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March 3, 1998             SECTION ONE              vol 9, no. 44

Oh say can you see...

     Today is the sixty-seventh anniversary of "The Star-Spangled Banner" becoming the official national anthem. It occurred on March 3, 1931 but, as we all know, it was written well before that. But those are the numbers - from thirteen original colonies to 50 states, the former represented by stripes, the latter with stars in the nation's flag. Speaking of numbers, that is the subject of today's editorial as we tune in to the "numerology theology" with the dreaded 666 just around the corner - literally with Thursday being 666 days until the year 2000 as the countdown continues. In today's commentary we talk about Our Lady's words to Father Don Stefano Gobbi about the numbers "333" and "666" and we illustrate how it ties in with "111" in the article entitled, Call it "numerology theology!" Click on today's CATHOLIC PewPOINT

Call it "numerology theology!"

      Must be the numbers! Many like to blame it on El Nino, but long before those winter winds from the vast Pacific started churning, there was someone else you could blame it on and to this day he remains the number one culprit. He is the one who has made a certain set of three like numbers famous, or in this case infamous. We are, of course, talking about El Diablo, better known as lucifer - now known and hated simply as satan. And if one is superstitious toward matters of hell, one might be extra cautious this week and say quite a few extra prayers for Thursday is a watermark in the countdown to the millennium. If you have been following our countdown calendar to the Jubilee at the bottom of each daily front page, you'll know that we will arrive at 666 days until the millennium on March 5 this week. Is it significant? Only God knows for sure, but we do know that the subscriber of those numbers - the mark of the beast - would sure like it to be significant as he struggles against hope to grab as many souls as he can during this last hurrah of the century he has been assigned. While we're not normally into numerology, when it comes from the Blessed Virgin Mary it causes us to sit up and take notice. It was Our Lady who indicated in a specific message to messenger Father Don Stefano Gobbi on June 17, 1989 in Milan about the significance of this number. Our Lady asked Fr. Gobbi to calculate the number and how it signifies the name of a man - the antichrist. She reaffirms that 333 is the number representing the Divinity and the mystery of the unity of God and that since satan wants to be above God, he chooses disunity and a higher number out of mockery and mimicry - thus 666. She goes on to explain the significance of 333 x's 2 indicates the two natures - divine and human that are united in the Person of her Divine Son Jesus; 333 x's 3 adds up to the mystery of the Holy Trinity with Three Persons in One. She capsulizes it with the fact that one, two and three times 333 equal, of course, the principal mysteries of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Then she reveals the copycat scheme of satan with the same multiplication of 666. Going by year, she first indicates the year 666 at which time Mohammed and the Moslem faith came into prominence in history. They indeed became a serious threat to Christianity as wars broke out everywhere and they destroyed much, but it was through the leadership of Holy Mother Church through the intervention of God that the gates of Rome were saved and all of Europe from these Islamic hordes who deny Christ is God. 666 x's 2 equals 1332 which wouldn't seem like any date of significance until we mull below the surface and uncover the beginning of those who challenged the truth of the Church, questioning everything as the "Age of Reason" raised its ugly head and, of course, from this came the Protestant Reformation in which Tradition was diminished and the Bible held as the only means to salvation through self interpretation. This opened a whole can of worms as the mind overwhelmed the heart. Obedience and faith gave way to intellectualism and faith in the Word of God ("Parabola") is destroyed. That brings us to 666 x's 3 which equals 1998. That's right folks, 1998!!! Here Our Lady says to Fr. Gobbi, "In this period of history, Freemasonry, assisted by its ecclesiastical form, will succeed in its great design: that of setting up an idol to put in the place of Christ and of His Church. A false christ and a false church. Consequently, the statue built in honor of the first beast, to be adored by all the inhabitants of the earth and which will seal with its mark all those who want to buy or sell, is that of the antichrist. You have thus arrived at the peak of the purification of the great tribulation and of the apostasy. The apostasy will be, as of then, generalized because almost all will follow the false christ and the false church. Then the door will be open for the appearance of the man or of the very person of the antichrist." She goes on to warn, "...I have wanted to enlighten you concerning the pages of the Apocalypse [Revelations] which refer to the times you are living through. This is to prepare you with me, for the most painful and decisive part of the great struggle which is on the point of being fought out between your Heavenly Mother and all the forces of evil which have been let loose...To you befalls the duty, in these difficult years, of remaining faithful to Christ and to His Church, putting up with hostility, struggle and persecution. But you are a precious part of the little flock, which has the task of fighting against, and in the end conquering, the powerful force of the antichrist. I am forming you all, defending you and blessing you."

