GRAB, Bosnia-Hercegovina (CWN) - Thousands of people have been gathering in the small village of Grab in recent weeks after two boys reported seeing an apparition of Jesus in a window on January 4.

      While Catholic officials have not commented on the matter, carloads of people from as far away as Italy and Germany have flocked to the house to see the reported miracle for themselves. The village is near Medjugorje, which has been the site of pilgrimage for millions since six children reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary in 1981, and about 60 miles southwest Sarajevo.

      "I don't know whether this is for real or not, but the fact is that I can see a figure and a crucifix," said a second-time visitor who identified himself only as Zoran.

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February 20-22, 1998 volume 9, no. 37          DAILY CATHOLIC