DAILY CATHOLIC   Monday, November 24, 1997   volume 8, no. 37



At Christus Rex a Picture is worth a thousand words!

      It is only appropriate that during this final week of the Church liturgical year in which we celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King, we select as our SIGNIFICANT SITE OF THE WEEK and present our "Golden Chalice Award" to the award-winning Roman Catholic site Christus Rex at www.christusrex.org. It is one of the oldest Catholic sites on the net, established in 1994, with a cornucopia of images that will take your breath away! Operated by the Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi organization headed by Executive Director Michael Olteanu, M.S., it caters to an international clientele that few other world-wide web sites reach. As an example, they offer the Lord's Prayer in 30 languages and currently on their home page, are concentrating on the repression of religious freedom in Asia, primarily China, featuring many links to specific stories which focus on this persecution of the Church behind the great wall.

     Their greatest attraction, which has garnered so many accolades, is the countless images of great religious art from around the world, including the Vatican, its museums and Sistine Chapel as well as numerous churches in Rome and throughout Italy, the Holy Land, and other landmark museums. If you are a true connoisseur of the arts, this site is for you and you won't mind taking your time browsing these works of art on-line for inherent with this site, because of the plethora of images stored, is PATIENCE. Unless you have mega RAM capacity on your computer and a super fast Intel Pentium chip be prepared to wait awhile for the pages to load. Like many other Catholic sites, they provide links to major documents, but Christus Rex offers more images than any Catholic site we can think of. It is an excellent tool for the serious art student doing research of the great renaissance, baroque and rococo masters. For the casual browser, who is often impatient, waiting for the images to download can be time-consuming; but if they're willing to wait, the treasures that await give one an insight into edififying images before them that they might never have seen if it weren't for Christus Rex. Because of its unique content, we are awarding the "Golden Chalice Award" to the Christus Rex web site, giving it FIVE Hail Mary's.

November 1997