Sister Mary Lucy's



"Call me Little Therese"

        This is the second succeeding article I write about the Little Flower. She deserves the attention. Not only is her Feast Day this month (October), but on the 19th of this same month (1997) Our Holy Father, John Paul II, will proclaim her Doctor of the Church.

My, oh my! What a wonderful saint! What a GREAT saint though she considered herself so little. What a great LITTLE saint! I mean she achieved great holiness by doing little things, little ordinary things of every day life with great care and love for God.

In the Little Flower we all can find great hope, for most of us will never become great in the eyes of the world. (Nor do I care to be so, personally!)

Once asked under what name we should pray to her in Heaven, she answered humbly: "Call me little Therese."

Therefore, this article! And how better can we honor her at this time than to read her own words, meditate on them, thank God for them and try to live by them. I choose, then, to proceed with other quotes attributed to my little sister (explained in previous article), little Therese.

October 13, 1997 volume 8, no. 20         Sister Mary Lucy Astuto's column