JUNE 2003
Summer Hiatus Issue
vol 14, no. 31

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Another Fine Mess!

...Except no one is laughing because nothing is fine in this cronic comedy of errors!

      Why is it so many are heading for the precipice at breakneck speed and don't know how to apply the brakes? Do they have an offer from the devil they can't refuse?

    "Yes, folks, the American Godfather of the genocide of souls is angry. So what's new? Ever since neo-Catholic maven Mother Angelica took him to task for his heretical Protestant 'Gather Faithfully Together' in 1997, Cardinal Roger Mahony has been the 'Gotti of gall,' the 'Capone of capriciousness,' the 'Corleone of cover-up,' the 'Nitti of nastiness,' the 'Mussolini of mendacity,' and even the 'Soprano of sowing sodomy.' Now he, like Hillary, has the unmitigated gall to compound the lie to the press, even publishing on his own Archdiocese web site that, 'I have championed a fuller, deeper, and more accurate statistical study', but is not satisfied with the obvious results from a study done by the appointed John Jay College (wherever that is). If the USCCB were smart and truly concerned for souls (remember I said 'if' because we all know they are not!) they would have hired Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful to get the goods and expose the offenders once and for all with documented proof that would also have saved a lot of embarrassment in the media. They've all called it upon themselves. 'By their fruits you shall know them' (Matthew 7: 16)."

   Mid-June and it must be Father's Day. It should be a joyous day for all fathers, but in truth it is a sad day when we realize there are so few fathers left. This is because of several reasons. One, respect for the traditional family structure has been dumped in favor of recognizing surrogate, foster, step and sodomite "fathers," elevating them to the status of honor over the loyal fathers who became so through the holy Sacrament of Matrimony. This father is perturbed right now, not only because outright sodomites and liberals from California to Canada and elsewhere are diminishing the traditional role of the father by foisting the sinners' sins on a pedestal of praise, but, two, because there are so few really true fathers - Roman Catholic priests - left today to guide God's children toward eternal happiness.

   Who do you blame for this glut? Society? You could. But who allowed abortion to take hold and get such a death grip on a billion souls? Who has always been the rightful moral compass for society? Of course, the Church - the Roman Catholic Church founded by Christ upon the Rock of Peter. Prior to the 1960's, though they may not have liked it, society as a whole straightened up and took notice when the Holy See spoke or decreed something on Faith and Morals. One such example is the Legion of Decency which, single-handedly can take the kudos for the golden age of Hollywood in which a careful eye was kept on the content of all films. It is the industry that gave us the rib-tickling humor of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the bumbling n'er do wells who always tried, but couldn't. Yet we always pulled for the duo, especially the skinny one. It was the same industry that portrayed Catholicism in such a positive, uplifting and reverent light from "Song of Bernadette" to Bing Crosby in "Going My Way" and Spencer Tracy in "Boys Town."

   Speaking of that genre, few great and moral actors could hold a candle to Gregory Peck who passed away last week. Most remember him for his role as Atticus Finch in "To Kill A Mockingbird", Harper Lee's outstanding novel made into a movie that recently, I understand, was voted the most outstanding film of all time. I don't know about that, but it was an excellent morality play. However I will always remember him for his orthodox roles in portraying men of the Roman collar. The one I remember most is his Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty in the 1983 movie "The Scarlet and the Black", adapted from the true story novel by J.P. Gallagher. Talk about "peace and justice" in the truest sense. And how many remember John Gielgud's sensitive, graceful and warm portrayal of Pope Pius XII? That, I believe, was one of Eldred Gregory Peck's greatest films and that is saying something considering the excellent fare he gave us - this La Jolla-born actor who overcame adversity to convey an aura of the ordained commitment in the roles he played as priests. Though he wasn't, to my knowledge, Catholic, he imparted to the public a respect and reverence for the holy priesthood in his portrayals. From the Irish monsignor intent on protecting souls during World War II in Rome to the 1944 film where he was hailed for his role of the young priest Father Francis Chisholm in the movie from A.J. Cronin's masterful novel "Keys of the Kingdom." The missionary zeal and true Roman Catholic perseverance is a lesson we can all go to school on considering the fact it is so sadly missing today. In fact, I daresay the reverent roles Peck built up, so many of today's modernist modern bishops have torn down.

