VATICAN CITY (CWN) - An editorial in the official Vatican newspaper on Wednesday said the birth of child from an embryo frozen for 7 1/2 years was a positive event based on a negative foundation.

      The nearly 9 pound boy was born in California on Monday to parents who had conceived and frozen him as an embryo in 1989 using in vitro fertilization techniques. A son was born to them in 1990 using the treatments, and they forgot about the other child until last year when told that he would destroyed if they did not claim him.

      L'Osservatore Romano praised the parents' decision to give birth to the child and raise him in a loving home, but said the positive results do not exonerate the negative means of the fertility process. The Catholic Church teaches that in vitro fertilization and other similar fertility treatments are immoral because they result in the production of numerous embryonic, unborn children, most of whom are subsequently killed. "Every human being has the right to be conceived in a human way ... and carried in his mother's womb," the newspaper said.

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February 20-22, 1998 volume 9, no. 37          DAILY CATHOLIC