DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY, March 17, 1998   volume 9, no. 54


Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to

the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart

Lesson/Meditation #77:


(Imparted on February 7, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)

     Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart, I give to you My Peace and say yet again: "Trust Me, for I Am!"

      I am teaching My children the value of those works called The Spiritual Works of Mercy. Thus, it is your duty as My child who loves Me to "Instruct the Ignorant."

      First, I solemnly tell you that in your country, although you have advanced technology which enables you to have information at every second, you have truly become ignorant.

      The advanced nations believe themselves intellectually superior to less advanced nations. You have turned your minds into nothing more than a library of useless information which lies waiting to be used not for Me, but by the evil one.

      Of what use to you is all this constant information which is sound that beats against your ears? Of what use is the television which flashes abominations of evil before your eyes every second of the day? Of what use your newspapers and other literature which expound images through words, and every image is derived from hell and leads you there?

      O! Woe to your country submerged in ignorance. Do you know what true ignorance is? True ignorance is to know nothing of Me, Who Am. I, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ solemnly say unto you that all knowledge obtained now in your sinful world is of no value to your immortal soul; and so weak is your faith that you cannot subject yourself to this barrage of information without danger of being deceived into believing you are well-informed and knowledgeable about the Truth.

      I Am Truth.

      I Am not to be found on television except for a vary small number of times when My children find Me in a program where My true children teach of Me, for Me, through Me. And even though you argue that many protestant religious stations are better than anything else you could choose, I solemnly say to you that because these, My children, are deceived and do not fully recognize the Truth of Scripture, you are better to read Scripture and turn to the Holy Spirit for discernment than to absorb the half-truths paraded before you as full Truth.

      My children, in this Spiritual Work of Mercy whereby you are to Instruct the Ignorant, you are to know the One True Faith. You are to live that faith, and by thought, word and deed you are to teach others of me, Who Am, and thereby bring others to Me for love of Me!

      But you do not seek to Instruct the Ignorant out of Love for Me, but out of concealed pride which masquerades itself in many forms. There is One God in Three Divine Persons, and My One True Church contains, holds and preserves these Divine Truths and Mysteries so that you might be saved!

      My Truth is One. It does not divide. It does not argue. It does not debate. It does not spend useless hours in uttering finite speech in order to persuade one to believe in Me or not.

      My Truth brings love which is simple, clear and peaceful of heart. My Truth, residing in your soul looks upon all the world and recognizes each instance when I Am not present because Truth is missing.

      Those who instruct the ignorant must first and always know Me. These are the poor, weak humble souls who hunger and thirst for Me and who are taught by Me alone, and are guided by Me in what they read and see so that no half-truth may enter in.

      Woe to all who proclaim themselves "teachers of Truth" when in reality they teach bigotry, hatred, racism, self-righteousness and judgmentalness. Woe to all who hold the Holy Bible in their hand and recite chapter and verse and call out My Name, but have not the Holy Spirit indwelling in them. Their utterances do more harm than good, just as the scribes and Pharisees did in My Time.

      O! What long hours did these scribes and Pharisees spend pouring over Scripture, dissecting it word for word, line for line, and with puffed-up ego because they believed themselves intellectually superior, were in reality blind to the Truth, for they could not recognize Me, the Messiah, Son of God and Savior of the World.

      If you would Instruct the Ignorant than it must be the Holy Spirit who speaks through you, letting My Light draw others to Me through you. Instruction of the Ignorant begins with one motive: Love. It ends with one motive: Love. I solemnly tell you that Love is Truth. Truth is Charity, and Charity does not shy away from Truth but proclaims It in the proper Spirit.

      What then is the proper Spirit? Love, My children that knows Me, Loves Me and Serves Me. It is not self-seeking. It is not uncharitable!

      Uncharitable! O! How you are so easily deceived in this regard, My little ones who seek to live in an honest, upright manner.

      You listen only to those in position to talk via the media who espouse the feelings of your ego. These people, by their rhetoric, give unto you a false sense of strength because your pride is lifted up. You hear them and then find yourself making uncharitable remarks about your brothers and sisters. You fail to recognize your uncharitableness, your bitterness the seeds of anger and pride in your heat and soul. Rather than leading you in the path of holiness and love, a life of prayer and sacrifice, you embark upon diatribes of uncharitable rhetoric often disguised in humor which appeals to your human weakness—for to laugh at another causes you to feel good about yourself, and leads you to feel that before Me you have found favor.

      I do solemnly tell all the world this is not Instructing the Ignorant! Rather, it is leading you and others further and further from Me, and I do not desire this for all are My children. I love all with Infinite Love and seek to place you in the Refuge of My Sacred Heart. But do you seek to be in the Refuge of My Sacred Heart? Do you seek to bring all others into this secure Refuge, or you have in your heart a secret, hidden desire to see the ‘others’ judged, reprimanded and punished by Me because they have failed to Love Me!

      Woe! Triple woe to all who, by the gift of faith and grace of the Holy Spirit, know Me and hear and live My Word, turn around and present themselves to others in all manner of uncharitableness for My Name’s sake. I do solemnly tell you that at that time of Judgment The Eternal Father shall Judge you more severely. For I say unto you: If you have by grace and My Infinite Merits received more from Me, then more is required from you than it is from the one to whom I choose to give little. I solemnly tell you that many to whom little has been given shall have a higher place in heaven than the many to whom I have lavished My graces and they have abused My love by having NO love.

      I speak of all priests, deacons, consecrated religious and laity who do not lovingly teach others sound doctrine, dogma and the One True Faith. I say to all who disobey My Vicar, and who willingly lead even one of My little ones astray: You shall answer to Me not only for your own sins, but for every soul you have knowingly led astray.

      In these end times I choose My poor, weak little ones to Instruct the Ignorant, for they do so in humility, charity and love, and give their lives to Me as My willing victim souls. If you who seek Me and desire to persevere, then give unto Me your very self in a humble, contrite manner, and it is I who, through you, will Instruct the Ignorant.

      Hear My words and prepare, for I come!