   Why? The Daily Catholic has documented that many times. Just go to Ports of Call to see all the reason and documentation on why, including my past Catholic Pewpoints and past pontifical decrees in our CREDO & CULTURE section. Remember "good" Pope John XXIII, the second most misunderstood pontiff in the history of successors of Peter, decided that the Church and Catholics had to be more human, more with it in order to accommodate the psychological needs of the liberal demons dancing in his head and the insipid advisors gnawing at him from the Rhine to the Venice canals to the Tiber. Don't ever tell me his pronouncement on January 25, 1959 was a "spur of the moment inspiration of the Holy Spirit." His "aggiornamento" was all meticulously planned. Why do they have to lie?

   I had not intended to write during this summer hiatus, but my blood pressure has been nearing the boiling point this last month with all the filth and lies being promoted and swallowed by so many. Beginning with the whole sodomite agenda that is sweeping souls into hell the world over, and now is about to embroil the Episcopal church in a major brouhaha over the election of an openly sinful sodomite "bishop," it is all pure grunge and garbage. In fact the stench is so bad that one might be prompted to ask if the regurgitation God promised in Apocalypse 3: 16 has already begun.

   One has to wonder when one scans the newswires and sees VaticantwoArians complaining about the very problems they created for themselves and the rest of us. Should anyone be surprised that the Vatican is shocked that Christianity has been left out of the equation in the new European Union charter. Well, duh? They still don't get it. What has the newChurch done to persuade the EU to consider it when they themselves from the pope on down continue to tout the great gifts of Hinduism, Islamism, Zionism and whatever ism is politically correct? Whatever happened to the name "Jesus Christ"? Everything seems to be homogenized into "Creator" or "Author" or "God", but seldom do you hear the Lord's name when addressing non-Christians. Ah, and there's another bone to pick. What ever happened to the name "Roman Catholic"?

   Then there is the infamous sabotager of morals Hillary Clinton, the even more sinister partner of the notorious traitor Bill Clinton Even though she's from Arkansas, I know she wasn't born in a barn, but she conveys a barnyard mentality when it comes to coming clean. We all know she didn't just fall off the turnip truck (though many wish she and Bubba would), so to lie with such a straight face on TV and compound it in print makes it all the more obvious how gullible the American public is as they throw money away on the tripe she is pedaling with her "Living History" rip-off.

   Speaking of living history, we definitely are because we haven't learned from it. The whole evangelical push to pander to Israel is an affront to Catholicism and Christ. The pact of God with the Jews ended with the New Testament. I strongly encourage you to read our eye-opening piece in this issue, The Ascent of Zion. The heresy that "the Jews wait for the Messiah is not in vain" is abominable and, in the words of Trent: "Let them be anathema!"

   Ah, anathema! That's a word we haven't heard for over 40 years. While all kinds of new terms have entered the lexicon from "gay" to "globalization of solidarity," anathema is sadly missing, as is the word "accursed." These are standard in Sacred Scripture and in past pontifical decrees. But not so anymore. We must be tolerant today, not offend anyone except those striving to uphold the True Faith handed down by Christ Himself through His Apostles. Today that is a lost art and cause because those so-called successors of the Apostles today are more like the fallen apostle and I'm not speaking of Peter who recanted and repented. No, I'm speaking of the one who betrayed Christ and did not repent: Judas!

