Installment Forty Two

Wake-up Call to all Catholics the eighteenth clarion

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church - part six

The Roman Catholic Church over the centuries has experienced liturgical practices that have been sublime but also, at times, bordered on the ridiculous. Yet what we are about to treat is outright sacrilege and is being practiced today in the Church in certain parts of the country. Researcher Brian Clowes, who is working on a detailed expose of these groups, gives us an inkling of one of these leaders and what we have read of his work thus far makes one shudder. The founder of a new age feminist group , Dianne Neu is making Catholicism into a mockery. Her group, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual which has, for its acronym "WATER," is going all out to change the liturgy. Posing as a legitimate Catholic organization, a "think tank," so to speak, for concerned theologians. What a crock. Her goal is to do away with the patriarchal structure within the Church, for women to supplant men in the hierarchical and ecclesial ladder of Holy Mother Church. She cries out that the Mass doesn't meet the "needs" of the people. That wasn't a problem with the old Latin Mass approved at the Council of Trent, with the exception that not everyone knew Latin. If Latin is a "dead" language, then this proposal by Ms. Neu is fatal! She hangs herself with her own words, "Feminist liturgy brings to public expression the faith life of the community, free from hierarchy, patriarchy, curiarchy. They are inclusive liturgies they are feminist liturgies. And I sue that word 'feminist' because I think it's important for us to have the edge that we are moving away from the kind of a church that can excommunicate us - that can tell us what we're doing is not 'church.'" She emphasizes the inclusive liturgy as vital to "empower women and all victim groups" who have been so maligned over the centuries. Talk about bleeding heart! She goes on, "We speak of 'women first' to signify a power change. There's always one more thing to learn in inclusivity." In this she lumps in countries and then reveals a satanic hint to her words: "Darkness gets bad play. There's...a womb life in darkness. There's a power in darkness as there is a power in light. We as liturgists need to be careful not to speak of darkness as negative, it's a positive." Funny, Jesus spoke of the darkness as a negative - as the forces of hell, the absence of God's graces. Graces don't seem to matter to Neu who could care about the Will of God as she forges her own agenda, "We all wait for women to have the fullness of our powers used in a recognized manner, in priesthood. I think we need to stretch to a co-papacy, not only a Pope that's a woman pope, but we need a decision-making co-papacy involved as well. There's always one more step in inclusivity." Keeping with the feminine tone, Neu brings the kitchen into the sanctuary by recommending such outlandish forms of bread for the Eucharist as corn bread, tortillas, nut bread, walnut-raisin bread, cranberry bread, rice cakes, and every other form of dough to represent all ethnic groups. She promotes grape juice instead of wine so alcoholics can receive. She forgets the Baptists use grape juice. She forgets wine is what Jesus used along with unleavened bread in the Jewish Passover customs, to confect them into His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. None of that matters to Neu who is as far from Catholicism as Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his Moonies! She even relishes the idea of apple juice instead of wine because "Eve got a bad rap!" Give us a break! Liturgy is not the buzz word here, but rather "ritual." Ritual is a word used freely today by covens and witches and the rituals she proposes fall in line with this group of wackos. Her emphasis is on social and humanistic elements with a strong bead on nature, advocating celebrating "Life Cycle Liturgies" for women such as their first menstruation experience, miscarriages, stillbirths, menopause, etc. She says very little about the miracle of birth, but she clearly illustrates she is in no way Catholic with her statement on abortion: "When women make a very difficult choice, the community needs to support that choice. We don't have to make judgment on whether that choice is right or wrong, we need to support any one of us who makes the choice for whatever reason." We would like to add: As far as Neu and her cronies promote - God's choice and Will be damned!

Our question is how and why such radical, outrageous groups and crazies like Neu even gain a forum within the Church? They are no more Roman Catholic than the person who attends the First Church on the Left in Brawley, California! Yet they get the ink. They align unabashedly with Catholics for a Free Choice (again a total misnomer - see 'First Church on the left') going so far as to glorify abortion. Together they advocate a ritual whereby they justify abortion by consoling the mother, encouraging her to feel good about her decision and treat herself, even singing a song entitled, and we're not kidding: "I found god in myself." Neu boldly states, "This ritual affirms that a woman has made a good and holy decision." Get real!!! To make matters worse they chant a "prayer" that offends the Communion of Saints. It goes thusly, "Praised be you, Mother and Father God, that you have given your people the power of choice. We are saddened that the life circumstances of (abortive mother's name) are such that she has had to choose to terminate her pregnancy. We affirm her and support her in her decision." The next step from this is to honor witches and covens as alluded to earlier. This Neu does with great pomp and circumstance, preposterously offering "healing liturgies" for rape, incest, domestic violence, hysterectomies, mastectomies, addictions, HIV, AIDS and other ailments through the use of fire, sand, and other symbols with circles, candles and a strong emphasis on pagan rites. Rites which deify nature - the "Earth goddess Gaia" and "celebrate 'her' progression to divinity, a process known as 'theagenesis.'"

Clawes writes, that "Organized dissenters know they can't destroy the Church from the outside, so, like termites, they gnaw at Her structure. They know they must attack Her four marks - one, holy, Catholic and apostolic. The most effective way to attack the universality of the Church is to alter the Mass beyond recognition by destroying its sacramental nature. Sadly, the rebels have come a long way toward this goal in North America and Eruope. Every Catholic who loves Christ, His Church and the Holy Mass is duty-bound to oppose this ultimate desecration." We echo Brian's words and reinforce our resolve, through this series, to expose these pseudo 'Catholic' organizations that claim they want to help the Church but are, in reality, wolves in sheeps clothing, false prophets who have as their ultimate goal the fall of Christ's One True Church. With all the organizations bandying around the word 'Catholic' one has to ask if there is any legal action the Church can take to prevent them from further deception of the faithful. After all, firms sue everyday if someone uses their name without authorization. We are sure the Holy See in Rome has not given these groups authorization; we are not sure however that some of the American bishops may have...just from their silence and failure to speak out against them. They snickered when Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz staunchly stood up for the Church. What they need to do is follow suit.

September 15, 1997 volume 8, no. 18         History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church