DAILY CATHOLIC   Monday, March 16, 1998   volume 9, no. 53



This site, dedicated to the "Silent Saint," is anything but silent in spreading the ideals of St. Joseph

     In commemoration of the glorious feast of Saint Joseph this week we wanted to do a sight dedicated to the foster father of Jesus and protector of the Blessed Virgin Mother. Many sites devoted to him are namesakes of parishes or organizations, but there is one that conveys the spirit of evangelization this quiet saint would be proud of. That is the site run by Saint Joseph's Communications out of West Covina, California. Many are familiar with them from the conference tapes they have done, others for the radio scripts and formats they have distributed in promoting the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. They are the largest Roman Catholic audio and video tape reproduction company in the world, extending internationally to Europe and Australia. They state on their website, "One of our primary focuses is on providing solid Catholic education on audio and video tape to families. The Catholic family movement continues to grow in the United States and throughout the world. Across the globe, Catholic families are coming together to study and grow in the Faith, to encourage one another and to celebrate their Catholic heritage. The year 1994 was the Year of the Family, and Pope John Paul II marked the occasion with his historic Letter to Families. We want to continue to play our own part in the new Catholic renaissance that is sweeping across the living rooms of America. One way to do that is by offering only the very best in Catholic education on audio and video tape. "

     The site itself, operated by webmaster Tom Sullilvan, is basically a "sell site" where one can purchase audio and video tapes and normally we don't review such a site, but the caliber of material they provide, why they do, and the fact they offer CD-Roms that you can just pop in your computer makes this an exception. Their collection of software CD-Roms is impressive and unique. They offer volumes on Church History, lives of the saints, the approved Catholic bible with expert commentary, even an illustrated Catholic bible with maps, countless illustrations, and a Hebrew tutor that helps us all better understand the evolution of words, passages and what they truly mean. In addition they offer works by noted apologist and convert-extraordinaire Scott Hahn as well as works by Father Joseph Fessio, SJ and other notables. They even offer liturgical music on the CD's. Speaking of music, they provide the hard-to-get, but sought-after music by the group Radix popular with the teens wherever they perform. They offer stunning books on tape by such renowned authors as Monsignor Klaus Gamber and Blessed Josemaría Escrivá.

     The St. Joseph's Communication site also provides a list of conferences that might not be found on the Marian Conference docket such as the National Family Conference in Long Beach, California in July which encourages family participation and sports a tremendous line-up of speakers. In addition they list sites for combined parents and teen retreats, something that can be very, very beneficial in these days of miscommunication between the generations. This site offers much for the teens in their Youth Outreach section, specifically tapes on the sixth and seventh commandments by Radix which hits homes with teens that they can relate to. It is a great evangelization tool, combined with their excellent and moving, rocking music that communicates with the young adults. In fact, as one of our teenage sons would say, "they have rad t-shirts, too, dude!" The other would pipe in, "they're the bomb!" If you've never heard this outstanding group as well as the music of Eric Genius you can get a sneak feel of the beat by clicking on their audio previews. The latter also offers excerpts of Scott Hahn and his wife Kimberly Hahn, also a convert and powerful speaking force on the conference circuit. They even offer a free tape for first time users and provide a direct e-mail, if you wish to submit your e-mail address, to alert you of their latest releases. There are many other tapes and videos they offer and one has to peruse the site to get the full feel of what is available. The site itself is very simple to navigate and loads quite quickly for even the slowest of modems. They offer frames and non-frame format. As we mentioned earlier, even though it is a commercial site promoting tapes, videos, t-shirts and CD Roms, what they offer is unique and necessary, prompting us to therefore present the St. Joseph's Communication site with the "Golden Chalice Award" and confer THREE Hail Mary's to this site, dedicated to St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family for it is family this site caters to in promoting tools to help all emulate the ideals of that humble Threesome who lived in Nazareth nearly 2000 years ago and lives today in our hearts.