   It is these Judases from the top on down who have been responsible for diminishing the alter Christi in the Church. The vocation glut was planned. To make things even worse, look closely at the Sacrament of Holy Orders as changed by Paul VI and one has to question these man-made changes which usurped Divine ordinances and therefore question the validity of any priest ordained after 1968. That is a shocking thought, but one we always take into consideration when choosing out a priest to confess to. The older the better, folks. Mind you, there are many good young Traditional priests who are ordained according to the true Sacrament of Holy Orders and therefore fully authentic priests. But there are many, way too many who, in the future, when a truly good Pope once again sits on the Throne of Peter could very well declare those ordained after 1968 null and void and call for a massive re-ordination of those men worthy of wearing the Roman Collar. Not all are, that's for sure. That is evident by the glut of homosexuals that have permeated the hierarchy and the cover-up that continues despite assurances that the bishops are cleaning things up. Ah, yes, let the inmates run the asylum.

   Well, folks, they are. When media pressure forced the liberal Catholic USCCB to appoint fairly reputable, albeit neo-Catholic trusted leaders to govern a panel on child sex abuse (read sodomy on young boys), most of neo-Catholic America was appeased with the appointment of Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma, who, at least, is pro-life. That's more than you can say for a great majority of the bishops and cardinals! Don't believe me? Look at their record in speaking out. Other than neo-Catholic prelates Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua in Philadelphia, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, and a handful of others, most have been quite effective in placating the Democratic Party by sabotaging pro-life efforts. Look at how the apostate 'Catholic' senators of the mule variety are filibustering and throwing every obstacle they can at every pro-life judge nominated. Dr. Frank Joseph asks in his column William Pryor: A Breath of Fresh Air! who will come to Pryor's defense for his defense of the unborn? The silence is deafening! Chief among these is Cardinal Roger Mahony, who made it a point to not only schmooze with pro-aborts while giving lip service to pro-life to a practically empty Convention Hall before the Democratic Convention began, but during the last election in California - when the Pro-Life arm of the largest diocese in the United States could have made a difference in the election of a pro-life governor vs. a blatant pro-abort and pro-sodomite Governor Gray "Gay" Davis - Mahony sabotaged the archdiocese's own efforts by handcuffing his own diocesan pro-life forces by taking any pro-life information off the See's official web site - mysteriously closing it down for two months prior to the election. This has been documented.

   If you recall my commentary last year "Wolves in Shepherds' Clothing" subtitled "'Deep Throat' in the LA Archdiocese," the "fruits" of Mahony's mayhem are becoming all too evident. The latest is Mahony's outburst against Keating for telling it like it is - that many of the bishops, chief among them Mahony, were acting like the "La Cosa Nostra." That really riled the red-hat from LA. In fact, to quote Shakespeare, "Me thinks thou dost protest too much."

   Yes, folks, the American Godfather of the genocide of souls is angry. So what's new? Ever since neo-Catholic maven Mother Angelica took him to task for his heretical Protestant "Gather Faithfully Together" in 1997, Cardinal Roger Mahony has been the "Gotti of gall," the "Capone of capriciousness," the "Corleone of cover-up," the "Nitti of nastiness," the " Mussolini of mendacity," and even the "Soprano of sowing sodomy." Now he, like Hillary, has the unmitigated gall to compound the lie to the press, even publishing on his own Archdiocese web site that, " I have championed a fuller, deeper, and more accurate statistical study", but is not satisfied with the obvious results from a study done by the appointed John Jay College (wherever that is). If the USCCB were smart and truly concerned for souls (remember I said "if" because we all know they are not!) they would have hired Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful to get the goods and expose the offenders once and for all with documented proof that would also have saved a lot of embarrassment in the media. They've all called it upon themselves. "By their fruits you shall know them" (Matthew 7: 16).

