MELBOURNE, Australia (CWN) - An Australian nun connected to a European dissident movement on Thursday predicted that Archbishop George Pell of Melbourne was headed for disaster because of his traditional view of the Church.

      Sister Roberta Hakendorf of Australians Networking for Reform is on a tour of Australian parishes trying to drum up support for her group that seeks to change Church rules on the ordination of women, married priests, and the ecclesiastical leadership. Hakendorf singled out Archbishop Pell for attention in an address on Thursday, saying the archbishop's opposition to active homosexuality and overhaul of Catholic education has alienated many people. "Pell to me is just an anachronism," she said. "This authoritarian thing is wearisome because it has no future. It's just another nail in the institution."

      The nun said her group represents several thousand Australians and is connected to a European "reform" movement that claims to have collected 2 million signatures on petitions calling for change in the Church. The similar US group, Call To Action, began a petition drive in the US two years ago seeking a million signatures, but ended with only 35,000 total last November.

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December 22, 1997 volume 8, no. 57          DAILY CATHOLIC