DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY, December 23, 1997   volume 8, no. 58


Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to

the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart

Lesson/Meditation #65:


(Imparted on January 30, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)

      Beloved Hidden Flower of my Immaculate Heart, I am with you, as I am for all of my children. Little ones of my Immaculate Heart, in all of the messages God has permitted me to give to you, they are all centered upon being a peacemaker. If you have faith, if you pray, fast and sacrifice, if prayer comes from your heart then you are truly a peacemaker.

      Look at the people of my beloved Medjugorje. Is this not considered an Oasis of Peace although war rages everywhere around it? Why does peace remain there even though there is such hatred elsewhere? Because, little children, my people have understood my Messages and now possess my Divine Sonís Peace and live His Peace. God, Who gives His Peace to the humble, little ones also protects this haven of Heavenly Peace because of the goodwill of the people.

      Thus, each of you must learn from this example. Each of you must carry Bethlehem in your heart. You must carry each of the mysteries of the Rosary in your heart. You can not be a peacemaker if your heart is not in union with God and His Most Perfect Will.

      In your heart place those Messages I have given at Godís command to all the world which help you to draw closer to my Divine Son. It is important that you live my Messages and do not become curious or overly-concerned about the many signs of these end times. Yes, God allows me to speak to my children through many messengers because time is so short and His only desire is for all His children to be in the Refuge of His Sacred Heart. Therefore, if one message awakens your soul, then rejoice and live that message, and do not seek more, for God shall not abandon you.

      My Messages are the way to being a true peacemaker, for it must begin with a full act of your will to surrender to Godís Will. By prayer from the heart, you offer your life in union with my Divine Sonís Passion and cause Mercy and Peace to be poured out in abundance on countless souls.

      God sees your heart. He hears the petitions of a humble heart, and does not spurn them. Thus it is that the cloistered nun, the hermit, the housewife and mother, the father who goes off to a routine job every day to earn his living; children who are obedient to parents and all in proper authority; everyone who daily unites their duties to my Divine Sonís Sacred Passion is a peacemaker, the quality of which shall be known only in Heaven.

      O! I long to help you, but my time among you comes to an end. Heed my words and live them, for then as true peacemakers you shall be called Ďchildren of God.í

      I love and bless you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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THE ESSENCE OF THE EIGHTH BEATITUDE: "Blessed are they who suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

December 1997