The shiny, sexy apple is truly rotten to the core!

     We spoke yesterday of the "Phantom of the False Peace" and how we have all been bamboozled by the evil one into thinking America is so superior. The Blessed Mother has warned that we will have our "come-uppance" - that our country will experience the travails many around the globe have felt. "You've gotta be kidding," is the normal response from most Americans when they hear this. They'll reply, "the economy is great, we're on top, don't you dare rock the boat. Don't worry about the president. What he does in his own time is none of our business!" Ahh, but it is God's business! And that effects each one of us! For that is the major malaise in America, if not the world. His laws, His gifts, even His Mercy have been shunned in favor of the new "god" - sexual gratification in every way possible! It is an idol that surfaces in every phase of everyone's life unless you are a cloistered nun or monk.

     We have a theory that lends credence to this. Call it a theory or inspiration from the Holy Spirit, but it makes sense when we look at the entire tableau. Consider the first sin. Many believe it was disobedience. It was, but it was also the fact satan, through the "apple," tempted Adam and Eve into carnal knowledge that deviated from the purpose the Creator intended for the procreation of His children as God ordained. Consequently, sex became perverted and to this day, and at this time in the history of mankind, sex has become thee "god" - a god of perversion, of lust, of adultery, rape, abortion, sodomy, and every prurient desire that embodies the basest of all human emotions. Sex is worshipped and is therefore the precursor of the embodiment of the antichrist. And it is here! The antichrist is here!

     So many have gotten wrapped up in trying to tab just who the antichrist is without realizing he is so visible we can't see the proverbial forest through the trees. The antichrist is on most every billboard, television or radio commercial, the movies, newspapers, magazines, the internet, telephones, video games, television sit-coms, news, drama, talk shows, in the schools at every level, and on so many lips. Consequently he is in every home as well! Because of this total saturation our hearts have become hardened and our minds softened to the dangers inherent to our own souls and those of our children whom we have a responsibility to God to protect. But we are not. We have become a jaded people, immune to the shock of a dirty joke, a nude scene, immodest dress, derogatory comments about something so beautiful that satan has managed to turn into a mockery. But that's his modus operandi. He mimics God. He tries to mirror the Trinity Whose perfect number is 3 with the number 6. We've seen this in the revealing message Our Lady imparted to Father Don Stefano Gobbi on June 17, 1989 in Milan, Italy regarding the number of the beast. Consider that the number of the beast "666" times three = 1998 and we should be alarmed! The antichrist is here and very visible! Satan deceived the first parents and he has successfully deceived today's parents in the billions with his clever manipulation of sex for personal gratification rather than fulfillment of God's Holy Will. We have let him in the back door and lately, without even guarding the front door, he's entered there as well, including the sanctuary of Jesus' One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. He feeds the false prophets with illusions of grandeur and they feed off that with a frenzy that produces even more smut that passes as "family fare."

     Look at the reverence in the Church in the fifties; look at the mores of the nation in the fifties when sit-coms never showed any semblance of sex, separate beds were always shown, and on "I Love Lucy" censors would not allow the word "pregnant" to be uttered. Wow, have things changed. Oh, how we have sunk to the depths of depravity! Today words that have always been considered obscene are commonplace. Jokes and stories that would make a sailor blush are not told brazenly not only in mixed company, but in front of and by children. No wonder Our Lady has warned her little ones over and over that she can no longer hold back the hand of the Father for she has conveyed countless times that even Sodom and Gomorrah were not as bad as our civilization today. For today in 1998 our nation has sunk so low as to wink at the corrupt morals of the highest leader of our land, for to indict him is to indict ourselves. That is the truth we don't want to face and satan knows it so he keeps up the facade, peppering us even more with the god and goddess of sex until man has forgotten the True God and given himself up totally to lucifer. The abyss is waiting if we continue on this path. As satan polishes the apple to make it look even more tempting, we must remember the scene in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in which the Nazi officer and Gestapo bad guy looked into the ark as a mist swirled up presenting the illusion of a beatiful woman only to expose itself for what it truly was - evil and ugly, but only when it was too late. Are we going to wait until it's too late? The malignant malaise of America is really a rotten apple disguised as a polished plum. Are we going to bite on that? If so, then we have lost our appetite for everlasting life because we didn't practice self-control and fasting. On this feast of the pure chaste dove Saint Scholastica and on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes who proclaimed herself the Immaculate Conception, let's all resign ourselves to work harder for all that is pure and pleasing to God and let others know that, in the big picture, satan's "prize" isn't worth it because the "apple" is truly rotten to the core!

Michael Cain, editor

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