LOS ANGELES (CWN) - Walt Disney Co. chairman Michael Eisner attacked his company's critics on Monday, telling shareholders in a letter that the family entertainment company will not censor its artists.

      Disney has come under attack in recent years from pro-family, conservative, and Christian groups for pro-homosexual policies and releasing anti-Christian movies and television shows, such as Priest and Nothing Sacred. "We seek to be in business with the best and most creative talent we can find. We then try to give them freedom to do their best work. We try not to censor them, and I will always defend the right of talented artists who work for us to push the limits of their imagination," Eisner wrote.

      Eisner also charged that some groups are using the high-profile boycotts and protests against Disney "to leverage our strength with the public for their own ends, trade on our popularity, if you will." He added that the company does not make decisions to produce controversial works without consideration. "If we sometimes make choices with which others disagree, it is not because we have failed to look hard at our decisions," he wrote. "Sometimes we will make the wrong choice. Hopefully, we will more often make the right choice.";

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January 7, 1998 volume 9, no. 5          DAILY CATHOLIC