DAILY CATHOLIC   Monday, December 22, 1997   volume 8, no. 57



The one place to go for the Answers: CATHOLIC ANSWERS!

      With the Christmas holidays upon us, many of us will be getting together with friends and relatives. At these gatherings, many will be non-Catholics, fallen-away Catholics or lukewarm Catholics. As often is the case, after a bit of the bubbly the conversation can often turn to religion. When this occurs, inevitably the Roman Catholic Church is always brought up. Will you sit there like a lump nodding, or will you know what to say, how to counter false and subtle attacks they may make, or questions they may have? There is an ideal site on the world-wide web called CATHOLIC ANSWERS at www.catholic.com. This site, specializes in Apologetics and Evangelization and it is not only an excellent reference point and resource, but an interactive site where one can e-mail any question on a number of subjects from God, Creation, Gospel, Sin, Salvation, Last Things, Scripture, Church, Saints, Sacraments, Morals and on non-Catholic sects or Groups. Headed by the respected founder of "Catholic Answers" and Editor of This Rock magazine - Karl Keating. He, along with a staff of three other apologists, will answer any question you might have. But before you e-mail in your question, check out the built-in search engine right on the home page. It's easy to navigate and whatever your question, there's liable to be just the right answer with the proper tract you can print out and know before you go to that party or get-together. Know your faith and you'll be able to better serve Jesus Christ as a loyal disciple. CATHOLIC ANSWERS provides the perfect vehicle for knowing that faith and being able to defend the One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith to any and all. The answers are simple and easy to read in lay terms that don't take a Rhodes scholar to understand. Yet the answers are profound and complete. This site lists documentation from various Church Fathers, Saints and Councils to verify the facts. In addition, they offer the browser to order books, booklets, audio and video tapes, printed tracts and This Rock magazine. They also offer an entire Catholic Answers Collection software CD which includes the text of multiple Bibles, certain words in Greek that better define the text, as well as a set of biblical time maps. Though this is probably the most complete work available on CD, it doesn't come cheap. They offer it for $189.95, but if you're truly serious about your faith and the importance of evangelizing than it is well worth the price. The simplicity and functionality of this site is what overwhelms the browser, making it so easy to browse and to find the answers you need. Therefore, we present the Golden Chalice Award to CATHOLIC ANSWERS, conferring SIX Hail Mary's on this informative site necessary for all to help evangelize the One, True Faith.

December 1997