Messages One Hundred Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Message One Hundred Twenty-Three, November 7, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I desire all my children to hear my loving words. I can not be among you forever for I come by God's authority, power and mercy. I have taught you for many years, and many have heard and heeded my messages.

      But not enough. O! Look at your crumbling world. It is about to collapse around you. It will collapse, both spiritually and physically. And this will happen in a sequence of events. These events have already begun, but they shall grow in intensity and frequency. So great will be the changes that mankind will not recognize them for the terror they are. Satan leads the disaster, but cloaks it in lies.

      The antichrist shall emerge into public view as the new year unfolds. He has been active all along, but now the unveiling as the Messiah of Peace approaches. He will deceive you, my little ones, if you fail to believe and convert.

      O! How I love you. How I plead and invite you to conversion. Pray! My little ones, for when the Father says I have spoken to all my children, to love, instruct and warn, I shall then no longer visibly be among you.

      Grow now in faith. Cloak yourself in hope and wear the sweet light of love. If you don this heavenly attire you will prepare for all that is to come swiftly upon the entire human race.

      I have seen the angels place trumpets to their lips. So has satan. And his furry is unleashed. Why can't you see God's love, the love of your Heavenly Father? Why do you ignore the absolute hatred of satan who, until he has entrapped you, will conceal his diabolical plans within society's framework?

      Pray! Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Twenty-Four: November 9, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I say to all my children, the time of grave anguish has dawned. The dragon's tail sweeps across the land. Countless sufferings are committed and yet my children refuse to listen to my messages. Instead they seek human remedies to the chaos of their world. Without God, of what value are governments, laws, law-makers, civil protests, even armed conflicts? Look closely with you soul at all of man's inventions to control his world. Where in any is God to be found?

      I have come, the Mother of God, the Queen of Peace, to show you in signs, to say to you how dearly God loves all His children. He has sent me to help you, and also to warn you. Has He not, over and over, given you proofs of His Infinite Mercy and Love?

      When I warn you, when I point out the error of your thinking, I do so with the love of a mother exceeding all motherly love. Many reject my words for they do not comprehend with what love I speak, for they hear with their finite ears and not the ears of their souls. Pray, that all my children may understand the ineffable sweetness I extend to all. Pray, that their misconceptions of my words may not become a tool for the evil one to close minds and hearts to God's loving invitation.

      I invite all to God. I invite you to take up the right way. But I can not force you, my little ones. As God has given free will so He, the Infinite One, will not interfere in that free will. If only you could realize how eagerly He looks for even a sigh whereby He would rush to help you, no matter the gravity of your sins. He Who Is shall wipe away all sins in His Precious Blood, and restore you as a true heir of the Eternal Kingdom. No longer persist in doubt. Become children of God through prayer, penance, faith, fasting and reconciliation.

      The red dragon ensnares and devours. Soon even the most disbelieving shall recognize the age in which you live. Soon eyes will meet the unmistakable signs and recognize the power of Almighty God and the fury of the beast.

      Come home now, my dear children. Home is God, not earth and its entrapments. The chastisement is upon you. Light your lamps and be vigilant. Make frequent acts of faith, hope and love. Pray!

      I am your Heavenly Mother and I lead all to my Divine Son. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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February 19, volume 9, no. 36         DAILY CATHOLIC "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."