Messages One Hundred Five and One Hundred Six

Message One Hundred Five: September 3, 1991

Feast of Saint Gregory the Great

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

Beloved Hidden Flower, tell my children I weep. O! I shed tears just as I sobbed at the foot of my Son's Cross. O! Pray and through prayer wipe the tears which blind you to the Love which willingly died for you. Yes, Jesus is God. But He suffered fully as Man. His agony was possible only because He was united in will to His Father.

      Beloved little one, many of my children refuse to believe my messages because they tell you that you are not right, that you are on the wrong road and you must hastily change direction. Why are they critical? Did not their own earthly mother point out their errors? Did she not do so firmly, even sternly? And did they not realize how deeply she loved them by her concern?

      I am your Heavenly Mother, and my loving concern exceeds all you can imagine. You do not want to hear the truth. You prefer the easy, comfortable way of the world, which is blind to eternity.

      I solemnly assure all my children that the time of the Antichrist has begun in earnest. You pray, but not from your hearts, and you are not sustained because your faith is weak! I am here among all my children in many places. My messages are all urgent, but you seek only finite consolations and thus refuse to recognize the desperate times which are upon you and which have been foretold by the prophets.

      Satan has raised his army of demons and men-demons. He has worked tirelessly and now the great apostasy rises steadily to the surface. It shall be upon you more swiftly than the setting sun below the horizon. And you are not prepared!

      You are deceived, and relish your deception because it "feels" secure and comfortable for you to do So. O! Blind, proud, stubborn children. The storm clouds have been gathering for years, but you see only the false sunshine and pleasant rainbows.

      Why do you refuse my words and the graces God desires to give you? Without them you shall not persevere in the terrible darkness that shall strike the earth, the final struggle of satan against the all-good, all-powerful God.

      Look to the sky for the sign of God's power. Look to your world for satan's sign. It is here and many are already marked with the sign of the beast. If you refuse to convert now it is this mark--the mark of the beast--which you shall bear and which shall be the sign by which you are judged.

      Beloved children, listen to me, your true Mother. I have warned often of the false peace. It is being prepared and you applaud and praise it...the great mask of the evil one.

      You approach the apex of a storm of horror never before realized upon earth. And where are you, my children? The churches are empty! The Blessed Sacrament is left alone and gravely neglected. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been reduced by many to a mockery of my Son's sacrifice, and so many of my priest-sons seek their own way, their own life and neglect their flocks. Where are my sons who will teach from the pulpit? Where are they who will absolve sin, and where are my children who so desperately need the Sacrament of Penance. With every passing day my Son's doctrine is distorted, diluted. New codes of morality now permit every base action, and there is hardly a murmur of protest among all the earth.

      Many wear the garment of my Son's priesthood but they are wolves who devour. Many enter the church and offer sacrilegious worship to the Triune God. Laws are immoral and lay the way for the antichrist to establish his hellish reign.

      Listen to me, my little ones. I remain among you as your guard, guide and protector. Enter beneath my Immaculate Mantle for I will prepare you as the faithful, triumphant remnant. I am the Mother of God. The New Ark. The gate to my Divine Son. I lead all to Jesus, my Son. He so loved me, that the Triune Majesty gave unto my Immaculate Heart the right and privilege to dispense all the graces and merits of my Son's passion. They are His merits and graces, but I intercede for all my children before Him.

      As I gave Jesus unto the world nearly 2,000 years ago, so I prepare the world to receive Him again. This time, my little ones, He comes as just Judge.

      Come to Merciful Love with humble, contrite hearts. He will embrace you and heal you and mark you with His sign.

      Before this year draws to a close, you will see that the false peace which I have foretold will cover mankind with its thick veil of deceit.

      Beware! It is the throne of the antichrist, the carpet upon which he walks. He strides without hindrance to his throne because you are a generation of little, feeble faith.

      Awake, and come home to God! I bless you. I ask you to pray and sacrifice all earthly pleasures. I give you God's peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Six: September 4, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
Beloved Hidden Flower, my dear child. I tell you that the sweet consolation of Heaven shall grow dim as the storm of chastisement approaches. I assure you, my beloved hidden flower, your role will become larger, your suffering more grievous, your persecution more vicious. Remain abandoned and consecrated to my Immaculate Heart and you will have all you need, as I have promised you.

      The world prepares to celebrate my birthday. Prayers and homage will arise and I shall humbly offer all to the Triune Divinity. O! If only my children would prepare and greet every day with this same fervor and commitment. But you so easily fall asleep and forget to be living prayers.

      While you slumber or seek your ease in many ways, satan prepares his army. The abomination of desolation within the temple has been nearly completed. O! My poor blind children who possess weak, tepid faith and only token love of God. How long has this abomination been prepared! How easily you will be led astray because you have not kept your lamps lit.

      Only lamps lit by absolute faith will survive the holocaust with which your world shall be punished. You cannot foresee these events because your whole created world (man-made world) is covered by satan's miasma and you languish in it.

      The hour strikes but you ignore every Heavenly plea. You forget God exists, or you prefer to believe there is no devil, no hell! Ignorance of pride, stupidity of stubbornness. This is truly what you possess, nothing else. And it is a shaft of straw which will perish in the great chaos.

      Beware satan's traps. The events unfolding in the world are from the deceiver, not from God. There is no peace! It is false, a trap of the evil one who howls in horrid laughter as he sees how easily you are led to perdition.

      Give me your hearts. I will take them always to my Son. Give me everything, because you can possess nothing without God. The moment comes on eagle wings when all material possessions, all that is of and for the flesh will prove to be great yokes to drown you in the abyss of darkness. No money, no food, not one single possession shall help or comfort you. All of these my children, will be under satan's rule. Only God and the things of God shall sustain and nourish and provide light lest you perish in the hours of incredible darkness.

      I bless you, my children. I give you God's peace. Pray without ceasing as I have asked. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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