DAILY CATHOLIC   Monday, February 16, 1998   volume 9, no. 33

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The eyes and ears for Catholics' religious rights

      It is only appropriate on Presidents Day that we acknowledge a site whose principles mirror all that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln established and espoused for all Americans, including Roman Catholics. Assuring this is the organization whose site we review this week: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. The organization, founded by Jesuit priest Father Virgil C. Blum in 1973, is today very visible thanks to the publicity generated about and by cusrrent president William A. Donohue, a lay scholastic doctor who can best be described as the "thorn in Mickey's rump" or should we say "Eisner's"??? The Catholic League and Donohue have gained notoriety for their consistent critiques of the Disney empire who supposedly promote family values and morality but their corporate agenda and programing on their "family" of broadcasting conglomorates from Disney to Miramax and Touchstone to the ABC Television network would suggest otherwise. In the spirit of Washington's famous "I cannot tell a lie," Donohue exposes the culprits by chopping away at the facades the spinmeisters foist on the public. Just as we have been harping about the Catholic bashing so prevalent today in the media via our editorials and feature on-going megaseries on the Church today - WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM? - so also has Donohue tackled the dragons of dread and drivel with certified accounts and articles documenting what is happening in the not-so-concealed effort to bash Catholics. Most famous, of course is the "one-man crusade" against the modernist malaise of the ABC drama Nothing Sacred which Donohue has managed to derail with a grassroots campaign aimed at the sponsors and viewers with outstanding results. This program, which is in a coma right now while ABC and Disney try anything short of cloning to resuscitate this withering corpse, has fallen to the depths in its Catholic content, not to mention the all important Nielsen ratings. Blame it on the yeoman efforts of Donohue and his troops of chapter Catholic Leagues in strategic locations throughout the country who have been able to garner over a million signatures against Disney to "get with the program and return to the ideals of their founder Walt Disney." Donohue is loyal to the country's founder George Washington in upholding and safeguarding religious freedom rights for all, but he is more loyal in his actions to Catholics' true founder - Jesus Christ. The League serves as a strong Lobby for the cause mediating with legislatures as the spokeswheel for Catholic rights. It is an organization with clout, boasting such luminaries as Alan Keyes on its board of advisors and Catholic Answers founder Karl Keating and Thomas Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza, on its Board of Directors. The League enjoys tremendous support from the nations' cardinals and bishops, clergy and laity as well.

     The League's site is a nuts and bolts format with nothing fancy, no links sections and very, very few graphics. But, as the watchdog of the media regarding Church matters, prejudice and persecution, the League is second to none. The site provides exposure on all aspects of American life with media "rooms" for movies, TV, radio, and print, with articles, correspondence and results o campaigns both pro and anti-Catholic, plus the skivvy on anti-Catholic activist groups and anti-Catholic slants in government, education, commericial establishments and the workplace. It includes the worst Catholic-bashing cartoons over the last four years as well as archives dating back to 1994. In short, though this site is pretty basic design-wise, for a well-rounded scope of where, what and how Catholics are being persecuted and the why, provided by Donohue, this site is outstanding in attuning us to this danger. Because this site has been criticized by modernist and liberal Catholic groups, we hold it in even higher esteem, therefore bestowing our prestigious "Golden Chalice Award" to this site and confer FIVE Hail Mary's to this site for it truly signifies how important it is that Catholics not be mesmerized by the media message but read between the lines to see what is reallly being said and realize how Christ and His Church are being mocked. We need to know, and the Catholic League site provides the "informational ammunition" for all Catholics to better be armed in our earthly battle as members of the Church Militant against the prince of darkness!

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