KISSIMMEE, Florida (CWN) - About 75 protesters gathered outside Disney World on Monday to protest the Walt Disney Co.'s pro-homosexual, anti-Christian policies and entertainment products.

      Three people were arrested during the protest along a tourist strip leading into Disney World as the group carried signs and handed out leaflets. The Rev. Flip Benham of Operation Rescue and two others were detained by police for obstructing traffic. The protest caused mile-long traffic jams.

      Most of the protesters came from a Christian youth conference in nearby Palm Bay and carried signs protesting Disney's recognition of employee same-sex partner benefits, supporting "Gay Days" at theme parks, airing the TV show "Ellen" in which the main character is an active lesbian on its ABC network, and producing movies and shows with anti-Christian themes such as "Nothing Sacred" and "Priest." Benham said the next phase of the protest will be to buy tickets for the theme park during the Gay Days next June and pass out literature and read Biblical passages.

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December 31, 1997 volume 8, no. 64         DAILY CATHOLIC