DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY, November 25, 1997   volume 8, no. 38


Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to

the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart

Lesson/Meditation #62:

THE ESSENCE OF THE SIXTH BEATITUDE: "Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God."

(Imparted on January 29, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)

     Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart, I love and bless you. O! How today My Sacred Heart sorrows for the ignorance of many, and the willful idol worship of My children who shall not spend this day for Me, as every day must be, but on this the Lord’s day it shall be made a mockery of by the pagan rite you call a ‘Super Bowl.’ Pray, then, My hidden one who loves Me, and for all who are so deceived, for I love them and they must cease their evil ways.

     Today, then, I wish to speak on that Beatitude which says clearly: "BLESSED ARE THE CLEAN OF HEART, FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD."

     Little children, go back and re-read these holy words, and understand the promise given: "for they shall see God!"

     O! Is this not what you are made for? To see Me in all My glory for all eternity? And who shall see Me? The clean of heart.

     There are some of My children whom I have chosen from all time to preserve them by extraordinary graces so as to allow their hearts to bear no stain of impurity. These are My chosen souls and I do not give these extraordinary graces to all.

     Therefore, because of your faulty, finite reasoning you conclude that this Beatitude applies only to a few rare souls and no one else can achieve it. Then My enemy, satan, further twists your thoughts and causes you to lead depraved lives because you cannot see Me, why should you labor so hard in life to be pure and chaste?

     My dear little children, all the hosts of Heaven delight in My Presence, properly called the Beatific Vision. All of the Holy Souls in Purgatory suffer pain beyond description because they glimpsed My Divine Presence at the moment of their particular judgment and the absence of My Presence is the greatest suffering. Yet for these holy suffering souls their joy is knowing they shall see Me, and for all Eternity.

     Ponder upon this. The saints in Heaven by their sufferings, have been made "clean of heart" through My Infinite Merits and their loving obedience to all My commands in their life. Because I Am and I am Perfection, no one can enter into the Beatific Vision unless they are "clean of heart." Through My Infinite Divine Mercy I have not condemned those souls who have transgressed against My Will in life and appear at their particular judgment stained by their offenses which have not been fully expiated. In Purgatory these holy souls (and they are holy) complete their purification for I Will for them to be with Me, to see Me, for all Eternity.

     Thus, little children of My Most Sacred Heart, I would not have spoken those words: "Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God," if this was not My Will for you; if it was not possible for each of My faithful sheep.

     But there is also another sublime lesson I wish you to understand. On earth My Divine Presence remains veiled from your mortal eyes. How many of My little ones sigh, and long for a glimpse of Me in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Yet, by faith do they live, for My Presence remains veiled under the appearance of Bread and Wine.

     As you strive to do My Will perfectly in your life, you are becoming "clean of heart," but you fail to recognize this growing unity with Me. You fail because you rely too much upon human reasoning and human feelings. No, little children, through grace, through the ceaseless working of the Holy Spirit, your heart must, moment by moment, become pure and chaste. Then, little children, it is your soul which sees Me supernaturally, your soul which recognizes Me, God and Savior, and an intense love for Me alights your soul, spurring you on to even greater purity or cleanness of heart.

     In every walk of life, My children, I call all to be pure, holy and chaste in My sight. How do you achieve this, particularly in your sorrowful, sin-filled world?

     It begins with a "FIAT" of your entire being, a commitment that places your soul in charge, and subdues the lower human ego and intellect, making human nature subject to Me! As you work toward having a clean heart My grace helps you to see only Me, thus blocking out the sinful sights and sounds of the world. My grace is a shield, a buffer against all manner of wickedness.

     There was no lack of temptation present for Me in My earthly life. There was no less temptation for My Holy and Immaculate Mother, and all who would come after Me in My way. But all were able by grace through My Merits and the Holy Spirit, to instantly focus on God, to spiritually be with God, and to reject outright all manner of evil by invoking My Most Holy Name, and mercifully praying for all who contrived such evil that offends eye, ear and the human passions.

     To be ‘clean of heart’ is to acknowledge My Presence with you at all times and in all things. It is totally trusting in Me for all your needs. It is asking yourself if you could truly see Me in the moment in which you must think, act or speak, would I think, act or speak in the same way? Would I, your Lord and Savior, Son of God and Savior of the world participate in what you are seeing, hearing or doing, or would I depart for I cannot abide uncleanness, nor can I be where I am not recognized as the One True God because you replace Me with worldly gods?

     Therefore, little children, I do solemnly tell you. My grace is sufficient to purify your heart, to wash it clean in My Most Precious Blood. My grace is sufficient in your life, but you must seek My grace, truly want it and willingly amend your life so My grace fills and sustains your soul.

     Do you desire Me enough to follow My Path? Do you truly want to see Me and be Mine for all Eternity? Or do you choose to idolize the false vanities and pleasures of the world and the transitory fleeting enjoyment of useless human activities where I am not to be found?

     In all you do, My children, I care! I watch! I see! I desire to walk with you at every step, sanctifying your journey and cleansing your heart. When you choose the path of the wicked snares of My enemy, I cannot accompany you, for you have entered into the way of an unclean heart.

     These last days shall be filled with all manner of impurity. But I do solemnly tell you that if you seek Me, I shall provide for your every need and with a clean heart you shall see Me, your God, in a supernatural way never before realized by mankind, for this is the Reign of My Sacred Heart which Comes.

     Therefore, pray and make your will submissive to Mine in all things, and I solemnly tell you that before My Eternal Father the angels shall sing "Blessed are you, child of God. Your heart is clean and shines with purity. Behold the Face of God!"

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November 1997