PRAYER for November 30: First Sunday of Advent

December 1: First Monday of Advent

How you worked, Mary, to prepare for the Coming of your Son and the Father's. You were caught up in the Divine Wonder of the Coming of the Messiah. He Whom your people had awaited for many generations. Intercede for us, dear Mother, that we, too, may realize that your Son can be born anew in us this Christmas, and that He must be born anew in all the world if mankind is to turn away from evil.

December 2: First Tuesday of Advent

Mary, our Mother and Mother of all the world, you, too, anticipated the birth of your Son. As you prayed and worked through each day, so help us to do the same, giving our lives to your Son through your intercession. We also beseech St. Joseph your most chaste spouse to come to our aid, as we strive to prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus Christ. We call upon you, our dear Mother, to make us mindful of these days, helping us to bring to light all that is within us which keeps us from unity to your Son.

December 3: First Wednesday of Advent

The days pass, and you go about your daily tasks, always in a state of God's Peace. We lack that peace within ourselves, Mother, because we are so overwhelmed by the demands of our world, by preparations for a worldly Christmas. Pray for us, Heavenly Mother, that we might rid ourselves of inordinate desires, seeking only Jesus and His Kingdom, which came upon the earth through your Fiat to God.

December 4: First Thursday of Advent

Heavenly Mother, today we ask you to remember all the things of our lower human ego, our lower human passions, which are a hindrance to us in our spiritual life. Today we ask you to intercede for us that we may recognize our weakness in regard to our intelligence. Let us be mindful of this great gift which is from God, and to order our thoughts so to think only of Him, for Him, and with Him, according to His Will, not our own.

December 5: First Friday of Advent

St. Joseph, we beseech you, in this season of Advent, to help us prepare more properly for the Coming of Jesus Christ. You believed, St. Joseph, in the Divine Birth and in the virginity of Mary, your holy spouse. You watched in awe as the pregnancy came to full term, and thanked God for the privilege given to you, to be the guardian of Mary and of Jesus. Help us to overcome our lack of faith, that we too might learn to seek Him in all things.

December 6: First Saturday of Advent

Heavenly angels and saints, you look down upon us in our earthly journey, this place of sorrow, and recognize what we are still striving to see - the Divinity of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. We beseech you to help us to raise our hearts to Heaven, where they might be touched by Divine Love. Then, aflame with love, may we work ceaselessly to prepare not only our own hearts, but our whole world to proclaim Jesus as King and Messiah.

December 7: Second Sunday of Advent

Heavenly Father, with what Love did you send Your Only Begotten Son to earth. With what Love did You watch over Your beloved daughter, Mary, who carried Jesus in her Immaculate womb. Heavenly Father, as we begin the second week of Advent, we ask You to help us to sweep away the cobwebs of lukewarmness from our minds and our hearts by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us, and upon all the world.

December 8: Second Monday - Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Blessed Mother, today we remember and celebrate your Immaculate Conception, by which you were preserved from the stain of original sin, and remained ever sinless throughout your life. Let us learn from you, dear Mother, that we too can rise above sin, even the least occasion of sin, so that we too might hear the angel voices raised on High as the Christ Child is born unto all the world.

December 9: Second Tuesday of Advent and Optional Memorial of Blessed Juan Diego

St. Joseph, you labored each day, trying to earn enough so that the necessary clothing and food might be available for your spouse Mary, and the Child soon to come. Help us, through your intercession, to understand that we must labor first for the Kingdom of God, and then in trust depend upon our Heavenly Father to care for us. We must put aside the worldly pleasures and inordinate spending which we are prone to at this time of year, in order to come more fully into the spiritual joy of this blessed season.

December 10: Second Wednesday of Advent

Dear guardian angels, we are mindful of your presence with us as we kneel in humble adoration before the Triune Majesty. You, who are always in the presence of Almighty God, intercede for us that we might draw deeper now into the mystery of the Incarnation. Only in this way will our faith be awakened fully and strengthened for the difficult days which lie ahead for us and for all the world.

December 11, 1997

Blessed Mother, in all your daily work you never lost sight of the privilege which was yours. You know how easily we are distracted, and how weak is our faith. Through your intercession, we humbly ask that in this season of Advent we will no longer be weak, nor lukewarm in our faith. By your intercession may we put forth all our effort to enkindle in our hearts the love of your Divine Son Jesus Christ, which you bore Him throughout your life.

December 12, 1997

      Dear Mother, today we celebrate your feast as Our Lady of Guadalupe. We especially on this day make intercession to you as Mother of God, that in our land and throughout the world the people might make ready their hearts to receive Jesus, by ending the hideous sin of abortion. We raise our voices with all of the Heavenly Hosts, and beg of God to end this sin. We do remember and pray for all babies who will be aborted throughout the Christmas season, and it is our desire to name them (select two names) and to baptize them "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

December 13, 1997

     St. Joseph, we are coming to the end of another week of Advent, and there is still so much work to be done inside ourselves. Our distractions are more frequent, more oppressive. We are worried about presents unbought. Christmas cards unaddressed, and the many obligations we take upon ourselves in order to belong more fully to society. We rely upon your help, St. Joseph, to help us shake off the shackles of the world, and realize that the only society to which we are called is the Heavenly Kingdom of your Divine Son Whom you were foster-father to.

December 14, 1997

     Today begins the third week of Advent and the birth of your Divine Son grows more imminent. Mary, our Mother, we ask you to intercede for us this day, that we might obtain from your Son the graces necessary to walk in faith here in our earthly exile, that we might one day behold Him, our God and Savior, as you were able to do when you held Him in your arms in Bethlehem. Let us rejoice with you.