Messages One Hundred Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Message One Hundred Twenty-One, November 1, 1991

Solemnity of All Saints
(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, my little one, I warn all my children to be ever alert. As strongly as God speaks and acts to all His children, so the evil one and all his demons work to seduce you into eternal darkness. Be alert. Keep the lamp of love lit with ardent faith and steadfast hope. Prayer is the oil of your tri-flamed lamp. The closer God draws you to himself so satan pulls you away through every human weakness.

      Where are my little ones? I open wide my Immaculate Mantle and no one seeks to enter into my protection? Why? I am the Mother of God. He, the eternal, Triune God chose me, a mere creature, to be exalted and to restore to mankind the way of obedient virtue. I am your loving mother. It grieves me so to see you approaching the abyss and ignoring God's abundant graces.

      Do not seek your ease here on earth. Rather, regard yourself as a pilgrim set to enter the eternal city. Look only at my Divine Son. Call upon Him at every moment. Call upon all the heavenly host, the angels and saints, to assist you for they, too, seek only your eternal reward of joy with God. Now is the moment when, through Divine Mercy, you may still be converted and saved. Soon there will be no more mercy.

      Look around you. This winter season shall be a fierce time of harsh elements, a cruel economy, a world in utter turmoil. It is a swirling abyss of evil. Do not belong to it, or cling to it for if you do you shall truly perish.

      I solemnly tell you, look at all the signs your Heavenly Father gives you as you approach the season of Advent.

      Contemplate well that you, my little children, are truly approaching the Advent of the Glorious Return of my Divine Son.

      My words to you, my presence among you shall continue for yet a little while, for I pour out my Immaculate Heart upon the world. Pray with me. Pray united by the Holy Spirit as one heart, one mind in union with the Divine Will. O! Beloved children, you will then know heaven on earth and great shall be your reward.

      I am the New Ark. I gather my own to give them to my Son, the faithful remnant as it was in Noah's time. Now Justice comes, swift and deadly. Not water. No, my children. Fire and darkness before the Glorious return of my Son.

      Heed my words. Be awake and alert for satan seeks to steal you through any means.

      I love and bless you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Twenty-Two: November 4, 1991

(Feast of Saint Borromeo)
(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I say Pray! Pray! Pray! I exhort you to kindle your lamps of ardent love for all mankind, for the time of great trials is here. You shall see wickedness abound across the world. Lies. Deceit. All manner of falsehood shall become the rule of the day. To my little ones it will seem that al light has vanished. That all goodness and holiness are extinguished. Great shall be your tears while you continue to live my messages, which are my Son's Divine Doctrine. No tear shall be wasted. Offer yourselves as victims to my Son's Passion and be at peace despite the turmoil and confusion which abound.

      I solemnly tell you satan's plans are well laid. They fuse together like a horrible explosive to which the fire of hatred has ignited the charge. You will very soon experience these explosions on a global basis as one by one governments, economies and nations crumble into dust. The earth will become as a swarming, angry beehive which has no keeper to restore order. Many innocents shall be trampled in the confusion. A real darkness shall cover the land, a darkness of spirit which has never before been seen. All this will happen with its many events before the tangible darkness comes.

      I say to my little ones: Look to the sky. There you shall see the sign of God, of my Divine Son's triumph. It shall be a sign of warning that for only my faithful ones shall be a sign of victory and thus of peace.

      Look closely through the eyes of your souls and see the false peace, the monstrous world satan dominates. You will recognize it for what it is: The beast of scripture, the infernal being.

      Then you will know that all I have foretold is coming to pass. Like vibrant rays reaching to every generation my apparitions will be linked together up to the present moment, and you will see clearly God's Love and Mercy to His people, and the moment of Divine Wrath which comes.

      Pray, dear children! Do not abandon the sure way. I love you! I bless you! I bestow God's peace upon you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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