The "C" of Christmas + "C" of Cyberspace = the Holy See's Sea of Evangelization

       With the recent launch of this publication - the only regular daily Catholic publication on the internet or anywhere in print - the thought has crossed our mind what it would have been like had we had this same technology when Jesus Christ was born. Imagine the commotion had today's media hordes been present at that simple stable in Bethlehem on that piercing cold December night nearly two thousand years ago when the Blessed Virgin Mary brought forth a tiny Son - the Savior of the world. Think of the commotion: Everywhere reporters would be scurrying about - Satellites, klieg lights, cameras whirring, newshounds pecking away on portable lap tops, microphones thrust forward in vying for position among the crush of correspondents; all disturbing the quiet, peaceful setting of this night of nights. With this scenario in mind, no wonder there was no press coverage in Bethlehem. Yet, one asks, wouldn't God have wanted to announce to the world this greatest event in the history of mankind? He did! He used His own media and press agents to get out the Word and through this medium His message has reached every corner of the earth down through the centuries. While every newspaper, magazine, television network or radio station that ever existed has or will eventually go out of business, God's "journal" has continued unabated all these years. This first "edition" began with the angels who announced "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will" (Luke 2: 14). Yet, it was left to the mortal media to confuse this when we constantly hear "Good will to men." Just another example of misquoting the Word of God. In His Wisdom God the Father sought a quiet refuge for His Only-begotten Son for, had He allowed it to be announced in the manner of the mass media network of today, Herod would surely have been able to better pinpoint the Holy Family's location and have ordered the slaughter of the innocents well in advance of the actual edict. It was God's Will that events took place the way they did. Maybe that's why there was no press coverage. Had God allowed it, it's likely that proverbial cynicism, which seems to run deep in journalistic veins, would have erupted into scientifically explaining away the astronomical phenomena of the shining star over Bethlehem. How do you suppose the fourth estate would have reported the Virgin Birth? More than likely they would have been skeptical of anything of that nature, opting instead to dig for any dirt they could find in an attempt to expose the one who impregnated Mary. In short, "faith" is a word foreign to most journalists...even on foreign soil.

     Because of this lack of faith the true meaning of the Nativity is still foreign to too many because today's liberal media - the false prophets of today - convey a mundane message to the public. Faith doesn't sell. Secular and sensational do! Yet, what was more sensational than the birth of the Messiah? Sadly, the true meaning why Jesus came into this world, to bring Peace to men of good will and to redeem the world as the chosen Savior, charging us to love one another, is still lost on most today. Today His glorious birth is scorned upon while lighting the White House Christmas tree or Rockefeller Plaza get top attention along with reporting the latest injunction against a town by the ACLU to prevent a creche scene. The poor atheists are the victims and the majority who believe in Jesus as the Son of God - that Christ is the reason for Christmas - are held up for ridicule. You see the real reason why Jesus came into this world, to bring Peace to men of good will and to redeem sinners everywhere for all time, is still lost on the makers of news today.

     This misinformation, manipulation of the facts, and apathy are the main reasons we began publishing the Daily CATHOLIC on a daily basis Monday through Friday seven weeks ago. It is our hope that eventually, through the generous donations of benefactors who believe such a publication is necessary and helpful, we will be able to offer the Daily CATHOLIC in Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, German and Portuguese. Quite possibly, down the road, even offer a Japanese and Chinese version. We also hope, that if we can garner enough donations to cover all costs of publishing on the web, we will be able to either lower the subscription price even more or, better yet, offer it free to all in cyberspace. But these factors are all contingent on generating enough contributions to keep the Daily CATHOLIC going strong. If you can help in any way, you will be furthering God's Will that we reach every corner of the earth as He commanded in Mark 16: 15, "Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature."

     If you would like to know more on how you can help, click on BE AN ANGEL to make a tax-deductible donation in helping us spread the Word and the One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith. Any amount will help us immensely in furthering our mission for Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. Your contribution and telling others of the benefits of receiving the Daily CATHOLIC Monday through Friday will go a long way in offsetting the apathy of so many lukewarm Catholics and the false gospel of many purveyors of doom in the secular media who thrive on Catholic-bashing. Your assistance will make a statement that you do care about standing up for the true faith and doing all you can to help bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will usher in the glorious new Advent - the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Anything you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and prayerfully accepted.

      On behalf of all at the Daily CATHOLIC and the CATHOLIC-INTERNET NETWORK and MIR-A-CALL Center, we wish all a Blessed Christmas and a grace-filled New Year. Our humble gift to you is our prayers for each of you and your loved ones, which we spiritually place on the patten at the Offertory at Daily Mass. May God richly bless you during this season of Gaudete and may His loving Mother Mary ever shield you in the safe harbor of her protective and Immaculate Mantle in the new year and beyond as we all sail together on the new flagship of this ministry's fleet - the S.S.Daily CATHOLIC - which was commissioned on the feast of All Saints this year. As we navigate over the evangelistic seas of the world-wide web, may we all be guided by the beacons of the two pillars described by Saint John Bosco in his vision - the Holy Eucharist and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in prayerful hope of all arriving safely, when our voyage is complete, at our port of destination: Heaven! With your help and support, many more will join us on this life cruise toward everlasting life. We can all start by putting the capital "C", which stands for Christ, back in Christmas and spreading it to all in cyberspace through the sea of evangelization asked for by the Holy See and Jesus' special Vicar of Christ. To all, Peace and blessings.

Michael Cain, editor

December 1997