DAILY CATHOLIC -    Tuesday, November 18, 1997   volume 8, no. 33



by Father John Hampsch, C.M.F.

Faith: Key to the Heart of God

Fourteenth installment: High Octane Healing part three

     Once in awhile something will get publicized, as happened in the National Enquirer. In Blue Cloud, Minnesotat, some Indians were prayed over for their rotting teeth to be healed. God healed everyone of them by giving them miraculously filled teeth - every cavity filled with gold. That hit the headlines. The Enquirer paid to send dental experts out there to examine those Indians (I heard one fo the Indian girls give a description of this on tape). One of the representatives from the American Dental Association remarked that those were the best fillings he'd ever seen!

     Some friends of mine - husband and wife - showed me their own miraculously filled teeth. Most of these happenings never reach the mass media. Because there's doubt, God seems to suppress publicity about them. You'll find people who wonder why they never see any miracles. They may hear about some of these things, yet never witness them themselves. If they've never seen a miracle, it is because they have never exercised the gift of faith. Only those who have faith are the ones who are privy to the miraculous. The others just say they don't believe miracles happen because they never see them happen. They probably never will.

     You, too, can have access to the miraculous. God tells you how in Scriptures. But if you are the type of person that demands proof - like doubting Thomas - you probably will never witness a miracle.

     One time, when I was at a retreat for priests, I hurried down to the dining room to get a quick cup of coffee. I put some powdered coffee into a styrofoam cup, went over to the big urn marked "hot water" and filled the cup. I gulped it down fast and immediately recognized that it wasn't hot water at all, but a hot acid-like substance used to clean the inside of the urn. My throat felt on fire as I staggered to the kitchen in agony and saw the container that read "poison - fatal if swallowed."

     It was torture waiting while they called poison control center. The doctor told them to read over the phone the ingredients on the container. His reply was that I probably would not survive, but if I did, I would possibly never be able to speak. They would try to save my life, but doubted they could save my voice.

     The doctor said I was too far from town for an ambulance to get there and back in time so someone at the retreat should rush me to the hospital where the emergency team would be waiting. In agonizing pain I waited for someone to bring the car around to take me to ER. Then it was as if the Lord spoke to me interiorly, telling me to believe in His Word. When you're dying, it's easier to have great faith! So I told the Lord I believed in His Word, specifically Mark 16: 18: "Those who believe in Me, even though they drink poison, it will do them no harm."

     I claimed that biblical promise, and in less than one minute I was perfectly normal! I guess they're still waiting for me in that emergency room!

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