   According to Mahony, this study by John Jay College is "deficient in its assumptions, its design, and its methodology. Sadly, the study now underway will simply not give the Church and the general public the data that we truly need and want." What is it you really want, your eminence? Can you say stonewalling? Can the cardinal fess up: "I'm lying again!"? Could it be the study has struck a nerve, has come dangerously close to the truth that it is a homosexual problem within the church of Vatican II and that Mahony himself is dripping in the fetidness of the rotting corpse? To quote one of Mahony's buddy's Jack Nicholson from his role in "A Few Good Men": "You can't handle the truth." Or is it that the modernists don't want to handle the truth or even consider it because Mahony has been living a lie for longer than many can remember? It is obvious from the verified legal statements made by Bishop Thomas O'Brien in Phoenix that every bishop knew of sexual abuse by the men they were in charge of and COVERED IT UP just as the Mafia covers up their crimes. Just like the Cosa Nostra, these bishops have no conscience...and if they do, then the crime - this "organized crime syndicate" under the ruse of the Roman collar is even worse and more accountable before the Almighty Judge.

   Despite Mahony's status in the newChurch, he is an apostate and a liar. I call him on the carpet for this and challenge him to prove me wrong. He can't because he, along with most of his other Mafisonic (a coined word combining Mafia and Masonic) members in the hierarchy, have abandoned the truths and traditions that sustained Holy Mother Church for nearly 2000 years.

   The Bishops meet this week in St. Louis, a cradle of Catholicism in the Midwest. While they still can account for themselves, the decision must be: Keating is right on and he needs to be even stronger. Keep Keating, sack Mahony and the rest. But, sadly, if form follows the way it has over the past several decades in the newChurch now run by the power-mongers of perversity, Keating will politely be intimidated by members of his own committee - who have already been threatened and compromised - to step down for "the good of all concerned." It'll happen as sure as neo-Catholics are blind Catholics afraid to read and realize anything before 1960. We could pray and hope that what goes on at this Mid-Annual Bishops' Conference is not the same sandbagging that went on in Dallas last year with promises, promises, promises - all form and no function. Especially in light of the fact that the sexual abuse issue and cover-up is not even on the agenda, I think you see my point in the continuing illusion. All this "trust us, we know what's best for you and we're working on it." Three words in response: "No, you're not!" Why do they lie so? Do they not realize the significance and severity of Christ's words in Mark 8: 36, "For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

   Now let's consider who appointed these charlatans of charade. Why none other than John Paul II. Now if the neo-Catholics claim that the pope can't be blamed, that he is helpless, which is supported by Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos' statement that the bishops are too powerful and the pope can't do anything, wouldn't that give credence to the fact that JPII is not the great man neo-Catholics so proudly boast? Until I took off the blinders and returned to the orthodox teaching of Holy Mother Church, I too thought him a holy, great pope - even touting him as "John Paul the Great." Forgive me for my foolishness and naivete. We all make mistakes. But the mistakes John Paul has made over these past 25 years are legendary and directly contributing to the implosion in the Vatican II church. If this most misunderstood man in the history of the popes were the great man neo-Catholics claim, then he would clean house tomorrow. He would de-cardinalize men like Bernard Law and Roger Mahony, defrock men like Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Rembert Weakland, Thomas O'Brien, and, well, the list is endless. But then we're talking about doing something constructive and, truth be known, the man occupying the chair of Peter today has done NOTHING constructive of spiritual value in the quarter of a century he has taken up space and contributed to the malaise of millions and millions of souls. Remember well Our Lord's words in Luke 12: 48, "And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required; and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more."

   Well, your holiness, we demand more from you. It is a travesty for you to stage these bizarre theatrical "Masses" in searing heat jeopardizing the lives of many such as in Croatia where two died during your "Mass" from heart attacks and countless others fell sick. Consider how many souls are in hell today because of the scandals and devastation you and your two Vatican II predecessors, who you praise, have caused.

