut bait. We welcome him to stay on, urge him to amend his ways and revise the liberal agenda he has forged, and be the effective spiritual leader he could be. That is his only choice for the course he is following only spells dead-end for him and for the faithful who are being bamboozled by this man of the Church who, in reality, is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He, as well as too many of his subjects are not following Christ's wise counsel in Matthew 10: 16 of being wise as serpents, and guileless as doves" It's also wise to remember Christ's words in Luke 12: 48 above as well as His words in Matthew 13: 26 about the destructive weeds the LA cardinal is sowing among the wheat. Let us pray that the weeds he is sowing do not choke the good wheat before the reapers finally gather the weeds in bundles and burn them. It's time for the cardinal to get back to the fire and brimstone mentality before he himself feels the singe of eternal damnation. Jesus' words in Matthew 18: 6-7, as well as Mark 9: 42, Luke 17: 1, send a warning signal to all who have been given the responsibility of leading by example, by being spiritually correct rather than politically correct: "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it were better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of scandals! For it must needs be that scandals come, but woe to the man through whom scandal does come!"

For more on how you can help eliminate this trash from living rooms, see the Catholic League Site on the internet for a list of sponsors and what you can do.

October 13, 1997 volume 8, no. 20         Chapter 43