Praise the Lord and pass the Advil!

       We could have titled this "New Year's Resolutions that flu away in a matter of days!" No sooner had this editor written a column on that subject last week, than everything planned went astray. This time we can't blame it on ol' satan or even El Nino. No, the culprit is the flu bug that has been permeating the systems of hundreds of thousands in our area. Hospitals are overflowing, ER and out-patient rooms can't handle any more. Getting a doctor's appointment is nigh unto impossible. God has been good to this trooper so far and not allowed the pesky and debilitating virus to hit him square on, but the rest of the family - ah, that's another story! Sadly the third son came down with it today and that makes three down and one to go, but I fight it with all the vitamins and juices I can muster to stay out of harm's way while playing Mr. Mom to our sons and nursemaid to my wife. Even the dog's been under the weather the past week. No umphhh to his bark, just a whimper as he lies listlessly near my pillow during the day and at the foot of the bed sighing at night. You haven't lived until you hear a dog sigh in the middle of the night! It's been somewhat of a miracle to have been able to get an issue out each day with all the bedlam and bedpans in the mix. Mixed in the fray have been a few bugs in the password systems as we transition to the new format of ANNUAL PASSPORTS as well as Monthly Passes and Quarterly Portals available to the subscriber. If you are having problems with your password, just e-mail the Webmaster with your current password and if we discover the problem is on our end we will immediately issue you a new one so you don't miss a beat. Praise the Lord.

     In a similar vein, we have received feedback that the articles should be shorter in each issue, keeping in the style of USA Today...small doses each day so it doesn't take forever to read through everything. People with computers are busy people and we realize we are not the only URL out there. In fact, we encourage you to surf many other Catholic URL's. That is one reason we feature our "Golden Chalice Award" in each Monday's issue presented to the Significant Site of the Week to alert you to the plethora of other great Catholic sites out there in cyberspace. As long as we all realize we're in this together for the sake of Our Lord and Our Lady, how can any of us go wrong?!? We have also expanded our links section with more in the coming months including more departmentalization for easier referencing. Soon you'll be able to link to every major Church doctrine, teaching, and tradition, not to mention being able to click on the Church Fathers and all the approved versions of Sacred Scripture from the traditional Douay-Rheims to the Confraternity to the more modern NAB. Sorry, we won't be connecting you to the King James! That is the other aspect we are emphasizing. The Daily CATHOLIC is intended as an evangelization tool, but also a news organ where you can find out the latest in news and trends in the Church, about the Church and vignettes on world/national news from a Catholic perspective. Since the title of the publication is the Daily CATHOLIC the audience we are aiming at is not the non-Catholics, though they are welcome to tune in. Our major audience is, plain and simple, CATHOLICS because there are so many who need to hear what is happening, who need to realize some of what they are hearing is heresy leading to schism within the American Church. So many are lukewarm because no one has lit the spark to ignite their souls to a hunger for the truth. The Holy Father has been trying, many bishops and priests are trying, and many Catholic evangelizists from Mother Angelica to countless web sites, print publications, and parishes are doing the same...but there is much, much work to be done and so little time as we stressed last week in this column. The great majority of Catholics don't understand their faith. They truly don't get it. They're lost and they don't know it. That's the saddest part. It's this lukewarm syndrome we are trying to penetrate with the Daily CATHOLIC. The facts are that a lukewarm Catholic is not going to sign up for a daily Catholic publication without some prodding and that prompting has to come from you at the word-of-mouth level. That's one reason we instituted two offers: (1) the Two-for-One ANNUAL PASSPORT special at $50 a year so you could share an ANNUAL PASSPORT with a fellow Catholic that needs it. (2) We've also instituted a special which many are familiar with from the e-mail they have received: If your pastor or parish has the internet, ask him if he can mention that the

If you can implement this and send a copy of the bulletin to: Daily CATHOLIC, 1585 Green Oak Road, Vista, CA 92083, we will not only give the pastor/church a free ANNUAL PASSPORT, but also you. If you have an ANNUAL PASSPORT already, we'll extend it another year at no charge. So now it's up to you to pass the word. Ask your pastor if he's interested in keeping up with Rome on a daily basis, keeping informed on what the bishops are saying on a daily basis, keeping current on world events from a Catholic perspective on a daily basis, staying in touch with other parishes around the world on a daily basis, and have instant accessibility to the Douay-Rheims bible, the Latin Vulgate edition, the new Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Baltimore Catechism, the Code of Canon Law, L'Osservatore Romano, the encyclicals, Apostolic Letters and Exhortations of the Popes, works of Saint Thomas, Saint Augustine, Saint John Vianni, and many other saints and Doctors of the Church, the Catholic encyclopedia, devotions, and countless other sources all available through their passport to the Daily CATHOLIC. We doubt he'll say no and be grateful to you for informing him of this valuable new, informative, and frequent Roman Catholic outlet. The only reason we can think he might say 'no ' is if he is a modernist, set on the new agenda of the American Church. If so, start searching for another parish! After all, if you don't have a good, traditional Catholic church in your neighborhood, the best solution is to Move!...move to a parish that is loyal to the Holy Father, that preserves the sacred in the sanctuary, that is dedicated to fulfilling God's Will. Praise the Lord.

      As this editor shakes another thermometer and heats up the kettle for some more chicken soup and broth for the family, I leave you with the thought that we're all in this together. Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer the Daily CATHOLIC to all at no charge - FREE to ALL. But to do this we need angels - generous benefactors to be able to finance the mounting costs of publishing Monday through Friday and storing the massive files in Unix servers. Another eventual goal is to be able to offer the Daily CATHOLIC in Spanish as well as other languages to truly become international. We have had many letters and e-mails of interest from South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, even the U.S. for a Spanish daily edition. It takes money - lots of it - to bring this to a reality. If you know of any great Catholic philanthropist who is willing to help a non-profit Catholic organization dedicated totally to all the Roman Catholic Church teaches and totally in accord with IRS regulations for charitable organizations, please let them know about the Daily CATHOLIC and its objectives. With God's help these goals will become a reality. After all that's how Saint Francis of Assisi began - asking for alms and praying! We're doing both and place ourselves at your mercy. Praise the Lord.

      Speaking of mercy, have mercy on all those who are suffering with the annual flu bug, say a little prayer all recover their strength and resume their resolutions as God wills. Now, once again, Praise the Lord and pass the Advil.

Michael Cain, editor

January 1998