   Strong words, indeed, but Christ was even stronger in addressing the Scribes and Pharisees - the hypocrites - in chapter 23 of Matthew. Why do you feed the papalotry that follows you everywhere? Is it pride? Is it a need to be loved and revered? Isn't the need to love Christ and follow His unchangeable truths more important? Do you not see that the men you have appointed are devouring "the houses of widows, making long prayers," ..."going round about sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell two-fold more than yourselves."? Do you not see that by doing nothing but having tea with the cardinals and bishops that you are "blind guides who strain out a gnat, and swallow a camel" and who cannot see that the great gift of the altar has been trashed in favor of the glitter and gold of the man-made Protestant Novus Ordo? Do you not see that they "have omitted the weightier things of the law, judgment, and mercy, and faith"? Or what about "he that sweareth by Heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon"? What do you think the Solemn Papal Oath means? Is nothing sacred? Can you not see that the men you have appointed may seem "clean on the outside of the cup, and of the dish; but within are full of extortion and uncleanness." If I didn't know better I'd think Our Lord was speaking directly to the American bishops and to you for by all of your fruits it would seem you have made the tree barren, and become "like to whitened sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness."

   All the pomposity and ceremony aside, Christ said it best when he said, "So you also outwardly, indeed, appear to men just; but within, you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity...Wherefore you are witnesses against yourselves, that you are the sons of them who killed the prophets. Ye serpents, generation of vipers, how will you escape the judgment of hell?" I'd say those are much stronger words than I, a mere layman, have expressed. Yet, neo-Catholics will wail and accuse me of being disrespectful. No, I only follow Christ's commands, Christ's charge to love one another. I love John Paul II and every bishop, priest, religious and layperson, as well as non-Catholic - be he an animist pagan in darkest Africa, or Moslem in France, or Shinto in the Orient, or new-ager in America. I love for love of God! That is why I speak out. I want all to go to Heaven. I know from my Catholic Faith that unless they accept Christ and the Church He founded and are baptized, they will not. It offends me, and I know it offends God, to state otherwise; and yet, John Paul and the men he has appointed continue this anathema. What are loyal Authentic Roman Catholics to think? What are neo-Catholics, who in their heart want to do right, but are trapped by blind obedience and the charade of the Vatican II vaudeville act, to think? And as for liberal Catholics? Well, we really don't care what they think!

   In this month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we can only commit our hopes, fears and prayers to Him and pray that, through His Divine assistance, someone, somewhere, some day we'll clean house and, like St. Patrick, drive "the generation of vipers" out of the sanctuary and return Holy Mother Church to the status she rightfully deserves not for her image, but for the welfare of souls the world over. Despite the inherited title, until you personally do something about ridding the Church of the rot that infests it, how can we, in all good conscience before Christ - Whom you have so offended by abandoning His teaching - call you a "Holy" Father?

   One of the greatest gifts for Father's Day would be for John Paul II to quit playing politics, to forget the shadows of sinister ones haunting him within the hallowed halls and tell the body of bishops come hell or high-water he's going to do the right thing finally! A good start would be to declare officially and to all ex cathedra - since it is a matter of Faith and Morals - that the Mass of All Ages - the Traditional Latin Mass - the Mass decreed as unchangeable by Pope Saint Pius V and the Council of Trent has never been abrogated and that it not only must be allowed to be said without repercussion from modernist bishops, but must be mandated in every parish to eventually return as the ONLY rite that can be practiced in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It will come sooner or later.

   A question I would respectfully ask of John Paul II is this? Do you want yourself and your legacy to be anathematized by a future Pope, or do you want to begin now to right the wrongs? Since he has a free will, it's John Paul's choice, but I ask everyone: Pardon my French (and pardon the French for their erroneous ways away from the Faith as well), but Ecclesia Dei be damned because it was from the outset. Truth be known the Indult is nothing but an insult to every Roman Catholic for it belies the very fact that the Latin Mass was NEVER ABROGATED. With that established as fact and "in perpetuity" as the saintly Pius V of happy memory infallibly declared, what better Father's Day gift than the present Holy Father proclaiming the return of the only True Sacrifice to the Father? Until he does, well, to quote Oliver Hardy in harping to Stan Laurel in many of the famed "Laurel and Hardy" comedies: "Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into." The only problem is with the hierarchical mess and abberations of the Novus Ordo 'Mess' we have another fine mess...except no one is laughing because nothing is fine in this cronic comedy of errors!

Michael Cain, editor

      JUNE 2003
      Summer Hiatus
      vol 14, no. 31