Wisconsin Priest Found Murdered In Parish School

     DANE, Wisconsin (CWN) - A Catholic priest was found lying in a pool of his blood by a teacher at a parish school on Wednesday morning, Dane, Wisconsin law officers said.

      Father Alfred Kunz, 67, pastor of St. Michael's Church, was apparently murdered, but sheriff's office spokesmen refused to give out any further details of the investigation. A parish teacher found the body Wednesday morning when he opened the small school serving about 50 students. Father Kunz and Father Charles Fiore, a close friend, had been in a neighboring city, taping a Catholic radio program on Tuesday evening. Father Fiore dropped him off at St. Michael's around 10 pm. Another priest friend had a telephone conversation with Father Kunz about 10:20 pm which was the last known contact before the murder.

      Father Kunz had been at the parish since 1967 and was known for his uncompromising faithfulness to the Church's doctrines and disciplines, and had attracted about 350 families to the parish despite Dane's small population size of 600. Priests who knew the victim said he was a quiet and trusting man who made himself available at any time for those in need.

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March 6-8, 1998 volume 9, no. 47         DAILY CATHOLIC