Part Thirty Eight:

Wake-up Call to all Catholics - the fourteenth clarion

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church part two

This is the second part of a disturbing discovery of runaway liturgical reform introduced by the cardinal of the second largest metropolitan area in the United States and first exposed by the ultra conservative Roman Catholic publication out of St. Paul, Minnesota - the Wanderer (June 18, 1997 issue). While the latter specializes in this type of journalism and has been known in the past to sensationalize actions taken by radical left, their findings here are solid and sound the clarion that we should all be on our guard. We hate to have to bring the reader all these negatives that tear down our beloved Church, but we take seriously our role as watchdog for preserving all that is sacred and holy. When someone or an entity is undermining Holy Mother Church, we feel it is not only our duty as loyal journalists to report them but to join in exposing their insidious plots in prayerful hope others will not get caught up in the whirlpool of "progressive progress." See our quote from Saint Francis de Sales and Saint John Chrysostom in the last installment, not to mention John 8: 32.

Today there is a mounting attack on the loyal priests within the Church. They are singled out and ridiculed because of their "old-fashioned values" and "out-of-touch" methods that no longer hold true in today's modern world. Sadly, they have forgotten why Jesus Christ instituted the priesthood and asked His Apostles and disciples to follow Him. He stated in no uncertain terms in Matthew 13: 19, "When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, but does not understand it, the wicked one comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart.: This is what has happened within the Church over the past thirty years for satan has entered the hearts of consecrated priests and bishops who have been swayed by the world (cf. Matthew 20-22). Where once they sought the truths and sanctity of their calling, now they hear the calling of another and, striving to straddle the "political-correct fence," are dangerously close to plunging into the precipice of hell. The worst part of all this is the prestige and weight of their offices are carrying countless souls over the edge with them. They have no more balance, they have lost all equilibrium in regards to their true role in the true hiarchy of Holy Mother Church. Rather than right the wrongs and humbly return to the true teachings, they have watered down the dogmas and doctrines and thrown most of the traditions to the winds. These liberals emphasize the need to be "wholly" rather than "holy." They have forgotten that holy begins with the priesthood as the mediators between God and man within the Church, confecters of the Holy Eucharist in which the bread and wine does not just become "consecrated bread and wine" as so many bishops now refer to it as, but, as the saints and Doctors of the Church, as Church dogma and doctrine proclaim: the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ Son of God - Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Without priests the Church is doomed to follow the course set by such liberals as Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and retired Archbishop John R. Quinn and that ilk, an embarrassment to all who proudly call themselves Roman Catholic. [editor's note: In due respect to the cardinal, we would like to apologize for misspelling his name in the last installment. There is no "e" in his last name, and he is not to be confused with Bishop James Mahoney of New York. Again, we regret the error.] It's time to turn things around and one way is to start looking for the good in the Church and build on that. But the radicals choose to tear down the icons of truth before building their own self-gratifying edifice of metaphysical jabberwocky.

This is the sad state the faithful of the LA diocese find themselves in. As the Holy Father John Paul II prepares for the Jubilee in bringing the Church closer together, the Los Angeles cardinal is intent on formulating his own "church" by the Jubilee with his own liturgy action that would be mandatory by the year 2000. Actually, he wanted his schedule of implementation in place by the fall of 1997 which is only a few months away, but fortunately those loyal to Rome have thrown a few obstacles in the cardinal's path setting him back. This delay can be attributed to three consecutive liturgical conferences authorized by Mahoney of which the Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission newspaper monitored and then sent the findings to Rome. They pinpointed the November 1996 conference the thread of which indicated a rejection of the Real Presence in the Eucharish by many in attendance. No proof was provided that Mahony himself expressed this grave error, but the fact he hosted these conferences makes him guilty by association. This was further amplified when one of the liturgical committee members, Monsignor Tim Dyer, responding to the prelate's suggestions, strongly recommended that lay leaders head the diocesan liturgical reform since many priests are, thankfully, seriously studying the cardinal's mandate and weighing it with their obedience to Rome. The committee strongly inferred through Dyer and other comittee clerics that there were "many ecclesiologies currently operating" and if the priests refused to cooperate with this rubber-stamp reform, they would be transfered to more remote areas and positions within the diocese where they could not hinder the railroad of liturgical rebellion. Some of these priests and their supporters have spoken out anonymously against Mahony's directives as quoted by the Wanderer: "Mahony thinks that liturgy can be manipulated to his pet cause of 'social justice' - but where's the justice for his orthodox priests and lay people who know what the Roman rite is supposed to be, and who want it?" One liturgist went even further: "Cardinal Mahony wants a worthy celebration of the liturgy, but he doesn't know how. He has a complete lack of understanding of the Roman rite. He ignores the real problems: People don't know the Mass and people don't know their roles." We wonder how he ever became a bishop, let alone a cardinal; come to think of it, if he has a "complete lack of understanding of the Roman rite," how and why did he ever become a priest? Shockingly, there are many more like him who haven't got a clue of the traditions, dogmas and doctrines but are making up their own versions as they go along, so to speak, either because they truly don't believe [of which, we add "God help them"] or because they are following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Martin Luther, Henry VIII, John Calvin, etc. In that case, "God, help them even more!"

