by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

The Miracle was for us, too!

     Wonderful news spread about the world last week. Mother Angelica of EWTN was totally cured of a physical handicap that she had for forty years.

      An Italian mystic had asked to see Mother and to pray the rosary with her. The mystic asked Mother to remove her crutches and gradually Mother began to feel heat in her ankles and feet and her feet began to strengthen and straighten as she walked.

      Those who heard of the miracle and saw Mother Angelica walk normally were astonished. Most people have not witnessed a miracle such as this in their life.

      I, too, learned of it with amazement and joy and as I pondered the matter, I began to ask God some questions. "Why Mother Angelica? Why at this time? And what is God really saying to us by this miracle?"

      First of all, it is requisite that we conclude that God does not work miracles for people merely on the basis of their virtue or lack of it. Throughout the miracles in the Gospels, no where is it indicated that Jesus cured anyone because "they deserved it" or because they were great saints already. As a matter of fact, it may very well have been possible that conversion of people healed took place AFTER they were healed because there is something about experiencing Godís love and mercy first that makes one want to live for God.

      Anyone who evaluates Mother Angelica objectively would have to say that she is far from perfect. She has her faults! She can be very bad tempered, devisive, and be condemning of others without making sure of her facts first. These faults are not a secret and can be readily noted by watching her on TV.

      Though some people view these weaknesses with humor and as an excuse for their own ill behavior, the reality is that such dispositions and actions are unlike that of Our Lord. Letís be honest! Jesus Himself said that a just man falls seven times a day. Mother Angelica is not excluded from this category. God Alone is perfect! We can know that God did NOT heal Mother because she is perfect, because she is NOT and she would most likely be the first person to admit that. So we can conclude that God healed Mother Angelica because He is LOVE and MERCY and that He wanted to give the world through her networks clear evidence that He is such.

      So why did God heal her at this time? Perhaps it is because Mother needed some encouragement herself. But I think, also, it is because the faithful who have been "pulling the plow" for sometime now and have been suffering at seeing the world in moral decay and seeing Our Lord so sorely wounded even by His own, needed a "shot in the arm." WE, Godís People, needed to be encouraged. We needed to see that just as God healed Mother of her crippledness, He can heal the Church of its crippledness and He WILL DO SO!

      In other words, I think it is very clear! The miracle was for all of us! It was for our edification , our encouragement, the strengthening of our Faith. It was a clear sign from God that He is truly with us, knows our pain and can and will heal His Church.

      Let us praise, thank and glorify God Who has done this wondrous deed! We, too, will be restored. A new day is dawning for all of us! God IS with us! He has not abandoned us. Herein we have a sign for HOPE and JOY. We are on the winning side! Thank you, dear God! May He bless you,everyone!!

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