     So what does it all mean? Very simply, folks, it's time to pray and pray fervently! Our Lady also told Fr. Gobbi on September 18, 1988 at Lourdes, France about the "next ten years" and her rationale for so many appearances and messages during these times. She warned of what was to come. Many have discerned that this ten year period she was talking about was from September 18, 1988 to September 18, 1998. of What would give even more credence to this was the fact Fr. Gobbi received his last message from Our Lady on December 31, 1997. As the Blessed Mother has said to so many visionaries and messengers when she does complete her words to each one is that she has said all she can, now it is up to us - up to us to pray! Others maintain Our Lady is talking about the rest of this century leading up to the Millennium. It really doesn't matter since we're talking only one year and three plus months difference. Plus, Our Lady has confirmed to Fr. Gobbi that her Immaculate Heart will triumph before the Millennium!

     So here we are just a little over six months away from September 18, 1998 and 668 days from the Jubilee date. It is time to take action on our knees. The day after that traumatic 666 day, is the 111th Annual World Day of Prayer and we'll have more on that as the we near the date. For now, it's important to remember one day won't cut it. Rather, we need to focus our attention on Heaven 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or, as the day nears, 666 days until the year 2000 - a time when we shall see the new era of Peace - the New Advent - the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ushered in by the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Until then the odds are even that only prayer will help, after all it's all by the numbers as we pray on 111 for 333 a day after 666! Call it "numerology theology!"

Michael Cain, editor

...by the dawn's early light!

     It is not in the light of day that man sees the works of another but in the dawn's early light of God's graces where the Almighty knows what is in our hearts and the purification of our soul through our enactment of the Spiritual Works of Mercy which Jesus touches on today in Lesson/Meditation #75 as imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart in a series of 100 Meditative Lessons. Click on THE HIDDEN WAY

Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to

the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart

Lesson/Meditation #75:


(Imparted on February 6, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)

      Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart, I am here with you. Trust Me. Proclaim My Divine Mercy and intercede for all the world, for I, Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior am sorrowful!

      Now, as this week begins, I come to speak on those works or actions that are called, properly, the Spiritual Works of Mercy.

      I discussed the Corporal Works of Mercy with brevity, since those works are external and you, My children, even with a limited knowledge, know right from wrong and therefore recognize a certain degree of external value or ‘peace’ in performing them. As I told you the Corporal Works of Mercy, while external acts, in order to bring merit must spring from the good-will, or life of grace, in the soul.

      Likewise, to all who possess this life of grace the action of the Corporal Works of Mercy must lead to an ever-deepening and widening of the life of the soul. This expansion is the result of My grace and merits, and the prompt action of the Holy Spirit, The Sanctifier, Who enables the good-will of the soul to be purified in all things.

      This purification of the soul, which transforms it into My Image and Likeness, is on-going throughout one’s earthly life. The Spiritual Works of mercy rise from this purification; these Spiritual Works of Mercy effectively cause an even greater in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit and cause the soul’s intellect to soar to union with My Will.

      We will begin with the Spiritual Work of Mercy properly described: "To admonish the sinner." No! You say in your world of convoluted moral values. No, you cannot do this. First, you rationalize that I Am Love; therefore since I Am Love I Love the Sinner, and all sins are pardoned by the Passion, Death I endured, so it is therefore impossible for Me to ‘admonish’ you and for you to admonish would be lack of Charity!

      O! How My enemy satan has fooled you, My poor weak children. I Am, and I Am beyond all human comprehension in My attributes. Yet Scripture reveals plainly that I Who Am cannot abide sin, and sin separates My creatures from Me. No soul burdened by the stench and stain of sin can enter into My Presence.

      Sin, My children, is a willful act committed against My Perfect Will, and I have given unto you My Ten Commandments, My Great Commandment, and My One, Holy, Catholic Church, to ever guide your conscience and behavior away from sin!

      Yet, the evil one, who never ceases to attack the weakness of your humanity, cleverly stirs up first your ego, and then links your ego to your finite intellect, which then rationalizes that there is no sin and justifies this fallible error by quoting Scripture which tells you "I Am Love." O! Let Me tell you that in My eyes sin is a wretched offense, a stench unbearable. Have you ever smelled death—the rotting of flesh be it animal of lower class, or man? Have you ever seen the rotting of a dead animal, or body? Are you not horrified by the stench and sight? Do you not seek to run away from it, covering your eyes because you do not want to see the hideousness of death, nor do your nostrils seek to inhale the stench which death brings?

      This is sin before Me, Who Am!

      Now, I beg you, hear Me! My Commandments lead you to Me. Therefore, they are to be obeyed by all who seek Me. To live them, as each of you is called to do, is to look first at yourself and to "see" sin as black, and the absence of sin as "white". Consequently, in this manner, sin boldly stands out as the opposing force against My Light, and it is clear to you who seek Me to walk only in the Light of Goodness! The judgment of the sin, its extent, its degree, its willful action are left to Me!

