Messages One Hundred Three and One Hundred Four

Message One Hundred Three: August 28, 1991

Feast of Saint Augustine

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

Beloved Hidden Flower, I thank you for your faith. I say now to all my children everywhere: You are asleep. You do not look with the eyes of your souls, nor do you understand with the wisdom of your souls. I solemnly tell you the events unfolding in your world are not peace. It is the great deception of the antichrist. It is his clever plot to lull you into tranquillity and therefore inattentiveness. Awaken my children and call upon the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

     Perceive the events with wise eyes and hearts. Put aside doubts, draw yourselves up from indecisiveness and be alert. God gives many signs, but you refuse them. O men of little faith! Do not be as the Scribes and Pharisees of my Son's time. I solemnly tell you that you will see the end of the world structure as you have known it. O! Dear children. Governments will crumble. Nations will crumble. Many sweeping changes that will effect every single life on earth. Economies will be crushed, but then shall arise the union of world economy, and it will be the reign of the antichrist. One economy, marked by the sign of the beast.

     The moment is fast approaching when abominations shall be committed against men in the name of God. Atrocious blasphemies spoken from the highest authority and easily believed and accepted by my children who will be led astray by the great deceiver.

     Little ones, events will unfold swiftly, so prepare yourselves now. Imbue yourselves with God's strength. There is no other weapon possible, no other weapon needed.

     Come to Divine Mercy and find relief, rest and sustenance there before you witness the final struggle destined from all time when my Immaculate Heart shall triumph. Listen to me, for I lead all to my Son.

     Look for the dissolution of the world structure and know the prophecies are being fulfilled. The darkness spreads daily and yet you slumber.

     Awake to Mercy. Awake to Love. Come to me your Heavenly Mother. I will calm your fears for I give you Jesus. Look only at eternity and pray. You do not realize how grave are the times you are living in.

      I love and bless you. Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Four: September 2, 1991

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
Dear beloved Hidden Flower I ask my little ones to pray and meditate on the Holy Spirit. In every nation on earth the Holy Spirit is present. It is He Who forms my chosen army. Do not let the numbers of my precious ones grow weak. The hour is here for battle.

     For a long time I have asked each of my children to pray and read Sacred Scripture. I have told my children that in this way they would know and understand the reason for my coming.

     Many have done what I have asked and I rejoice in your faith. As your Heavenly Mother I ask you to put aside all of your preconceived ideas about Scriptures. For I solemnly tell you that in all your ages since my Son walked among you, man has continued to dilute the meaning of the scriptures. Particularly the prophetic messages contained therein. My learned children throughout the ages have applied these passages to finite, temporal happenings caused by mankind from one generation to another. Few have read and understood them in a supernatural, spiritual sense. That is what I ask my faithful ones to do not in these extremely difficult and dangerous times. Above all, you must read and understand scripture as the battle between Good and evil, God and satan. This is its true, divine meaning and because of this mankind, God's gem of creation, is involved.

     Do not look to Scripture to tell you exact times and places, names and dates. This is foolish, finite thinking and will lead you into grave error, as many of my children have already done.

     Put aside all such thoughts and read the battle between the Triune Divinity and evil.

     This battle shall soon reach its height. It will bring to all men the great false peace. Many, many of you, my children will suffer horribly and lose your faith because you have misinterpreted scripture. Events you have been taught for ages will happen will not take place as you imagine, for that is not the meaning of the prophetic passages.

     Read Chapter Twelve of the Apocalypse and understand God versus satan. I am the New Ark, the Woman Clothed With the Sun. I am the woman whose heel shall crush the head of the serpent. I ask of all my children to utterly empty themselves of all the vast array of erroneous interpretations. Look at the words in a new light--the light of faith.

     If you do not do this, my little ones, you will not be prepared for the chastisement, nor the great battle when satan shall forever be bound in hell.

     Look around you, my children and know that I weep because you remain in ignorance. Pray! Pray! Pray! This is the path to enlightenment. I weep because you do not see satan's snares. You do not recognize that, even now, he prepares the abomination of desolation within the Temple.

     My little ones, you are thinking of a specific place, a specific building. O! Be not blind! The old temple has been abolished since my Son's Passion and Death. He is the Temple. His Church is the temple; his faithful disciples are the new temple.

     Ponder well my words. Look, listen, watch and prepare. The moment is almost upon you.

     I bless you. I grant you God's peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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