DAILY CATHOLIC   Monday, January 12, 1998   volume 9, no. 8



"In the beginning was the Word..."

     Those are the first words of the Evangelist Saint John the Apostle in his Gospel and the Word of God should be first in our lives...on a daily basis. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass should be the focal point of our lives, if possible, daily, and definitely every Sunday. Part and parcel of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Word. How many of us just sit there and listen to the readings without truly "drinking it into our hearts and souls"? Wouldn't the Mass and our lives mean more, be more fulfilling and enable us to better understand God's Will in our lives if we had a better connection to what He is telling us? The Navarre Bible for the New Testament and the accompanying commentary for each Gospel is provided for your discernment, inspiration and preparation for the next day's liturgy of the Mass. That is why we feature these Daily Reflections via link to this site each day in our LITURGY OF THE DAY section of the Daily CATHOLIC The fulfillment of Jesus' words in Mark 16: 15 is the intent of the web site we feature this week. It is Daily Gospel Reflections at http://www.magi.com/~menardd/gospel.htm. Operated by webmaster Denis Menard, it offers the universal biblical commentary and text from the renowned Navarre Bible. The commentary was compiled by Theologians at the University of Navarre in Spain, published in Ireland, printed in Spain, and spread throughout the world in various languages including cyberspace. Talk about universal...talk about Catholic. Those two words are synonymous and the Navarre text and commentary is synonymous with the Doctrines and Teachings of Holy Mother Church. Praised and recommended by Mother Angelica and Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., to name a few, as an excellent source for Catholics to better understand their faith and what God is truly saying to our hearts and minds, this site offers a no-nonsense approach to being able to read and print out at a glance the next day's reflection of Sacred Scripture. It should be a must for all Catholics who desire to pray more fervently with and from the heart.

      While there are other sites that offer similar services as this, none are as simple, quick, succinct and thorough as Denis' site. In addition he encourages anyone who would like to receive these commentaries and reflections each day by e-mail to contact Manual Tuazon, OCDS at mtuazon@ix.netcom.com to receive these direct to you each day at no charge. This site which carries the moniker Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam for the Greater Glory of God asks only your prayers for this necessary ministry. You can access the entire week's reflections any time and it is updated daily. It should be a must for all Catholics. Because of the simplicity and excellence of this site we confer on Daily Gospel Reflections the "Golden Chalice Award", conferring FOUR Hail Mary's for outstanding service in bringing others closer to Christ.

January 1998