Messages One Hundred Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six

Message One Hundred Twenty-Five, November 15, 1991

Feast of Saint Albert the Great
(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, tell my dear children everywhere that I point out the coming Advent season. I invite all my children to ponder deeply the meaning of Advent. It's significance is of utmost importance, for as it is to prepare all to welcome my Divine Son, it's a time which shall signal the unfolding of many events which shall fulfill all I have foretold.

      I solemnly tell you satan shall strike at my chosen ones who live and seek to spread my Divine Son's Truth, and my messages. He desires to strike at the unity of the age of Mercy. He seeks by means of rumors, petty jealousies, falsehoods and even envy to prevent all my little ones to come together in one Mind and One Heart through the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

      Persecutions shall increase for all who remain beneath my Mantle. Do not despair. I am with all my children pointing out the sure way to my Son.

      I ask of all my beloved priest-sons to awaken from doubt and to labor ever more zealously to spread my messages. I ask them to be open to the Spirit that they may proclaim their support. I solemnly tell you it is to my little ones that I make myself known, for great is their faith and love.

      Awaken, o, my doubting ones. I bring God's peace to all. I warn, I urge, I reproach so you may divest yourselves of all worldly attachments and hear the Love which pours forth from my Immaculate Heart.

      Arm yourselves with God. Be converted. Support one another and be reconciled. The age of Grace and Mercy has been set by God, as has the time of His Justice.

      The chastisement is already upon you. It shall intensify. Increase your prayers, my little ones, mitigate the chastisement. They cause countless souls to be saved.

      Love one another with deep, sublime love and believe. I love you. I bless you. I give you God's Peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Twenty-Six: November 18, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I ask my little ones to read the Book of Isaiah. I ask them to begin at the beginning, reading through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, for herein lie the many prophecies which now come to pass as written by God's holy prophet for his own time, and many eons of time to come. Read with your soul, and you shall see the signs which have begun and continue for all who seek the truth. Let this be an advantageous help as you approach and live devoutly Advent, which bears extremely urgent significance for all my children. Read especially Chapters 24, 25, 26 and 27 and then ponder well all its meaning before proceeding. Pray, meditate and seek to hear the prophet's words on a supernatural level. Then, my dear little ones, you shall understand my messages to many of my children. Take each section and read and meditate as I have already directed. So do this in quiet reflective moments and seek the counsel of others led by the grace of the Spirit. The words lend validity to my messages, and to all who doubt, who remain lukewarm, God confirms the Signs of these times to all whose hearts are open to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

      I ask that by this practice, by making of your days a simple cry to the Mercy of God to send His Spirit to unify my children with one mind, one heart, you shall be strengthened. You must not despair, for the age of martyrs has begun. Pray, and believe that not one life which ends its earthly existence does not gain for itself and others eternal life. I speak of my faithful remnant, those called to sufferings of many kinds. I embrace them. My Son and I strengthen them and they are not alone in their valiant fight against the evil one.

      Honor all that is good and holy. Be pious and pure. Speak with lips turned golden by God's touch and from you the Spirit shall flow.

      I bless and kiss you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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