by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

There isn't much time left!

You've heard me say it before... The world is in a dastardly spiritual state. Consciences are so lax and hardened that sin is not recognized for what it is: an offense against God that exacts punishment, either temporal or eternal.

Each day it gets worse. Adultery, fornication, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, abuse of children, etc,. are publicly applauded. What used to shock our nation is now so easily tolerated and accepted as matter-of-fact.

The confusion... Oh, the confusion! Even good people are losing their ability to discern what is of God and what is of the evil one because the evil one is indeed an accomplished deceiver and he never makes a bad thing look bad. He always makes a bad thing look good. Forget not that Eve was deceived by being made to believe that a bad thing was really good.

Where is the Church? Where are the priests in the pulpit decrying the sins of the world.? They are afraid. They are afraid that if they speak the truth, the money won't be in the basket. They want to be "Mr. Nice Guy!" Religion for so many priests has become a social matter, not doctrinal or moral! Oh, Lord, Our God, how long must we put up with this generation? How long can YOU tolerate it?

It is no wonder that statues are weeping blood around the world.

Since 1981 Our Lady has been coming to Medjugorje inviting and pleading with us to believe, pray, fast, convert, and work for peace. Are we really listening to her?

At Garabandal Our Lady predicted that God would send a WARNING in the form of an illumination of conscience. (Several Saints in earlier history were also given knowledge of this.) In this illumination, each one of us will see our souls as God sees them. There cannot be any hiding or excuses. We will feel to the very marrow of our bones how God feels about the sins we've committed. There is no escape... not for anyone. It will be as though time will stand still. Airplanes, cars, etc., will be suspended in sudden stillness without harm or damage to them.

The WARNING will be a tremendous grace of God because it will be the reason for the sincere contrition and conversion of many people. But there will be more to come.

Within the year and because God knows how we are made, He will work the GREAT MIRACLE. Conchita, one of the Garabandal visionaries, will announce it 8 days in advance. She already knows the exact day, year, and time, etc., but she is forbidden to reveal it. Anyone in Garabandal at the time of this great miracle will be healed of their ailments. This GREAT MIRACLE will be to all the world a powerful display of God's great love and mercy for each one of us. The MIRACLE will also be a proof that God exists. Atheism will dissolve. No one can see the MIRACLE and deny the existence of God as well as His TREMENDOUS LOVE AND MERCY FOR US. One priest, Fr. Luis Andreu, who was given to witness this MIRACLE was so powerfully imbued with the beauty and love he experienced that within 24 hours he died... not our of fear, but out of love. This world could hold nothing for him compared to what he witnessed in the GREAT MIRACLE.

Following the GREAT MIRACLE, God will leave a permanent sign on the PINES (a group of 9 pine trees) which will last until the end of time. Anyone and everyone will be able to see it, televise it, photograph it, but not touch it, and it will remain there until the end of time. Science will not be able to explain it. Just as God put the rainbow in the sky after the Great Flood, so He will leave this even greater phenomenon to be seen until the end of the world.

Yet God is not finished. If people go back to their sins or refuse to convert, a GREAT CHASTISEMENT will be sent upon the earth... the whole earth. Fire will fall from the sky; the good will die with the wicked. Fire will so cover the earth, that even the oceans will be on fire. There will be no escape for anyone. Those who survive will wish they were dead.

What more could God do? A good parent will at times chastise his children, if they do wrong. God cannot be continually WRONGED and we get away with it!

Turn off the raunchy television programs, speak and write against those programs and abortion! Most of all, change your own lives. Don't say: "I don't do anything wrong!" because that is not the truth. We all have need of conversion. Go to confession every two weeks. If you need help in knowing what is wrong, I have a wonderful examination of conscience book for you. It will be noted on my Internet Home Page soon. ( Pray, pray, pray! Pray at least one rosary a day, three would be better! Prayer can turn away the wrath of God which no one could escape.

Waste no more time! Convert now or it will be too late for you! Satan's plan is for your destruction. God's Plan is for your eternal happiness. The choice is simple: Convert!