Installment Forty Three


Wake-up Call to all Catholics
the nineteenth clarion

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church - part seven

Is Nothing Sacred?

If we need proof that the false prophets are among us and infiltrating deep within the culture of America, just turn on the television on Thursday nights. Really, we are not encouraging anyone to watch TV, especially the program in question for it's title says it all: Nothing Sacred! Indeed, there is nothing sacred about this trash that has been created by two Jesuits who are hiding behind the facade of psuedonyms. One is a liberal priest who goes by the screen name of Paul Leland and the other is a Jesuit brother who uses the name Michael Breault to mask his modernist platform. It is a blatant attempt by the peace and justice movement fostered by the radical modernists to drill into the minds of Catholics as well as non-Catholics what the Catholic Church should be like in their view. The cartoon by Mark Thornhill to the right says it all for Disney, ABC and the liberals are all in bed together to forge an agenda on the American people that is foreign to anything truly Catholic. The words in the upper left hand corner of the cartoon read: "TV tonight - 8 p.m. Nothing Sacred (Premiere) Disney, owner ABC, resumes its attack on the Catholic Church, this time by Hollywoodizing a priest and his parish." We can assure you it is no "Going My Way" with Bing Crosby. Yet they call this new atrocity passing as a primetime program "catholic!" The lead characters thrive on fllippant, sarcastic and heretical remarks made by the young Father Ray, who looks more like a reject from Baywatch than a priest, the milquetoast pastor Father Leo, and the misguided 30'ish social-worker nun Sister "Mo" Maureen who in no way resembles a religious with her lowcut blouses and long hair and who kisses Father Ray on the mouth; they are an atrosity to all that is holy. The only priest who shows any tendencies toward striving to be obedient to Church teaching - Father Eric - is depicted as a young buffoon who is the butt of jokes to all in the rectory; but then art imitates life. Besides, it's called "Nothing Sacred" and ABC and Disney have a track-record for Catholic bashing and promoting everything counter to the beliefs and morals of Holy Mother Church. Remember the movie Priests or Ellen just to name a few? The tripe of this program is a sick oxymoron according to the Catholic League, calling it a sacrilege of the highest order. We agree. So, evidently, do some pretty powerful advertisers who pulled their ads from the program. Kudos to K-Mart, Izuzu, Weight Watchers, DuPont, Red Lobster and Electrosol Tabs for pulling out following consumer complaints about the show. There have been over thirty Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and even Muslim groups who have joined in boycotting this new series depicting an irreverent reverend who is ambivilant toward the Roman Catholic Church's sacred teachings, doctrines and dogmas, not to mention her traditions. Ironically, the only thing traditional about the show is the church where the scenes take place with the old style communion rail, statues, pews with kneelers, stained glass and a crucifix in the center of the sanctuary. The confessional is traditional but what goes on in there is a travesty to the Sacrament. The priests of the deanery meet for a "priests' senate" which is just another name for a night of poker and making fun of the Church and her tenets, bandying about the Sacrament of Penance like a gossip mill. In one scene one of the older priests glibbly remarks, "Everything now days is crazy. You should have been here in the old days when we filled churches and priests were kings. The whole thing started to fall apart when we gave up hell. I miss hell. What the hell has ever happened to hell?" It's alive and thriving on Thursday nights and we're not talking about Seinfeld! Seriously, though, satan's greatest coup was convincing the world he doesn't exist. Sadly, he's succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations. In one scene the priests joke about a conservative group out to prove Fr. Ray for the heretic he is and they all chuckle. They call it Viculum Curetatis. We don't know if there is such a group but, if not, let's start one and let's start by drumming shows like this off the airwaves. William Donohue, President of the Catholic League, has stated that the group won't be satisfied until "this offensive show is off the air." He added, "We are delighted at the new developments [sponsors pulling out and low ratings] and we will keep the pressure on the sponsors until we get what we want, namely, the removal of the show from television." Catholic League advisory board member Alan Keyes, a staunch Roman Catholic who failed in the last presidential bid, put it bluntly, "This show is propaganda dressed up as entertainment, the way the Nazis used to make movies. The entertainment elite's belief that there are no moral absolutes deeply contradicts the religious view of Christianity." In short, the money makers at Disney and ABC are trying to make this program an existential "ER"!

We need to all be aware of the clever and subtle subterfuge satan's legions are employing. The saddest part of all this is that so many lukewarm Catholics are tuning into this program cheering Fr. Ray and his cohorts on and totally missing the point, just as he and the writers missed the point in the opening episode when they tackled the teachings of Saint Thomas Aquinas and the existence of God. Fr. Ray had the audacity, or should we say the writers, to question this distinguished doctor of the Church and say there is no proof God exists. We would like to believe that soon this show will not exist. In one of the final scenes there was proof the Jesuit liberals couldn't even get the Sacrament of Baptism straight for Fr. Ray, in baptising a baby pronounced her name as he poured water on her head but did not pronounce the Sign of the Cross. Shame on the Jebbies for missing such an obvious point. Shame is the key word here for the shame this program exudes, the shame of a once-proud and respected company that once held family values and morals high, and the shame of millions who have no clue of the heresies being spewed forth by the viperous vixens at ABC. Finally, still on the subject of "shame", in one scene in the opening episode the vicar general of the diocese remarks to Fr. Ray, "It would be a shame to lose you." Maybe he should have rephrased that to say "It would be a shame to lose your soul if you persist in this rubbish."

For more on how you can help eliminate this trash from living rooms, see the Catholic League Site on the internet for a list of sponsors and what you can do.

September 29, 1997 volume 8, no. 19         Chapter 43