Christmas Message from Michael and Cyndi

      As we celebrate that time nearly 2000 years ago when a tiny Babe in swaddling clothes forever changed the world, let us pause and give thanks for all He has given us and remember the extreme love and care lavished on Him by His loving Mother - the Blessed Virgin Mary. That is one of His gifts He gives us daily - His very Own Mother to guide us and protect us as our Heavenly Mother. So as we wish the Christ child a very Happy Birthday this Christmas morning while we kneel before the crib, let us not forget to add "we love you, Mom" to His loving Mom. What mother doesnít love that kind of reply? What son doesnít appreciate respect for his mother? The same with Jesus. Thatís one of the great gifts we can give to Him on His birthday - love and respect for His Mother - for without Blessed Mary, we wouldnít have her Divine Son!

      God bestows so much love on all of us and this ministry is just a small way we are able to exhibit our love for Him and His loving Mother Mary who guides us, reprimands us, and encourages us to continue to fight the good fight and look to Heaven for all our answers.

      On Christmas day, our sentiments turn also to our readers and long-time supporters. Words cannot express our gratitude for your wonderful love and encouragement over these past seven years. Almighty God, His angels and His saints, not to mention His Blessed Mother, have bestowed on our ministry and on our family a hundred-fold blessings in the many wonderful friends we have gained over this time. As we pause to reflect on what Christmas truly means, let us all strive to learn Godís special language which Father Al speaks so eloquently about above and let us turn our tensions and stress of the Christmas rush into a special song for the Christ child as Sister Mary Lucy suggests and realize the presents we are given in the present present of the Holy Spirit as Father Stephen focuses on, and on the greatest Gift of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist which Father John pinpoints. Our humble gift to you is our prayers for you and your loved ones which we spiritually place on the patten at the Offertory at Daily Mass. May God richly bless you during this season of great joy and may His loving Mother Mary ever shield you in the safe harbor of her protective and Immaculate Mantle in the new year and beyond.

Michael and Cyndi Cain

December 25, 1997 volume 8, no. 60         DAILY CATHOLIC