      Sin opposes Me, blocks out My Light, which is Truth. Truth is Charity. Therefore, you who follow Me must at all times live and express Charity in thought, word and deed. Therefore, I solemnly tell you it is Charity to admonish the sinner.

      It is false charity to refrain from this Spiritual Work of Mercy on the false, self-deceiving idea that you then offend the ego of your brother or sister; that to admonish is to judge—to judge is to lack Mercy. Therefore, you conclude that approval or silent tacit approval of all actions is pleasing to Me!

      Woe! Woe to all My bishops, priests, deacons and lay people who teach this heresy and lead My little ones into a complacent style of life which is both amoral and an abomination before Me! If you are Mine, then in charity and Mercy you can do no less than ADMONISH he who commits sin.

      You must ADMOISH with My Love, My Compassion, My Mercy. But never must you CONDONE a wrong act by allowing he who sins to believe there is no sin.

      And in these end times you have totally forgotten My Law, and satan uses your weakness to have you call sin virtue, and virtue sin. Thus, the Spiritual Darkness is now fully over the world, and its dangers, its consequences are foretold in Scripture.

      What then must you do?

      You are to obey My Commands and see them not as a ‘negative’, but as a positive road to Eternal Life. Each of you must first seek to be filled with sanctifying grace and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, whereby your soul sees, judges and acts in accordance with My Will.

      Then, having established such a life of grace in your immortal soul, you take Charity and Mercy by the hand. With love you approach your neighbor, and to him you speak as I taught you to speak, telling him of the sinful act he commits, seeking to lead him lovingly back into the Light of Truth.

      It does not matter if your neighbor is offended and abuses you by wicked words of threats. You remain ever in My Peace, loving your neighbor and ever failing to pray for them. The purity of your intention, springing from the Holy Spirit in your soul, causes you to make sacrifice for your neighbor. Purity of intention causes or inclines you to practice mortification for your neighbor. Purity of intention rises as a most-pleasing plea for Mercy before My Throne, and I, Who Am, behold the sinner with Mercy and send down showers of graces to answer your humble, heart-felt prayers.

      To ADMONISH THE SINNER is not permission or approval from Me for you, who seek to admonish, to perform acts of evil in order to stop evil!

      Did I not teach this to you in My earthly life? No! You are gentle, humble, loving, merciful, compassionate, prayerful and willing servants of God. You bear all wrongs patiently, turning tearful, plaintiff eyes to Me—The Source of All Good. You recognize that it iis not you who stop evil by a human word or act, but Me in you who causes sin to disappear and holiness to reign.

      Thus, I tell you that in these end times if you seek to persevere in the True Faith, you must first know and live your faith. You must recognize evil in its multitude of forms and address this multiplicity always with prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Your own soul must be filled with The Holy Spirit and only in this way are you able to fulfill the Spiritual Work of Mercy: TO ADMONISH THE SINNER as I have given you to do.

      The soul of great faith comes before Me as a humble, confident child. The soul recognizes My True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament and draws strength from Me to admonish the sinner. The soul of the just man takes Me to the sinner, desirous of giving My Light, My Life, My Truth, My Way to the soul stained and rotting with sin. The soul of the just man who must admonish the sinner is firm but kind, unyielding but merciful because this just soul reflects Me, and seeks only to bring souls to Me.

      Therefore, I solemnly tell you. Search your heart and soul and by the Sacraments weed out any trace of ego, pride, self-righteousness and judgmentalness. If you do this, then you who are truly My children, shall be My instruments in these end times to bring to Me countless souls because the Truth of My Law shines forth from you in word and deed, preceded by thought which all comes from the Holy Spirit.

      Ponder well My words, for I solemnly tell you that never has evil been so prominent upon mankind. Pray, My children, as I have told you so that, being Mine, you may Admonish the Sinner in Me, through Me, with Me and for Me, that My Sacred Heart might Reign now!

Lesson/Meditation #76: "DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU."

What so proudly we hailed...

     For faith is the essence of our lives and in his column today, Father John Hampsch, C.M.F. addresses the facts of scripture that help us to understand if we truly have faith and if so, we can proudly hail Jesus as our Savior without a doubt in our hearts that we believe. That is the best way to make use of our time and not waste it, rather we must just believe. That is the measurement in "Measuring Maturity" as Fr. John explains in his twenty-eighth installment of his series "Faith: Key to the Heart of God." Click on KEYS TO LIVING GOD'S WILL

Twenty-eighth Installment: Measuring Maturity Don't waste your time, just believe!

