Everyday is "Prayday!"

     We want to follow up on three things that we discussed in these pages in three different editorials last week. First, was our CATHOLIC PewPOINT on Wednesday in which we filled you in on the wonderful role Father Tom Singer, OMI played in the reconciliation of excommunicated Sri Lankan theologian Father Tissa Balasuriya, OMI on January 15 this year. While we brought you the basics, now we can tell you the rest of the story later this week in Father Tom's own words. We have received permission to publish his story which he wrote for the Oblate house organ this month - "NewsCentral," entitled "REFLECTIONS on a reconciliation."

     Secondly, last Thursday we touched on the foreboding number 666 and its significance when we acknowledged reaching 666 days until the Jubilee with our editorial "May God rebuke him we humbly pray!" Little did we know ol' hornhead would be that furious! He succeeded in really jamming our computer with some sort of virus that has totally disabled one and the one this editor is working on now is limping along but still showing enough of a pulse to be able to continue publishing the Daily CATHOLIC. It could be an aftermath of the much publicized virus that affected Microsoft software last week. Though we operate in Windows 95, some systems are tied to NT and we suspect it seaped in that way. We didn't lose anything that we know of, but the other computer - the master terminal we have been using over the past several weeks - was crashing every ten minutes and the time involved in rebooting and going through ScanDisk to find and correct the error was most frustrating. Let us just say that even our Virus detection program had to work overtime and showed vulnerability. Is it coincidence that it occurred on that fateful 666th day until the Millennium? We don't think so. We do know that it was only through the grace of God and the intercession of Saint Michael that we were able to continue with this backup computer and that we didn't lose too many files. With four computers we can be thankful only one was truly affected. If anyone e-mailed us or tried to subscribe between Wednesday night to Friday noon, chances are we might not have received it. Such is life in an apostolate where one has a constant foe trying to undermine all you do.

     That brings us to the editorial we did Friday titled, "Remember the Alamo and Pray! It's 'Pray Day!'" in which we focused on WORLD DAY OF PRAYER dubbing it "Pray Day." But over the weekend we reconsidered that moniker and have come to the conclusion one day is not enough! Just as we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - each day should be referred to as "Prayday." There's a saying that goes, "Mr. Business went to Mass, never missed a Sunday; Mr. Business went to hell for what he did on Monday!" In other words, if Catholics remain only "weekend Catholics" and fail to practice their faith daily, then they are vulnerable for falling into that trap of rationalization and relativism which is so sneaky and damaging. In fact, the Holy Father is expected to release an encyclical in the near future on the dangers of relativity, which Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has said is one of the great malignancies in our world today and greatly affecting Holy Mother Church. That is why we need to devote each and everyday as 'Prayday!' By building up the graces we are able to build a protective coating that helps us fend off the wiles of satan, no matter how much the pitched-fork-one throws at us. It enables us to keep everything in perspective and strive with every fiber of our being to fulfill God's Holy Will. Not everyone can get to Daily Mass and Holy Communion, but there's no reason everyone can't pray. And there are countless ways to pray. The most common of course is setting quiet time aside to spend valuable minutes with God in meditation; another is to pray the Rosary whether at home or on the way to work in the car. Better yet, gather the family in the evening and say it together before bed. Another way is constant short prayers or ejaculations such as "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you. Save souls" or "Jesus, I trust in You" or "Jesus, be with me in everything I do" or "Holy Spirit, fill my thirsty soul with Thy graces" or countless other such prayers that one can compose and keep handy or memorize to say often throughout the day. Other ways to pray are more subtle but just as effective, such as offering everything you do throughout the day for the honor and glory of God. This may seem easy but when you're at work and a co-worker displays anything but a Christian attitude this can be an uphill battle. Yet, if we strive to overlook the "humanness" of the other person and reflect on the fact that they too are children of God made in His image and likeness, it helps us get past the "shell" and look into the soul, enabling us to focus on what God wants rather than the resentment factor that so often crops up and can lead to jealousy, backbiting, snipping and a whole pandora's box of vices. The same goes for homelife, whether a homemaker or just coexisting within the family framework where the proximity of everyone can cause tension at times. It happens in every family and if every member of the family is aware that it takes teamwork and only one coach - God - then all can move throughout the day and night more cohesively in union with God's will and less strife on each other. The mother who cooks and cleans can offer all she does as a prayer; the father who goes to work, puts up with abuse in the work place from bosses or co-workers and is subject to an immoral atmosphere at times, can offer it all as reparation for sins and gain graces for it; the student can offer all his or her school work and homework for those who do not take education seriously and for the fact that education will better enable them to cope with life. For those on the net, reading this, as you wait the few seconds or more for a page to load, take that precious time to say a Hail Mary or some ejaculations. That way you're using valuable time for His purpose. You'd be surprised how this method cuts down on the impatience and frustration. The fact of the matter is that if we are constantly conscious of God in all that we do, think or say, then we will be more prone to living His Will and not fall into the traps satan lays, especially for those striving to live the way God intends. Remember, if you are doing that, you are definitely a threat to lucifer and he'll do all in his power to "get" you. Consider this a badge of honor, but don't for a minute let your guard down or he will find a vulnerable area and find your achilles heel. That's why constantly praying throughout the day, offering everything we do as a prayer, keeps that protective shield up. Call on Our Lady, the protection of her protecter Saint Joseph whose glorious feast we celebrate a week from this Thursday; enlist the help of Saint Michael, your guardian angel, the saints, even loved ones who you feel have gone on to join the Church Triumphant. If you're not sure, pray for them as if they are still in the ranks of the Church Suffering. There's a very special prayer we can all pray for the souls in Purgatory, given to Saint Gertrude in which Heaven has promised that, if said reverently and worthily, will release 1000 souls everytime it is said. It is so important that we repeat it here:

     Another important prayer is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It takes only ten minutes and also offers tremendous rewards for a world sorely in need of mercy. There are novenas and other prayers that can be recited, but as the Blessed Mother has said to so many of her visionaries and messengers from Rue de Bac on, Pray from and with the heart! Don't worry so much about saying the exact prayers so many times a day that it gets in the way of what God really wants. Satan loves to use our conscience against us and goad us into guilt where we eventually give up because we can't possibly fit everything in. For some the Rosary is the best way, for others a day isn't complete without Daily Mass, for others conscious and subsconscious holy ejaculations throughout the day work best. Whatever way you can best communicate with God, do it. If it becomes a chore and a burden that takes you away from God, try a method of prayer that will bring you in closer union with Him. For some it is through quiet meditation, for others it can through reciting prayers outloud either with a prayer group or with the family, for others it might be through the inspiration of Scripture or spiritual reading. Whatever method works best for you, it will work better if you are constantly in tune with God and all He is asking. That is why we hereby unofficially inaugurate a new day of the week that applies to everyday. Many refer to Monday as 'Backday' because it's the start of the week, Wednesday is often called "Humpday" because it's the middle of the week, Friday, of course, is many times referred to as simply "Payday" because that is traditionally when many receive their weekly checks. But we recommend each day of the week be termed "Prayday" for a day without prayer is like a day without sunlight. Therefore, we proudly proclaim that from henceforth everyday is "Prayday!"

Michael Cain, editor

Daily CATHOLIC          March 9, 1998