Pope John Paul II's Teaching on the Role of Women

In this "Lay Person's Guide to the Pope's Encyclicals" we catch a synopsis of the Holy Father's wisdom adroitly capsulized by Dr. Joseph Bagiackas, Ph.D. In his Papal Letter "Mulieris Dignitatem", "On the Dignity and Vocation of Women", the Vicar of Christ reminds us of the Church's unyielding stance against ordaining women through the arguments of the Sacramental aspects, Traditional tenets, Christ's Will, Authoritative succession, and that the priesthood is not a right but a calling. Women, nor men for that matter, cannot demand something which they have no right to call theirs for the Church is not a democracy but rather totally obedient to the will of God, handed down through His one, true Church. But while he is emphatic that this is Christ's design he encourages more participation by women in the positive aspects of Church life. He reminds us of the importance of complementary roles of both sexes and that both need the other. He emphasizes through scriptural examples of the true role women should play, evident by the greatest of all human role models - the Blessed Virgin Mary. Rather than coming across in a chauvinistic manner, this document exudes the love and understanding of a supreme pontiff genuinely interested in the welfare and spiritual liability of all his flock. Dr. Bagiackas has made his holiness' words simple to understand and most meaningful in these times when there are so many who push for "equality" demanding their rights as women from a human point of view without considering God's point of view. The eminent prelate from New York John Cardinal O'Connor has said of Dr. Bagiackas' work: "These summations will draw the reader closer to knowing God and will encourage broader readership of the writings of this remarkable Pope." Inside: the fourth installment of Mulieris Dignitatem: III. Eve and Mary Compared .

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