by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

Little Audrey...the Silent Soul

The news is spreading like wildfire. This is the time God has ordained for the news to be heard. The news about Little Audrey is being heard around the world, but especially in our country because she is one of ours.

Little Audrey lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. At a very early age, she offered herself as a Victim-Soul and God is working wonders through her. Miracles, healings, bilocations, pictures and statues galore are exuding oil and sometimes blood. Unprecidentally, as of April 1997, FOUR Eucharistic miracles have occurred in her house. Her doctors, family, visitors, priests, scientists,... give public testimony to the phenomena they personally have witnessed, examined and experienced. The respected and renowned Father Rene Laurentin and Monsignor Conti from Rome have spent time in prayer and examination of Little Audrey and have concluded, along with other qualified personages, that this child is indeed specially chosen and is a special instrument of God.

I wrote about Little Audrey before. You may have read the article. I gave witness to the fact that I personally saw the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe WEEP when it was present in Audrey's house a few years ago. I also gave witness to the many images exuding oil. But since that article, the number of statues and pictures exuding oil has more than doubled in number. Even the Sacramentary book on the altar, the chalice, the glass pieces on the altar which hold the candles or flowers are exuding oil. This oil has been scientifically examined and the conclusion drawn...? There is no known oil on this earth which matches it.

The interior of the tabernacle was found to be exuding blood. The blood examined has been found to be human blood.

Even Msgr. Conti himself upon removal of his alb after concelebrating Mass there, found streaks of blood on his alb and the blood was not his own!!!

Who is Little Audrey? To encapsulate, Little Audrey Santo fell into the family swimming pool when she was 3 years old. As of April 1997 that was about 10 years ago. She was rescued, revived and brought to the hospital where unbelievable misfortunes continued to occur. The doctor overdosed her on Phenobarbital and Audrey fell into a coma. Physical therapists broke both of her legs and dislocated a shoulder. The father left the family leaving Linda, the mother, to care for a child that would need 24 hour attention plus rear three other children. (And we think we have troubles????)

The child was left in an akinetic-mutism state. She can see and hear, but she cannot move herself.

Linda decided to bring Little Audrey to Medjugorje where she prayed that Our Lady would either cure her or take her. Somehow Linda did not take into account that Little Audrey might want a say in the matter.

During an apparition, Little Audrey's eyes focused on the exact same spot where the Medjugorje visionaries were looking and Linda saw Little Audrey nod her head "Yes!"

Linda eventually concluded that Audrey was given a choice by Our Lady... to either be cured or become a Victim-Soul. Audrey chose to do her part to fill up what is lacking to the sufferings of Christ, as St. Paul wrote, and offered herself to make reparation for the sins of others.

Little Audrey suffers... often excruciatingly. The suffering seems most severe during Lent. She seems to take on the pain and symptoms of those who have illnesses such as cancer, even though she herself is not afflicted directly with the disease.

The stigmata, physical healings and bilocations have been noted, as well as other phenomena already mentioned.

Audrey is now 13 years old. She is fed by a tube in her stomach and the only FOOD she takes by mouth is a small piece of the Holy Eucharist daily.

To those who are quick to say: "The devil can do that, too!" I would like to say the following... You either believe Jesus or not. Our Lord said: "A good tree CANNOT bear bad fruit and a bad tree CANNOT bear good fruit." SATAN DOES NOT AND CANNOT BRING ABOUT THE CONVERSION OF PEOPLES. HE CANNOT BEAR GOOD FRUIT. He is evil... he is an evil tree. Though he can APPEAR to someone looking beautiful, he CANNOT AND WOULD NOT bring about a change for good in peoples souls. That would be to contradict himself who only wants to destroy and bring evil into the lives of others.

Audrey has been used by God to effect wonderful spiritual conversions. Even her own father has been a recipient of this grace. This cannot be from the devil.

The Apostolate of a Silent Soul has been established to provide information regarding Little Audrey. They have produced a 2-hour video that provides first-hand information. If you would like a video and/or receive their newsletter write to: Apostolate of a Silent Soul, PO Box 174, Rutland, MA 01543. The same video can be secured from me: Heart of Mary Ministry, PO Box 9094 Station C, Omaha, NE 68109. Postage and handling are included in your $23.00 donation. God bless you!