Messages One Hundred Seven and One Hundred Eight

Message One Hundred Seven: September 15, 1991

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)

     Do not be troubled, Hidden Flower of My Mother. I come to tell you I am saddened by My stubborn people. They are cold, turned against Me because they reject My Mother, who speaks My words, because they do not want to hear the Truth, but the version they find palatable.

      What must I do to awaken my little ones from their dark slumber? I have given All. I ask obedience and love in return for an eternal bliss. This is not what my little ones seek. They prefer their bliss now and seek it in a thousand human pleasures.

      Will they rage against Me when the swift Justice comes? O! The Terrible Darkness will soon fall and my little ones, so ensnared by satan by their own will, will mock and deride Me as once they did as I died for all mankind.

      The Justice will come. This also God has promised. God keeps His promises. Listen well to the words spoken by my little ones. They are heaven's cry to My sheep. Do not continue to be wild billy goats. I am the Good Shepherd. Permit Me to give you all that you need, and love Me whether it be little or much that I give, for I am He who Is. Who shall always Be. Without end. Without change. God, one and Triune.

      Pray. Do as My Mother asks for she has warned and exhorted you for a long time. Now her words have nearly been spoken. I love you My little ones. Come to Me and be saved!

Message One Hundred Eight: September 18, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, to all my children I say: My Sorrow intensifies as the sin of abortion rages out of control. My bitter tears mingle with the cries of the murdered innocents, who have been so coldly killed.

      My little ones, do you not see satan's hand in this! Many of my sons--priests, ministers have turned their back on God's law and make exceptions whereby abortion is permitted. God is the Author of Life. He alone gives life. He alone must call a soul back to Him.

      I weep for the many who scoff because they hear my words as harsh sounds against their consciousness. Why? You cannot hear the motherly love in my voice, nor understand my motherly concern for your heedless pursuit of evil.

      Dear children, I ask you to renew your prayers and fasting. I ask each of my children to begin immediately the practice of daily baptizing these unborn children. You are to do this once every day. If possible use holy water. Commend all the slaughtered babies to God through me. Then give them a name, using one for all male babies, one for all females, and pronounce the words: "I baptize them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

      But even more must be done through prayer, sacrifice, love, and the education of all people in my Son's doctrine.

      Reach out to all who commit this sin and speak of forgiveness to them. Do not condemn them, but when they remain unrepentant increase your prayers and commend them to God. Exhort all to remember that they, too, received life from God. But do not condone the act which is an abomination before God and makes the moment of Divine Wrath sweep across the universe. No! You must proclaim God as the author of life. Man must not be the murderer. There is no choice. This is God's choice, and as He is Perfect Justice so shall those, who freely choose satan's path through abortion and remain unrepentant, committing this horrible sin, see His Justice when the terrible darkness comes. Then these slaughtered innocents will be allowed to exact God's Justice. They, in His Name, shall strike down all who have remained immersed in this evil. It shall be a time of terror, swift and filled with God's power. No one shall escape and they will cry out for mercy, but their pleas will die on their lips.

      All my children must turn to God. Wipe from your hearts all evil by prayer, fasting, faith by the Sacraments, by Love. Love, my little ones, is the key to peace. Heaven can begin now on earth for all of mankind if only you will turn to my Son. Listen to my messages and live accordingly. I love you, my children. My heart pours forth its urgent plea. Listen and respond while there is yet time.

      I will help you. Take up your rosaries. Gather your families and pray and love as God loves. There is no other answer. Be of one mind, one heart through the Holy Spirit. Then shall the rein of God come.

      Thank you for responding to my Call!

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