      Take any one of the doctrinal statements in the Bible, and check your faith by your response to it. The same test can be used with exhortatory texts. For instance, I Corinthians 15:58 encouraging us to always abound in the Lord’s work for "nothing done for the Lord is ever wasted". Everything we do, every good act we perform, every nickel we give to a poor person is going to have its reward. How about picking up the kids’ pajamas, waiting patiently in a traffic jam, preparing a meal, all for the love of God - "nothing you do for the Lord is ever wasted." Do you have a headache now? You might pray, "Lord, use this headache to help someone suffering from a migraine someplace, or persons who are being tortured in prison, or use it to enhance the pastoral influence of some clergyman somewhere." Your faith tells you that nothing done for the Lord is wasted. Nothing. It is your life permeated with the kind of faith that makes such truths really meaningful for you?

      Now, the headache is past, it happened yesterday, it’s gone as if it never happened. There is no lingering effect, it’s gone and you are the same now as if you hadn’t had it at all. The lasting effects of it, however, are in the future, perhaps ten billion years from now you will still be enjoying the higher place in heaven because of how you handled that headache on earth. Why then are we so preoccupied with this little problem now? We are preoccupied with this life and have too little regard for the next life. When you look back on your present suffering ten years from now, it will be all forgotten or at least appear less relevant. How will it look 10,000 years from now? Like a star fading away in the distance. You get your sense of perspective from eternity. Do you believe in eternity itself? If you believe it, that’s secondary faith. How does it effect your life and everyday behavior? As Paul stated so dramatically in Colossians 3:3, "Have as little desire for things of this world as a dead person does."

      In any kind of secondary faith that you touch upon, ask yourself those three inventory questions: Do I believe? Do I really believe? Do I act as if I believe?

      Simple questions, but what a difference they could make! "A just man lives by faith" (Habakkuk 2:4). Living by faith means living in the heart of God. Paul’s injunction needs to be heeded frequently: "Test yourself, to see whether you really have faith" (II Corinthians 13:5; cf Romans 12:3).

Next Installment: Vertical Growth: Fertilizing Faith

...at the twilight's last gleaming!

     For as we near the twilight of the time when Mary's Divine Son will usher in the New Advent - the Reign of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady reminds us to stay the course and continue during Lent to meditate on His Passion, reminding us of the events at Lazarus' home just before the Last Supper as she describes in her Meditation to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart in part three of Meditative Lesson 3, WITH THE APOSTLES ON THE EVE OF PASSOVER as we continue these inspiring lessons on the Passion throughout Lent. Click on "IT IS CONSUMMATED!"

Meditative Lesson 3:


part three - Our Lady's Meditation

     My Little Ones, I ask each of you to reflect upon your own lives and to consciously examine whether you have listened to my Son, heard His teachings and have responded I faith.  My Dear Children, all are called to eternal life, but it is not enough to proclaim my Divine Son, Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Redeemer.  Each one of you is called to cooperate with and be part of His infinite redeeming act that by His Merits you might be saved.

      Meditate upon your lives, your personalities and character. All is known to God, but unless you are willing to recognize your lowliness you cannot receive the graces that enfold you within His Sacred Heart - the Font of Divine Mercy.

      My Little Ones, each day you  must be a new ‘Yes’ to God.  It is not a word uttered only once and then swiftly cast aside because of worldly concerns.  The ‘Yes’ of your entire being must be given to God, and He in return shall asset you in all temporal needs.

      The holy apostles, with human love, wanted to protect their Master, my Divine Son.  They did not understand that pure love, which is divine, must allow the Divine Will to be accomplished for the good of all men.

      Likewise, in your life it is necessary to surrender your will and seek only the Divine Will.  Judas Iscariot had only to recognize, admit and repent of his sins, and Jesus would instantly have forgiven him everything. Judas Iscariot did not will this.  His pride became a barricade against life and light.

      The human love of the holy apostles would transform into Divine Love when, later, the Holy Spirit came upon them.  But they, too, were tested and purified, as each of you must be.

      If you desire for the testing and purification to bring you into the Beatific Vision, then learn from the holy, sacred Passion of my Divine Son who eagerly embraced the Divine Will on behalf of all men who rejected it.

      Soon, my Little Ones, the moment of the Divine Will, shall come upon the earth, and al men shall live in the perfect harmony God has always intended for His children.

      You are able to cause this moment to happen sooner, swiftly, more mercifully if you are willing to suffer in this life in the name of my Divine Son.

      Cast aside the constraints of your human weakness and ascend into the celestial air of Heaven by walking your Calvary with faith, hope and love. In all things seek the refuge of My Son’s Sacred Heart through my Immaculate Heart, and the wisdom of God shall be yours and His peace, your joy in the midst of trials.

      Pray and meditate and ask for purity of intention.  I love you.  I bless you.  I thank you for your response which gives joy to my sorrowful heart.


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March 3, 1998 volume 9, no. 44         DAILY CATHOLIC