Messages One Hundred Eleven and One Hundred Twelve

Message One Hundred Eleven: September 24, 1991

(An interior vision Imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart)
           I now see in interior vision Medjugorje. In its very center there is a golden light, as of a flame which flickers but does not go out. All around is a horrible blackness as if it were a living thing. This blackness increases in depth and height pressing against the golden light. From above I see Our Blessed Mother suspended in the heavens. Clad in a black dress, her head is bowed sorrowfully, her hands at her breast. Tears fall from her eyes. Her hands fall and open and her mantle seems to sweep across the universe. When she does this I see millions of tiny flickering golden lights in millions of places. Each golden light ascends to her mantle where, like embers brought to glorious life, the universe begins to glow with an indescribable light. The small light in Medjugorje grows at an astounding rate, joins with all the other golden rays that in an instant the entire universe is swept by the light and the blackness is gone. Above in the firmament, Christ's cross appears and is immense. Many looks up, adoring the Cross and she offers it to us on earth. She beckons us to join her at the foot of the cross, and the golden light breaks into countless smaller crosses. I understand these are the faithful remnant. The little ones beneath her mantle.

      O! How she loves us. She begs us to convert, to love, to receive God's peace. We must all be beacons of light and join our feeble efforts to her Son's infinite merits. God shall conquer. The justice comes. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Message One Hundred Twelve: October 1, 1991,

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
(Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower)

      Beloved Hidden Flower, to all my beloved little ones I say: Offer every day of the month of October to God for my intentions. Commit yourselves to say one full decade of the Rosary every day. Fast at least once a week and do it with joy. Go to Mass and Holy Communion as often as possible and to Confession at least once a month. Do all you can for my intentions, but do at least these things:

      Remember Medjugorje and also the whole world.

      Daily baptize all aborted babies and pray for all involved.

      Pray constantly to expiate your sins and those of the world.

      Pray for the world, but do so by starting with your whole family.

      Live each moment in the presence of God and neglect nothing in order to please Him.

      Pray for full conversion of heart for yourself, your family and for the world.

      I need all your prayers, sacrifices to offer my Son. This is a time to renew dedication and consecration to the Sacred Heart and to my Immaculate Heart. I want to save and lead all my children to Jesus. But everyone must help. Assist with your absolute faith, firm trust and deep love. I will help you.

      This month can be a storehouse of graces for all the world if only you heed my request. You need to store up graces in abundance for the changes descend rapidly upon a slumbering world.

      There are few, too few, who strive with hearts flame for the eternal kingdom. Pray, my children. You cannot conceive all that is to come. Put aside self in all things. Be one with God through me.

      Thank you for responding to my Call.

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