It was Mahony who recently circulated a scathing letter against purported Marian apparitions and devotion, labeling them and their followers "dangerous." When it comes to "dangerous" has he looked in the mirror lately? Regrettably, the Los Angeles diocese is not alone in this decline of the faith. One e-mailer from Michigan wrote about the Lansing and Saginaw dioceses, "These heretical ideas of Mahony are already a reality in Saginaw. Bishop Untener must have helped Mahony draft the 'Pastoral Letter!' I was employed in a parish as Director of Yourth & Family Ministry for about 8 months, but took a voluntary lay-off to escape with my faith in tact. We documented the abuses to our priest, Bishop Cardinal Maida, and the Pro-Nuncio, with little or no response. Documentation was also sent to Adoremus, RCF, and Donna Steichen [author of "Ungodly Rage." The situation in Saginaw is unbelievable and sweeping [across the country]. The liberal feminists are running the diocese! The priests seem to have no clue as to the Truth. They proudly exclaim the teachings they follow: Hunthausen, Regis Duffy, Kenan Osborne, and a host of 'sisters.' Absent or downplayed is Eucharist (Jesus), the priesthood, Mary, crucifix, sin, obedience, virtues, etc. The 'bread' is homemade cake. Baptism is THE major sacrament done in a huge pool. Confession is done in general, by going up to a layperson, placing your hand on a Bible and saying sorry while lilting music plays in the background. All you hear is WE are the Church, WE are holy, WE are a sacrament, when WE come together WE are the Eucharist, and on and on...Gotta stop, starting to get angry."

If you think the above e-mailer is starting to get angry, what about Jesus? What He did to the money-changers in the temple is nothing to what He'll do to those who abuse His Church. But who is the cause of all this abuse? Why, according to Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, it is the Holy Father who is causing disunity in the American Catholic Church by granting permission to celebrate the Tridentine Mass in each diocese. How dare the supreme pontiff interfere with American affairs!!! It shows how topsy-turvy things have become. Another e-mailer posted, "I wouldn't presume for a moment that the separation ends at California. The cardinal is gathering up the garbage that's been composting in a lot of parishes throughout this country. What appalled me was his apparent insinuation that we don't come to Mass to venerate God (as exemplified by kneeling), but each other. Perhaps it's my oversensitive read of it, but I got the feeling that, overall, we're giving up worshipping God to attend a weekly 'happening.'" Another e-mailer wrote about Weakland, Mahony and the Catholic Common Ground Project chaired by Archbishop Oscar Lipscombof Mobile, Alabama: "I think we should write him [Lipscomp] letters of righteous indignation telling him that judging from the prominent voices of those brothers of his that are part of his Common Ground Project it is quite evident that all the Catholic people and organizations, and Cardinals and theologians that have spoken out against the "Project" in mistrust and concern certainly have plenty of credence now. It is evident that it is these leaders of the Catholic Church in America and all her dissident theologians that have been the true cause of 'disunity' here, NOT the Holy Father. How scandalous for an Archbishop to publicly accuse the Vicar of Christ , the visible head of our great Roman Catholic Church, publicly of being the cause of disunity we face here. It is time to sacrifice some time and write letters to the apostolic nuncio, to the Vatican, to those [who can make a difference] like Cardinal Bevilaqua, Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop Francis George, and Archbishop Chaput and of course to [those who are creating the problems like] Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal Maida, Archbishop Lipscomb and Archbishop Weakland so that when the NCBB meets next they can have an ear-full of input from the pews." At least that's taking into consideration that we'll still have pews; already some are mandating that the kneelers go. If the liberal prelates have their way, backed by the likes of the Common Ground Project, Call To Action, and We Are Church, then we can conclude that the good bishops who remain will be like the lone voice "crying in the wilderness" "Make ready the way of the Lord, make straight His path" (Matthew 3: 3). One thing is for sure the Lord will straighten the path and straighten out His Church in His time. How much damage and how many souls will have been lost before that depends on us through our staunch defense of all that is true within Holy Mother Church and praying in all sincerity that the lost sheep will return and mend their ways. Though we have already touched on the absurd proposals these radical organizations and their spokespersons have launched, in the next installment we will delve further into the core of these organizations to help the loyal Catholic better identify the warning signs and lies these people are perpetuating in the name of the Church.