Messages One Hundred Nine and One Hundred Ten

Message One Hundred Nine: September 21, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

      Beloved Hidden Flower, tell all my children that my Immaculate Mantle is spread over the world. I desire them to know that I desire to gather all my children beneath my Mantle. They do not understand my love. I gather here all souls who love my Son. Yes, even the innocent babies aborted before their birth, for many of my little ones baptize these innocents so a vast number are true angels and in love do they pray for the redemption of those who committed this sin. Beneath my Mantle I draw together in perfect love the souls of the martyred angels and those who martyred them. Love, perfect love, can achieve all things.

      My dear children look deeply into yourselves and see to what depths you have fallen. By faith, prayer, penance, conversion and the sacraments you remove yourself, body and soul, from the abyss. I cannot impress upon you how love binds all together and cancels any debt.

      But the time to cancel the debt shall soon be over and you have not responded to my invitation. Upon the world I come as Loving Mother, my Mantle wide to sweep you away from satan and shelter you till my Divine Son comes again.

      Hurry! Hurry, my little ones. Your Mother calls. Leave behind the world and look only at my Son, whose Love is beyond measure. Come to Divine Mercy for I love you.

      Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Ten: September 24, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, I am with you. O! You feel intensely the sorrow of my Immaculate Heart because my beloved Medjugorje is threatened by all of satan's legions.

      I weep. Each tear shed is grace given to strengthen my little ones so persecuted by all the demons of hell.

      I solemnly tell you the rise of your prayers is vital to my plans for Medjugorje. But before the moment of glory must come the dreadful reign of the antichrist. Have I not warned you of these times? O! Let all voices blend in petition to God because each heart-prayer melts His most merciful Heart and sends showers of Divine Mercy upon the world.

      O! How I love my little ones who seek my Son, who desire only peace and joy--the reign of my Son.

      But I stress you must be prepared. My little angels of Medjugorje know well the grievous times which are now unfolding rapidly. So many shall suffer and die for my Son, but each death shall cause countless souls to be saved.

      Have firm, absolute faith. Do not despair no matter how it appears satan is winning. He shall not win. He shall be vanquished and driven into hell for all eternity.

      I am Queen of Peace. I am the Sorrowful Mother. Sorrowful because many suffer bitter torments for my Son; sorrowful for all who have rejected my messages, who reject my Son.

      Listen to me, my dear children, for what is happening now has been foretold for many years. Your tears mingle with my own, for I take them as cherished gems to the Triune Divinity, who bends lovingly to all.

      The time of mercy has nearly run its course. Honor my Son at all times. Pray, do Penance. Sacrifice and receive Holy Communion as frequently as possible, for only in this way shall the chains of God's love and justice bind satan forever!

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