Joseph Bagiackas, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph Bagiackas has a Doctorate in Systemic Theology from Catholic University where he specialized in studying the thought of John Paul II and the theology of the laity. A husband and father, Joe lives in northern Indiana and distributes his highly acclaimed Guide Booklets through Light of the Nations Press, PO Box 6801, South Bend, IN 4660. This is a tremendous opportunity for only $2. per booklet. You may call him at (219) 233-1485 for a free catalog describing the 15 booklets now available on our holy Pontiff's encyclicals. Rather than try to bring you the entire text of the Holy Father's many encyclicals, we have decided to bring you a capsulized summary of what the Vicar of Christ is saying, expertly analyzed and simply conveyed in easy lay terms for the common Catholic by Dr. Bagiackas with his permission...for it is vital that what the Pope has to say reaches all God's children. Bishop John Sheets, S.J. says that Joe "catches the Pope's deepest meaning, and clarifies the main threads woven through the Pope's writings. He combines in a kind of paradoxical sense, simplicity and depth. He knows how to isolate the profound insights and present them in a way that everyone can understand." Fr. Edward O'Connor, C.S.C. of Notre Dame writes, "His [Pope John Paul II] writings, however, while full of wisdom, are difficult to read. Dr. Bagiackas has performed a great service for the Church by presenting the papal teaching in a simplified form that is a pleasure to read while remaining entirely faithful to the mind of the Holy Father."