by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

Wake Up, America!

November 5, 1996 is D-day.... I guess that could be interpreted as "Dooms-Day!" I have changed the names of those running for president to protect the guilty! If this nation re-elects candidate "A" as its president, it will be dooms-day, for sure, for millions of babies. The killing of unborn babies through abortion will eventually lead to the killing of the sick and elderly under the cover of "Mercy-killing," actions of which, objectively speaking, and in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church are serious sins. These actions would make the leadership and this country no better than Hitler and his leadership. And actually worse, for this nation has already killed more persons (unborn babies are persons) then Hitler did.

As time goes on, it becomes more understandable why Our Lady of La Salette sat and wept over the loss of many of her children... why Our Lady of Medjugorje has been coming for so long to invite us to prayer and penance... why she is appearing in so many places begging us to convert.

Somewhat recently I wrote an article about the confusion that exists in our world. Even good people's minds are clouded and somehow unable to face the reality of the seriousness of the situation.

We see matters getting increasingly worse.

We have an obligation to vote. I heard someone say recently that we should vote for a man who happens to be hardly known, but is very Pro-life so that we can send a message to Washington. In my opinion, Washington has made it very clear, in the person of candidate "A", that he has one agenda...his own, and he could care less what good Catholics think or desire. All of the messages that moral people send him, fall on deaf ears.

Our Lord's words bear true today. "They have eyes, but see not. They have ears, but hear not."

It seems to me that candidate "A" will win the upcoming election, with a long-shot being held out for candidate "B." Then there's the matter of candidate "C" who will not win but, as he did in the previous election,will be the spoiler. Candidate "C" will not win, but by running for this office he will help the incumbent candidate "A" cause, taking votes from candidate "B."

Please do not misunderstand me. I find a lot of fault with candidate "B" as I do with candidate "A." I wish I could believe that candidate "B" is strongly Pro-life. He isn't. But it seems to me that candidate "A" is far worse and far more ruthless.

What should one do? How in conscience should a person vote? My father (I like to quote him because he made a lot of sense) used to say when it came time to vote: "It's a matter of voting for the devil or his brother." (Excuse me, folks! I'm just quoting my dad.)

The Catholic Church teaches that we must choose the lesser of two evils. Americans have not only the privilege, but the obligation to vote. Even if candidate "A's" wiles so far haven't touched you, don't count on being protected through the next four years.

Do to others what you would want them to do to you. Don't do to others what you would not want them to do to you. Which one of us would want a doctor to insert an instrument into the base of our brain and literally suck it out? Partial birth abortions are performed on babies even up to the moment they are about to be born. We have a President at this time that angrily demands that this type of abortion be legal.

Wake up, America! We sow what we reap. Violence is not the way of the meek and gentle Jesus. Abortion and euthanasia are killings. We cannot be a part of this evil.
Wake up, America! God will not tolerate being so severely offended very much longer.
Wake up, America! The chastisements are coming. Many will die, including the good. Do not doubt! Great suffering lies ahead for us. Better to enter eternity knowing that we tried in every case to choose God's Will for good. If we survive the chastisements, we will wish we were among the dead!
Wake up, America! Anyone who tolerates or justifies the breaking of God's Commandments will pay the price. No one will escape the Justice of God. NO ONE!
Wake up, America! Your tolerance for violence and death has become numb.
Wake up, America! We are our brothers' keepers.
Wake up, America! What we do to others, we do to Our Lord. He said so!
Wake up, America! Acknowledge your own sins and convert!
Wake up, America! Face reality! Judge justly.
Wake up, America! Time is short... for YOU!
Wake up, America! Prepare you own soul for eternity! Never forget... there is a hell! It lasts forever! Our Lady has said frequently, "Satan, is strong!"

Wake up, America! The equation isn't "A" , "B", or "C!" The right formula to save our country is to Pray, Fast, Convert, Work for peace, and Ask God every day to increase your Faith. May God's Mercy, Forgiveness, and Peace be with us as we wind down the most volatile century ever with one of the most vile adminstrations this country has ever known! One of the greatest tricks satan ever performed was convincing the world he doesn't exist. It's happening now in our country! Wake up, America! Sound the alarm. LOUDER! May God have mercy on these beloved United States of America for what the people of this great land are about to do! Re-elect a murderer who has no respect for the sacredness of God's Laws as its leader! God help us!