Daily CATHOLIC - January 13, 1998    volume 9, no. 9



     The Pope who replaced the beloved and holy Pope Gregory VIII had a tough act to follow, but Pope Clement III performed well in his role as Vicar of Christ, negotiating peace with the Romans after a long hostility period. The honor of being able to return to Rome was paid for at a heavy price financially for Clement was forced to concede property and lands that had provided revenue. But in the interest of the Church, he realized the importance of peaceful coexistence between Rome and the Bishop of Rome. He dispatched the Third Crusade with Frederick Barbarossa leading the ranks. Out of this failed crusade would come a legendary figure that would gain in prominence - Richard the Lion-Hearted. Though suffering from a weak heart, God gave him a larger heart that enveloped the whole world and endeared him to Christians everywhere, even where there were disputes and battles. He was respected and revered by all. Though he outlasted Gregory's short three month reign, the three and a half years Clement was pope was not nearly long enough for the people of God.

Pope Clement III: The realization of the Third Crusade and Roman peace at a price

Installment Fifty-three

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